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Emmerdale Imagines (REQUESTS OPEN) by AWriterCalledJessxx
Emmerdale Imagines (REQUESTS OPEN)by JessicaMarie🔐
Emmerdale Imagians
  • soapopera
  • britishsoap
  • dingles
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I Woke Up As Mrs.BIEBER?? (A Justin Bieber Love Story) by RumorsHaveWings
I Woke Up As Mrs.BIEBER?? (A Justi...by RumorsHaveWings
Carter Cain was a good girl. Until she turned 18 and was whisked off to Vegas by her best friends. That was when her image, changed forever. She went out to party celebr...
  • bieber
  • baby
  • gomez
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Cass•trate | mb's by xCassCain
Cass•trate | mb'sby Cass
"Listen, fuckbag. Do that again I'll flat out castrate you." All the credit goes to @-voidallison for the book cover ideas ^~^
  • cain
  • cece
  • cass
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Hotel by Danel26
Hotelby Danel S.
Un día, un grupo de personas las cuales tienen algo en común, pero apenas se conocen, acuden al nuevo hotel Good Night a petición de un tal S.
  • shinigami
  • hotel
  • terror
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Blame The Artificial Genes- By Twix by Wynter-Song
Blame The Artificial Genes- By Twixby Twix & Caramello
The human race was notorious for being unable to handle the impossible. Perfect Rose is the impossible. Everything about her is artificial. Her hair, her eyes- even her...
  • darcy
  • genes
  • falls
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Family Genocide (Supernatural) by Dean_The_Squirrel
Family Genocide (Supernatural)by ᴡᴡᴡ.sexy19.pw
Adam and Eve aren't all they seem. Adam made villagers murder his wife and children. Cain, one of Adams children comes back to life with the mark for revenge.
  • samaddeanwinchester
  • supernatural
  • dean
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Alone In The Dark by MusicJunkieh
Alone In The Darkby Naomi
Nina is a young girl, rejected from society. At least... That's what they told her. She's lived there as long as she can remember, it didn't have a name. Not one she kne...
  • cain
  • nina
  • mystery
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ASCENSION: a Marcus Grey novel by GeorgeKasalwe
ASCENSION: a Marcus Grey novelby George Kasalwe
The supernatural community has been outed since World War 2, it now works hand in hand with goverments of countries all over the world to keep their human citizens fro...
  • romance
  • hunters
  • cain
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Reapers Remores by ResurrectingLexi
Reapers Remoresby Lexi Sixx
  • god
  • saddness
  • hate
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Steal You by akira0808
Steal Youby Akira
Haine Santos, the school beauty and brains is hopelessly in love with Cain Thomas Aragon, school heartthrob. Kung famous sila bakit hindi pinapansin ni Cain si Haine? Si...
  • romance
  • haine
  • friendship
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Caught in the Middle by dreamernow31
Caught in the Middleby I have a lot.......
Typical of Celene to fall in love with her eldest brother's best friend, Keith, who, by the way, only knows her as the annoying little sister of his best friend. Keith j...
  • cookies
  • cain
  • potatoes
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Ask the Bats and the Birds by GrayBat_OTP
Ask the Bats and the Birdsby Blair Lillian Blake
Ask the Bat Family anything, and request appearances from the Birds of Prey, the Team, the JLA.
  • richard
  • batgirl
  • grayson
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The Vow by nigh101
The Vowby Nhi
Dianna Starcross has always been plagued with dreams, dreams of a certain fey, of the strongest fey of BOTH courts. Cain Cirst, has made a vow, a vow to find something e...
  • fairies
  • contest
  • cliche
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Margaret and Olivia by Misstatteredhalo
Margaret and Oliviaby Misstatteredhalo
What happens when 'I love you' becomes a lie? What happens when you can't trust your husband or wife? Sometimes it's easier to succumb to the darkness and take matters i...
  • framing
  • crime
  • college
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Conflicted by Oblivion_Skiez
Conflictedby Oblivion Skiez
Valkyrie Cain needs a break. Elliea Mackenz is bored of life. Who will conflict?
  • ghastly
  • valkyrie
  • australia
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The Son of Satan: Cain (ON HOLD) by fashionlover92
The Son of Satan: Cain (ON HOLD)by A.N.Kidd
My shoes clicked against the floor as I made my way down the hall. The echoes of my footsteps are haunting. I've hunted and preyed upon humans my whole existence on this...
  • heaven
  • apocalypse
  • ending
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