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BatFam/Avengers Crossover by PepperSoniRoni
BatFam/Avengers Crossoverby Pepper
The Avengers find themselves in an alternate universe where none of them exist. Instead, there is a different group of heroes: The Justice League. They decide to work to...
Burn  by CassandriaWilson
Burn by Cas or Cassie
{Sequel is out now} "Wait, wait, wait... you're supposed to be that giant green guy from the video files? That's adorable." •.•.•.•.•.•.•.• "So this is...
 The Cullen's adopt a gen z - ✨Stressed and Depressed✨ by BlueberryMuffinBooks
The Cullen's adopt a gen z - ✨ BlueberryMuffinBooks
yup you read that right, based off of the tik tok's I have seen of this I present to you ' Stressed and Depressed' because that's a perfect description of our generation...
Leap by SAdewetan
Leapby Suki
"Did our kiss mean anything to you? I mean, if it didn't then I'll leave right now, but it sure as hell meant something to me." Cain confessed, as if fighting...
Do It Like A Dude by Dark-Shadow
Do It Like A Dudeby Sally
(Watty Awards Finalist - Trailer inside) My life is far from normal. I may act like a normal teenage girl during the day, but I'm the most fearful street racer the momen...
∘⋅⌘𝐑𝐞𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧⌘⋅∘ by Dxstbunny
∘⋅⌘𝐑𝐞𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧⌘⋅∘by 【バニー】
⬚︎❐𝐇𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐱𝐇𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫 [ ハンター×ハンター]↷🧷🌱🍵🐉 ────☘︎︎∘⋅⊛⁺∙◜➴─────────- A reborn girl in her favorite anime, a revenge seeking Kurta, and several others on the way;...
Robins's Team meets Robin's Dysfunctional Family by ShadowandAriasStorys
Robins's Team meets Robin's Shadow's Stories
The Young Justice team doesn't know who Robin is, and doesn't know he has siblings. This story is based on Dick Grayson. In the story, Stephanie, and Barbara also got ad...
Everlasting (Reader x Akeno) by snoopiecharlie
Everlasting (Reader x Akeno)by Charlie
In this story you'll be Cain (L/N), that is your alias. You're otherwise known as (F/N) and the world's first murderer. You're wandering life alone as it is without any...
Supernatural One-Shots by MegLPie
Supernatural One-Shotsby Meg
I've started writing Supernatural one-shots!! As always, feel free to request (through private messaging). Still smut free! I do not own any Supernatural characters. The...
Cowboy Bad Boy [Cowboy Protector 4] by CrazyBookworm1997
Cowboy Bad Boy [Cowboy Protector 4]by Eliza Paige
Dani Savage is a sweet, sassy bookworm. Working in her Mama Kylie's bookshop she is happy but only one thing is missing, love. She reads so many romance novels and watch...
Hunter: Eclipse by ellarose12
Hunter: Eclipseby Jenni.
Vampires have Slayers. Werewolves have Trackers. Everything else has a Hunter. --- Defeated gods. Check. Stopped apocalypse (twice). Check. Able to live hassle free, s...
Hunter: Gods & Monsters by ellarose12
Hunter: Gods & Monstersby Jenni.
Vampires have Slayers. Werewolves have Trackers. Everything else has a Hunter. ____ A lot can happen in a year, Elise Bunting knows that all too well due to how...
Love in the time of containment: SCP-073 x reader by rayray330012345
Love in the time of containment: Rayray3300
You are a new researcher working for the Foundation. You get assigned to SCP-073. Chaos ensues.
Beastly Devastation (Brock Lesnar) by CheyenneFanFics
Beastly Devastation (Brock Lesnar)by CheyenneFanFics
***WON BEST BROCK LESNAR FAN FICTION JUNE 2017*** Kate Dawson's life was picture perfect. She had a good job, an amazing fiancé, and a beautiful baby girl on the way. Ju...
The Bad Ones | ✔  by nightingaleknows
The Bad Ones | ✔ by TA Jansen
You know that saying, where there's good there is evil. That everything has a counterpart. A opposite. The good guys and the bad guys. Heroes and Villians. Murderer and...
Elysium Dreams by hadenajames
Elysium Dreamsby Hadena James
He skins his victims alive, taking pleasure from their pain. In the cold, dark nights of Alaska, a hunter is stalking his prey. Once found, he takes them into the woods...
Protected By Cain Coming Soon!! by MrsCassey
Protected By Cain Coming Soon!!by MrsCassey
Symphony Green woke up to a nightmare that she will never forget, after being repeatedly raped for 36 hours she has closed herself off in hiding from the real world. Lif...
City of Angels [Lucifer x Harry Potter Crossover] by elizah121
City of Angels [Lucifer x Harry CheshireHatter
After the war, Draco knows he can't remain in the British wizarding world. With the Ministry's permission, he moves to America and becomes a cop, and later a detective...
YOUTH GONE WILD ↝ Chloe Decker by mcrningstar
YOUTH GONE WILD ↝ Chloe Deckerby ミ☆ minttu
❝WE STAND AND WE WON'T FALL.❞ In which Kai Nolan, a human disaster in the form of a clever detective, gets transferred to the LAPD, making things difficult not only for...
Her Mates by AshleighT___
Her Matesby Ashleigh
Ashlynn Monroe is an 18-year-old werewolf and the Beta of her pack. She hasn't found her mate yet, but one day when her Alpha calls her into his office to give her the n...