Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 4

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I let the song flow on its own. I don't really think too much of it. It's kind of like putting all of my emotions into it while at the same time, simply acting as a conduit for the song. I sing without a care in the world. It's me (kinda) and I don't care what anyone thinks. If they like it, then that's cool but if they don't and bitch about it, well then screw them.

I think this but when my brothers and Keith told me they didn't like it, I cried myself to sleep and avoided them for a week. It was hard to do so but I managed. It's because of the embarassment of letting them hear me when I sound horrible. My voice quivers a little. Okay, I need to clear my head. To not think.

When I finish, I open my eyes. Everyone is staring at me with mouths wide open. I look nervously at Mr. Simon. He has the same expression as the others. I bite my lip as insecurities come. Did I sound that bad? I knew I shouldn't have sung! Then slowly, people start clapping. At first, I think it's just out of politeness but as it gets louder, I realize they really like it, Some are even whopping. I can feel a grin form on my face. I can't believe it! They really like it!

"Celene, your brothers and Keith are even more idiotic than I thought." I blink at him, still grinning like an idiot. What is he-oh, I remember now. "That was amazing! Have you chosen a club yet? You should really consider going to glee. I'm not saying this because I'm the moderator." He pauses for a while. "Well, if I think about it, it is because I am but that is only because you will make a great addition. So will you think about it?"

Whoa, Mr. simon talks so fast when he's excited. Kind of like a hyperactive five year old. Oh, wait. He asked me somthing. What was it again? Oh, right. I nod slowly. Mr. Simon's eyes brighten and he's jumping a little. Aw, how cute. He really is acting like a kid!

The sound of the bell ringing brings me out of my reverie. Mr. Simon stops jumping and goes back to teacher mode. "Okay, guys. In case the only thing on your mind is Celene's singing, there is a practical test on playing the guitar. Just make a short composition then play it next Friday." Everyone groans including me. I make my way out the door but Mr. Simon calls for me. "The audition is tomorrow at 4 o'clock." Wait-audition?! Tomorrow?! I thought they just accept anyone who joins! I'm about to say this but Mr. Simon is ushering the next class inside. I sigh and walk to my English class.

I barely arrive on time. As it is, the teacher, Ms. Smith (the one who caught me) is right behind me. During the class, I think about the audition. Should I bail? No, I already told Mr. Simon I'd think about it. Oh, a loophole! I can tell him I did think about it but I won't be going. But he looked so excited. It will be like crushing a little boy's dream. A thirty-plus year old adult little boy's dream. But I can't do it! There's not enough time to prepare and practice. And I can't sing in front of people. Then again, I just sang in music.

Suddenly, something hits me on the head. I look around, confused. I even look up at the ceiling until I realize that unless the building is crumbling, nothing will fall from it. Then I hear a snicker. I glare at Jess. She motions for me to look at the floor. I do and find a crumpled piece of paper. I open it and there, in Jess's cursive handwriting, is "Are you fine? You look all spaced out. Did something happen with you-know-who? Please, do tell! =D" I glance at Jess and she winks at me. I shake my head in mock exasperation, smiling.

I look down and start writing below what she wrote. "Apparently, I'm going to be auditioning for glee club tomorrow. Oh, and I'm going to be tutoring HIM." I crumple it again. I wait until Ms. Smith's back is turned to throw the ball of paper at Jess. Unlike me, Jess catches it. In my defense, I wasn't warned beforehand. Jess's eyes widen as she reads. She writes hastily and passes it to me which takes a little longer since she is about three columns away.

When I get it, I stall. I have a feeling I know what Jess wrote. I can feel Jess's eyes glaring at me, telling me to read it. I consider listening to Ms. Smith. Nah, too boring. I read her note. "WHAT?! TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!" She underlines the last word multiple times. I knew it.

I shake my head at her and mouth, "Later."

Jess glares at me for a moment. "Fine," she mouths. By this time, it's the end of class. I glance at the board to make sure there is no homework then, satisfied there's none, I walk to the door.

Once I get to my locker, I see someone leaning on it, talking to someone. I sigh. Here we go again. I contemplate turning back but I remember my report for History is in there and it's due today. Darn you, procastination.

"Rosalind, can you please step aside? Your big ass is blocking my locker. Oh, is that a zit on your forehead? It's so big, it doesn't look like a zit at all." I say sweetly. What? The girl has been making my life miserable since I met her which was nursery.

She gasps. "Celene, why in the world would you say that? That was so mean but since I'm nice, I'll forgive you." She steps aside. She never lets me get away with it. Someone not in her clique must be near. That's when I notice who she was talking to. Keith. And he looks pissed off.

"Celene, why don't you stop acting so immature for once in your life? It's a good thing Rosalind is willing to let that pass but you've got to learn to stop acting like a bitch."

I flinch. Ouch, that hurt a lot. It feels as if I'm being stabbed in the heart multiple times. Tears fill my eyes as Keith puts his arm around the crazy blonde bitch and leads her away. She takes advantage of it and leans into him. She's probably feeding him lies about how I've been bullying her, blah blah blah. Normally, I would snort in disgust but just the thought of Keith taking her side makes me fall into despair. I never thought this would happen like this. Whenever I imagine this scene, I would always be the one Keith would comfort. Not this. Not ever.


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