Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 14

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--but instead of hitting Rosalind with my fist, I hit Keith's chest with my head.

"Stop fighting!" Keith says angrily. I back away, rubbing my sore forehead while he turns to Rosalind. "What's up with you? I was just talking to her. Stop being so goddamn jealous of a little thing like this!" Yes, he's taking my side!

"I'm your girlfriend. I'm supposed to be jealous. And watch your tongue Keith. Remember what we talked about on the phone last night?" She says warningly and narrows her eyes.

The blood seems to drain from Keith's face. "Of course I do. I'm sorry I snapped at you."

Okay, what happened? Why is he suddenly being like that? And why is he so pale? I look suspiciously at him then Rosalind and back. She told him something. I just know it. But what did she say? That they're going to break up if he gets mad at her? Well, that won't be a relationship at all. On second thought, she should continue being like that. Sooner or later, he's going to get sick of her attitude and dump her.

My blood freezes as a thought crosses my mind. Keith must love Rosalind a lot to back down like that and put up with her. I mean, not being allowed to get mad? I understand why she doesn't want him to but she can't control him. Keith has a mind of his own. At least before, he did. Anyway, assuming he does, he should be able to do what he wants and not only what she wants him to do. But somehow, he loves her so much, he's allowing her to do just that. Damn.

I notice belatedly that I'm all alone. Guess they left. I sigh. To look on the bright side, it's better like this than having to see them act like a couple. I flinch as I feel a stab in my chest. Stop getting hurt!

And that's my fault?, a voice says.

I answer, Yes, now shut up!

You're just blaming me for what you're doing to yourself, the voice answers back. Stop wallowing in your misery. Get over him! He's taken. There's really nothing you can do anymore but do that. Get over him, I mean. Unless you break them up yourself which will only make him hate you more. Sorry, that was uncalled for.

It takes me a while to register that the voice isn't in my head anymore. I look beside me, raise an eyebrow and walk to my next class. "You again? I thought you said you'd stop helping people."

"Damn it, I forgot." He jokes then becomes serious again. He follows me. "Seriously, you should get over him. He isn't worth the trouble."

I frown. "How do you know?"

"That he isn't worth it? Well, he's dating the girl who thinks she's everything."

"I was talking about how you know I like him." Then, "You hate the bi--I mean, Rosalind?"

He laughs at my slip. "Yeah, I was her lab partner and I kept telling her not to put the hydrochloric acid in the beaker. She kept insisting she was right. She also said something about just because my dad is a teacher, that doesn't mean I know everything then she put it in. We ended up failing because of her but she keeps blaiming me and calling me a know-it-all."

"Isn't she such a hypocrite? Wait, what happened when she put the acid?"

"Oh, it started rising and stuff. Then it blew up." He says, remembering.

A memory resurfaces. "That was you guys? I was wondering what that loud sound was. And why there was a big black spot on the table. And how the smell--"

"I get it, okay?" He laughs. "Anyway, when you and your friends were talking about it, you weren't the only one there. I heard the girly one say you like him."

"Jess does tend to speak loudly...but you don't have the right to eavesdrop." I pretend to get mad at him.

"Technically, I wasn't. She just talks so loudly., I couldn't help but hear."

"Well, this is my stop. Bye." I move to the door.

He opens the door and I blink at him. "We've been taking the same class for over a year. Didn't you ever notice we have the same dance class?" He says dryly.

I know it's not meant to be answered but I can't help but do so anyway. "No. Sorry, but I never really pay attention in this class."

"So do I." He sighs. "Nevermind. Just get in." I do and he follows me.

We just stand there for a while in an awkward silence when Ms. Smith comes in. "Ms. Trey is absent so I'm going to be substituting. Now, let's pair you up. We're going to do some ballroom dances." She points at a girl and a guy and declares them partners. She points at me. "You and you." She points at Cain.

We look at each other. I raise an eyebrow and he smiles, his eyes glittering with malice.


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