Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 21

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Hi! I'm FINALLY uploading on time :D Have you guys watched I am Number Four? I haven't yet. Is it nice? Is it really different from the book? ... I haven't read the book either :D I have nothing else to talk about... If you want to know something about me, please just ask. :) I just realized that sounded so arrogant... I'm not, okay? I just thought... you know.... I hope you like this! Please comment, vote, fan! :D


I wipe the tears freely falling and drive as fast as I can without pushing the speed limit too much. I check the meter and reluctantly slow down. As it is, the stick is pointing at 75. Hope there aren't any cops around.

Argh! Now's not the time to joke around! Even if it is the only thing that keeps my mind of what happened to Celene.

Oh, Celene. Live, goddamnit! I didn't get in a coma just so you can do the same. You can sleep but please wake up soon. Oh, God, please!

I slow down even more when I see the old lady crossing the street. Of all the rotten luck! My hand shoots out on its own and honks the horn. The lady frowns at me and gives me the finger.

Whoa there, old geezer. I thought old people are calm and nice. What happened to her? I wonder who her grandchildren are. Well, whoever they are, I feel sorry for them and maybe a little jealous. I mean, what kind of granny would do something like that? A freaky one, sure, but she's cool too. In a way. Or maybe that's just me. Yeah, I think it's just me. Celene would understand though. She's the only one who gets me.

As soon as she's on the other side, I press on the accelerator and I zoom to the hospital. I immediately park my truck, jump out and run inside. Then a thought crosses my mind then I skid to a stop in front of the front desk.

"Where is Celen Sanders?" At the startled look of the woman, I frown and rephrase my question. "I mean, where is she held?"

"I'll ask." She says slowly. My frown deepens and she picks the telephone up and dial a number. While waiting, she asks, "What year are you?"

Why does she need to know?! Is this some kind of wacko procedure?! "I'm a first year." I say impatiently. How long does it take to answer a stinking phone?!

Her eyes widen. "Really? You look older."

I make a sound between a growl and a groan. "I get held back when I was younger."

"Well, I have a daughter..." Oh my God. Is she even allowed to do this?!

"Look. My best friend just got in an accident and I'm really worried about her so can you please pay attention to the telephone?!" I say exasperatedly.

"You don't need to be so touche about it." She frowns at me and finally turns her attention to the phone. "She's in room 419. You can only stay outside for now, though, unless you want to see the doctors put stitches on her."

I say thanks and walk briskly to the elevator. I continually press the button until it comes. You can say the other passengers are happy to see me leave. To say I'm not a very patient person is an understatement.

I hurry across the hall. It turns out, hospital hallways are very slippery. I slide until I see Celene's siblings. I grab hold of a chair to stop and sit down next to Louisa. I look at Andrew as Louisa buries her head on my chest.

"She asked someone named Cain for a ride. They were headed to the dance studio but they saw a dog right in front of them. This Cain guy had to swerve and he hit a tree. Celene got most of the damage because the tree was at her side." He whispers, his voice full of pain.

Anger washes over me. I knew there's something bad about him! Someone clears his and when I turn around, it's the culprit himself. He has a bandage wrapped around his forehead and that's it while Celene is in that room getting stitches in God knows how much pain.

"I'm here, you know." He says cooly.

Before I know it, my hands are in fists and the asshole is on the floor, groaning in pain. I don't realize I'm moving to hit him again until I feel hands hold me back.

"I deserve that." He laughs with no humor. He picks himself up.

"It's all your fault! If you were careful, this wouldn't have happened!" I shout at him with tears streaming down my face.

"Do you think I don't know that?! I'm guilty enough! I promised her I wouldn't let her get hurt and look at her now! You don't know how much I regret it; how much I wish it was me who took the bigger hit!" He screams hysterically. I slowly register his swollen eyes and sunken face. Clear signs of crying.


How do you feel about Cain now? Don't get mad at Brian. He's undergoing some emotional stress and stuff. :D I hope you like this! Please comment, vote, fan! :)

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