Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 3

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Keith grins at me, his dimples showing, and I immediately feel my anger fill me. How dare he act like he didn't help my brother plot against me?! How dare he even do that?!  I frown at him and Keith's forehead crinkles in confusion. He's really sticking to the whole I'm-innocent act isn't he? I frown at him even more and turn my attention to Mr. Simon.

"Kind of you to grace us with your presence, Ms, Sanders. Now will you please take a seat so that I may continue with the lesson you disturbed?" Crap, he really must be mad.

"I look around the room for a seat. I see movement at the corner of my eye. It's Keith. He's waving his arms around, gesturing at me to sit beside him. I quickly scan the room for any other available seats but, to my dismay, there are none. I make my way to the seat beside him, avoiding his chocolate-brown eyes, and ignore him as best as I can but it's kind of hard. Aside from the fact that I like him, this guy is persistent. Not to mention stubborn.

I feel a tug on my sleeve. "What?" I hiss quietly, afraid Mr. Simon would hear. Luckily, he's too engrossed in the lesson. I glance at Keith and almost gasp in surprise. He's so close! He is leaning towards me and his arm is brushing against my right one. Right now, that arm feels like it's on fire. I then notice he is grinning like an idiot. A devastatingly cute idiot. Okay, now I'm suspicious and a little weirded out. Fine, a lot. Well, can you blame me? Keith never smile at me like that. Emphasis on the never. Something must be up.

"Can you please tutor me in music?" Keith blurts out. I knew it! I knew there was some–what?

"Huh?" was my smart response. I'm dumbfounded. That was SO not what I was expecting.

Keith blushes adorably. "Can you please a million times, help me in music? I'm failing."

"Why?" Great, I am now reduced to talking in one-word sentences.

Keith frowns in confusion again. "Because I suck in music?" He says slowly.

I shake my head, trying to stop the laughter. Despite my efforts though, a giggle escapes. I look around quickly and, to my relief, no one notices. "No, I meant why me?" I whisper to him.

He nods. "Oh, now I get it." He pauses, thinking. Ouch, that hurt. "Why not you?" He didn't even answer my question. My chest tightens even more. I raise an eyebrow to cover this up. "Well, for one, I'm not even at the top of the class."

"So? That's better than at the bottom. And to think I'm in this class even if I'm a junior." He counters. I remember this is supposedly a class for freshmen.

I cock my head to the left. "You do have a point there. But still, it would have been better for you if you ask whoever is the best in music or even Mr. Simon." Okay, why am I convincing him to ask someone else? 'Cuz you're too scared of what might happen with you two alone, a voice says in my head. I tell it to shut up.

"No way. It's embarrassing enough for me to be failing in music. I mean, no one fails in this subject but somehow, I'm managing to do just that. I don't need another reason for people to laugh at me."

I can't help it. I burst into silent laughter, my shoulders shaking. "You mean, save as much 'man' dignity as you can." I manage to gasp out.

He glares at me. I ignore him. "I'm going to let that pass but only because you're going to help me."

That's when I stop laughing. "Who says I'm helping you?" I challenge.

"You are. I can see it." Is my face that expressive? No, he must be bluffing. I raise an eyebrow (Man, I love doing that! So worth looking at myself in the mirror for hours to practice that!). "Fine, I don't. PLEASE help me, Celene."

"Why not Andrew? You know, you're BEST friend."

"He only passed because you helped him. I know he's you're brother and my best friend but he sucks more in music than I do. Its a wonder he passed even with your help. Plus, he's a bad teacher. All he does is yell at me." I pretend to think about it. "Come on. I'll be your slave for a week."

My eyes widen. I was about to tell him I will help, free of charge but if he insists... "A month." ...might as well prolong it.

Keith glares at me. I smile sweetly in response. He sighs in defeat. "Fine but you better be a good teacher."

"Oh, I am." He has NO idea. Who do you think taught my brother to yell?

"Ms. Sanders, I have finally decided what your punishment will be." WHAT?! He didn't say anything about that before! Mr. Simon chuckles at my expression but I hardly notice it. "Did you really think I will just let you off the hook?" I open my mouth to answer. "That was a rhetorical question." I close my mouth. I knew that. Keith snickers beside me and I slap his arm, ignoring the sparks from where I touched him. He slaps me in return. I'm just about to slap him back when Mr. Simon clears his throat. "You will be singing a song of my choice in front of everyone. I would ask Keith here to join you but I am afraid that might ruin the moment." I glance at Keith to see him shrugging his shoulders good-naturedly but I see his cheeks tinged with pink. Wait-what did he say?!

"I'm sorry but I think you've got it all wrong. I'm not good at singing at all." I protest.

"Who told you that?" My eyes flicker towards Keith then back at Mr. Simon. "And your brothers, I presume." I nod slowly, my eyes on the floor and my cheeks, bright red. "Nonsense. I will hear you sing first before judging. And no buts." People snicker and Mr. Simon rolls his eyes at them. "It's okay, Celene. You'll do fine." he says my name for the first time in a gentle tone. "The song is 'Listen'"

I nod. I slowly stand up and make my way to the front, beside Mr. Simon. He places an arm around me, gives my shoulders a little encouraging squeeze and step back in a the-stage-is-yours kind of way. I squeeze my eyes shut, take deep, even breaths, playing the song in my head, and start singing.


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