Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 16

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Hi! I am so sorry I didn't upload in a long time so to make up for it, I made it extra long. In my notebook, that's 5 pages! Wow, that sounded better in my head... Anyway, I'm gonna upload every 4 days instead because we have a lot of stuff in school. Don't worry, when it all settles down again, I will make it 3 again :) Anyway, I hope you like it! :D Please comment, vote, fan!


“Dude, that was not cool!” Cain jumps up, glaring at Brian.

“You’re not cool.” He shrugs.

I take this opportunity to reach out and get some mashed potatoes and gravy from Brian’s and Cain’s trays. What? I love the food. I ignore their bickering and eat. Mmm, this is so good! I close my eyes and a smile forms on my lips.

“Why is he being so buddy-buddy with you?” Julie whispers.

“I don’t know. I just tutored his brother.” I turn to Brian and Cain and see them still bickering. I catch Brian’s eye and he raises an eyebrow at the site of the potatoes. I shrug and grin at him. He half-smiles and answers back to something Cain says.

Oh, I never did tell Jess and Julie what happened yesterday. I open my mouth to tell them but I’m cut off by Brian.

“WHAT?! Well, I ought to—!” Brian stands up abruptly and angrily.

Uh, oh. I have a feeling this is gonna end up with someone beat up if I don’t interfere. I shoot Cain a questioning look. He glances back and I follow his gaze. Shit. I grab Brian’s arm. “Brian, don’t! Stay put!”

“To hell with that!” He struggles to free himself.

“If it makes you feel better, I kicked him in…somewhere.” I know it made me feel better. I feel Brian shake. At first, I think it’s because he’s laughing so I loosen my hold on him. Big mistake.

He breaks free and runs to Keith. “Let me kick him myself. That will make me feel better.”

“Brian, no!” I sprint after him and jump on his back. He tries to shake me loose but I cling to him stubbornly. I look at Keith’s blank face. “Run, you idiot! He’s gonna kick your ass!” Keith just sits there, stunned.

“I’m giving you five seconds to run. One…” He starts counting through grit teeth. I count too but in my head. Two…

Keith seems to snap out of it but instead of running away like any sensible person, he chooses to stay like the stuck-up idiot he is. Three… “I’m ready to take him on.” Idiot.

Four… I can’t help but snort.  If I hadn’t intervened yesterday, he would’ve already had something broken and I’m not talking about his pride. Five… Well, a deal’s a deal. I jump off Brian and he tackles Keith to the ground.

Those who didn’t come when I jumped on Brian are coming now at the sight of the two trying to connect his fist on the other’s face. I cock my head to the right and raise an eyebrow. Hm, Keith is doing fairly well. At least better than I thought which was a one hit K.O. I am giving him credit for blocking the punches.

Never mind. I flinch as a fist gets through Keith’s defense and hits him near the cheek bone. Maybe I should stop this…I hear a shriek and look up to see it is Rosalind.

“Not the face! Not the face!” She screams. Wow, I can see she cares a lot about him. I decide to wait a little just to see what she will do. After a moment, it’s clear Rosalind isn’t planning to do anything but scream.

I sigh and walk to the two. Why is it always me? Can’t someone else stop the fights? I feel like such a party pooper. With quick, experienced movements, I hit Keith’s and Brian’s pressure points. They fall to the floor, unconscious. The crowd disperses, making a sound of disappointment. This is the only time Rosalind moves to Keith.

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