Betrothed to the wrong gentleman: Historical Fiction by Sinaidkincaid16
Betrothed to the wrong Sinaidkincaid16
SYNOPSIS Lady Madison Sanford dreams of a blissful life being married to a gentleman with a title, and settling down to a contented life, taking her place as a lady in t...
  • annoyed
  • castle
  • bedridden
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Seduce Me: the Otome One-Shot Lemons by BringBackMaes14
Seduce Me: the Otome One-Shot Queen of Bitches
I've started playing this game, and I have really been enjoying it. I haven't played the second game yet, so I don't have all the canon bits and pieces of information, b...
  • shower
  • lemon
  • erik
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❝ just what do you want from me, miss granger? ❞ SECRETS INSIDE THE PREFECTS BATHROOM | sshg. [severus snape x hermione granger] 2017 - 2018 cover credit @Insufferablekn...
  • running
  • severussnape
  • actions
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Bubble Bath (Tweek x Craig) by Bubbledove22
Bubble Bath (Tweek x Craig)by ✨Commet✨
Craig Tuckers' family members go out for a party, while he is left home alone. He decides to invite his friend Tweek over to play video games. But will a change of event...
  • sp
  • gay
  • southpark
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One Scottish Lass A Regency Time Travel Romance Novella by lisasheaauthor
One Scottish Lass A Regency Time lisasheaauthor
Samhain. All Hallows' Eve. The most mystical night of the year. The time when the veil between the worlds became perilously thin. And with a full moon overhead, this awe...
  • fullmoon
  • regencyromance
  • timetravel
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The Portrait (COMPLETED!) by studiomaya
The Portrait (COMPLETED!)by studiomaya
A ship's captain, a crime, a secret. An unwanted daughter of an earl who suddenly discovers that she has inherited her own earldom..through her mother. And in order to...
  • romance
  • regencyengland
  • royalty
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Drowsiness by mellowcholy
Drowsinessby Audrina Dollanganger
Sebastian meets the new girl, Violet, on the train back to their boarding school. Sebastian is hyper, boisterous and the class clown, the antithesis of cold and aloof Vi...
  • younglove
  • bath
  • school
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Bath Time  by KittyLeonKitty
Bath Time by Leon_Kitty
Yami aand Yugi decied to take a bath, not knowing that after a fun event awaits. Yez another Puzzleshipping Yaoi I love Yu-Gi-Oh ok?
  • yugi
  • 18
  • lemons
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My life changed by gottahaveyoutube
My life changedby Lawleypopsugglet
Alice is bestfriends with the suggs from a young age, when she finds out what was the real fault behind her mothers and brothers death, her life may change for eternity...
  • my
  • alfiedeyes
  • fanfic
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Infinite (A RoyEd One Shot) by RoyEdisMyAesthetic
Infinite (A RoyEd One Shot)by RoyEdisMyAesthetic
"Well it isn't like it's the first time you've interrupted me while I'm in the shower- it's just the first time you came in the unconventional way..." (Warni...
  • wet
  • bath
  • soap
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Shower Time. by ShaynaShepard5
Shower Shayna Shepard
one shots of the boys taking showers or baths together. Cover by Greaserbabes.
  • bath
  • hotwater
  • showering
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Sex comic strips  by sexstoryqueen
Sex comic strips by Sexyqueen
  • oneshotcollection
  • comics
  • mature
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Bath "YoonMin" / ThreeShot by Biianicia
Bath "YoonMin" / ThreeShotby Biian
Después de 3 años de no verse. De estar separados por el destino, deciden recontrarse rompiendo todas las barreras. Historia creada por mi.... No se permiten adaptacion...
  • minyoongi
  • bath
  • yoonmin
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Mermaid by ginasicxx
Mermaidby Gina
He sinked his head under the water. And he waited. And waited. He slowly ran out of oxygen and drifted off to neverending peaceful sleep. Is he a mermaid yet? COMPLETED...
  • sad
  • depressed
  • bath
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[Overwatch McReyes oneshots] by oversmut_
[Overwatch McReyes oneshots]by oversmut_
May contain gore, r18 content, kinks and fetishes
  • overwatch
  • yaoi
  • reaper
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Baseball Boyfriend Imagine by mskohl
Baseball Boyfriend Imagineby kohl
One of my imagines where my boyfriend comes home from losing a game and we have comforting times in the bath tub. WARNING: sexual content
  • girlfriend
  • bath
  • baseball
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Trouble // Jin Smut by imokayatfanfic
Trouble // Jin Smutby !ORIGINAL FANFIC!
A Jin x reader fanfic, coming home and seeing you teasing yourself without him. Gets you in trouble. Based on the song sung with Namjoon
  • bts
  • kimseokjin
  • prince
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Bubble Bath [Levi x Reader] [OneShot] by Unfollowthisccount
Bubble Bath [Levi x Reader] [ follow @alisterrr
------Warning Nudity And Minor Sexuality Scenes------ This is a ONE SHOT DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN ATTACK ON TITAN The warm water swirling around your feet, slowly you r...
  • tch
  • lévi
  • bubbles
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Walex's day out.  by StrangerSpiderman
Walex's day out. by Stan the man 👏🏽
WillNE & Imallexx have a love child, and a few days after leaving it in the holy bath water to soak, WALEX is grown and ready to throw hands, sip tea, and vist daddy con...
  • walex
  • youtube
  • water
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