Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 25

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Hi! I know, I know. It has been a long time since I've posted anything. And I have a good reason for that! I was really busy and every time I looked at my notebook, for the life of me, I couldn't think of what to write! I really didn't know where I was gonna be going with the story. I had to read books-- and a lot of them at that! Finally, after finishing the last of my Meg Cabot books (I'm almost done getting all of her books. Well, except for her for kids books. The guide thingy.), I got an idea then another so I wrote like crazy and now I'm uploading! :D I'm really sorry for the long wait! Thank you for waiting patiently and not unfanning me. As for those who did unfan me... I understand. :) But please fan me again since I'm uploading already.

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I turn to him, frowning a little. My nose feels squashed from burying my face in Brian's back so I wiggle it a bit. "Expectations? Why is it so scary? Who expects what from you?"

"My-- my dad."

"Your dad? Mr. Simon? I don't really see him as the kind who pressures his kids." I say, surprised.

"Believe me, he is." He looks down and a dark look passes his face.

"And? What does he want from you?" I try to sound hesitant but it sounds as if I was waiting for the right moment to speak it in a long time. Which I have. By my standards.

But he just shakes his head and gives a little smile filled with sadness and hurt.

Brian grasps my shoulders and brings me in front of him. He bends a little and says, "Leave him be. Don't push him or he'll recoil even more." His breath tickles my ear and I shiver a little. Why the heck am I shivering? It's not even cold!

I wordlessly nod.


As soon as all the boys get out of the room (More like kicked out, if I do say so myself. Heh.) I turn to my two best friends and demand them to tell me what happened while I was out of it.

Their lips were sealed shut.

Figuratively, of course. It'd be creepy for it to be literal. Like some freaky living, breathing scarecrow.

I stare hard at Jess. She's always been the first one to crack.

I found this out when we sneaked out one time to go to this concert but when we were dropping her off at her house, her mom was there. All her mom needed to do was look in her eyes and she spilled. Because of that, her mom called Julie's mom and Andrew. We all got grounded for a month. That is not a very happy memory.

"Okay, okay! Fine, you did say something! You--" Julie covers her mouth.

"You have to promise not to freak." She finishes for Jess. Then Julie suddenly lets go of her and wipes her hand furiously on her jeans. "You freaking--! Why the heck do you have to lick me?!" She screeches and reaches over to throw her fist at Jess but she dances away.

I clear my throat loudly. "I promise."

They stop fighting and glance at each other nervously. I say Jess's name, warning them. She gulps. "You told Keith you like him." She blurts.

My jaw drops and my eyes bulge out. My mind reels and I start to see the world spinning. My cheeks burn and my stomach is twisted in knots. I feel like I'm gonna throw up.

"You said it with everyone there." Julie adds.

I blanch and stare at the wall, willing a hole where I can hide in to appear. Maybe if I do it hard enough, it'll come true.

"Celene? You dead?" Jess waves a hand in front of my face and Julie bats it away.

I blink, snapping out of it, and shake my head. "Sorry. I was just--never mind. I can't believe I did that! God, what will I do next time I see him? Next time I see my brothers?! Shit, they are gonna tease me to--"

"Calm down." They say at the same time.

"--death! I bet he said no. Wait! did anyone take me seriously? They did, didn't they? Oh God, what will I do? Why the fuck did I--"

Jess slaps my face.

I rub at the stinging cheek and pout. She didn't need to do it so hard. "Why'd you have to slap me? You could've gently prodded me or something."

"I know." She smiles deviously. "I just wanted to give back all the stress you gave me when you were sleeping there for four days."

"Four days?!" I repeat, sputtering.

"You didn't think you'd get well in a day after an accident like that, did you?" Julie asks.

I avoid their eyes.

"That is the same naivety that made us your friends. We thought it would come in handy when we want to buy something expensive."

I gasp. "So you're using me? I feel so insulted!"

"And then you see something nice in a shop, try it on, decide it looks better on one of us then have it gift-wrapped."

"I'm just being nice." I pout.

They come to me and pat my head consolingly. I turn to punch them but a voice asks tentatively, "Would you wanna maybe go to the prom with me?"

I look at the direction of the voice and grin. He looks so adorable, standing there uncomfortably. "I mean, I understand if you don't want to considering it's my fault you got--"


"--into this mess in the--" Cain blinks. "Wait, what?"

"I accepted even if the way you asked me isn't anywhere close to what I expected. At least it just further proves how unpredictable you are." I smile at his obvious amazement.

"Why? Not that I'm taking my offer back or anything."

I raise an eyebrow at that. "I hope not."

"Aren't you afraid something like this is going to happen again?" He says as if he hadn't heard me. I might believe it if his ears aren't red.

"Yeah, I am." I say distractedly. I gotta admit I'm somewhat irritated he didn't even bring flowers. I mean, I'm not the kind of girl who spends all day just looking at it but the thought would be nice. "But the best things are what you're afraid of."

At this, Jess and Julie snort, muttering about how I stole that line from some show. Which I did but I'm not gonna let that stop me. Why let a good line go to waste?

"Look, Celene, I'm really sorry for--"

"It was an accident. You didn't do it intentionally, did you?" I eye him cautiously.

"No, I didn't," He reassured me, "but--"

"Then it's alright." I come over and give him a comforting hug though God knows why. I'm the one who should be comforted.

He didn't even bother buying flowers! I mean, come on! He rammed me into a tree! Shouldn't he at least give me that little thing?! Apparently, it didn't occur to his weird boyish mind.

I pull back and smile at him softly to hide the things going on in my head. (No flowers!) "What were you going to say?"

Cain hesitates and shakes his head as if to clear it.



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