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BFDII - Battle for Dream Island Insanity by CrispyRai
BFDII - Battle for Dream Island Crispy
My first story on Wattpad. While I have been working on this for a while, don't expect common updates. NOTE: this story is outdated, so don't expect anything resolved a...
A thief and a pack of wolves! (ON HOLD) by headintheclouds
A thief and a pack of wolves! ( headintheclouds
Nearly every girl wants a life of friends, family and a boyfriend. Well in Ambers case that life isn't on her list! Amber is a nineteen year old girl with a job she abs...
bfdi ask or dare by thatonecoin
bfdi ask or dareby quarter
ask or dare
Someone [ARYA STARK] by Incxptions
Someone [ARYA STARK]by ≻incxptions≺
"She's a wolf, a true fighter." ✧ - incxptions
The phases of a psychopath (a BFB fanfic) [BEING REWRITTEN] by BlueFlowerandPink
The phases of a psychopath (a Stupidy
Three friends, Pin, Coiny, and Needle decide to head over to Yoyleland, just for old time's sake. On their way to the Grand Canyon, they happen to stumble upon Evil Leaf...
Silent Acid: A Bfb Fireafy Fanfic by lightbulbs_therapist
Silent Acid: A Bfb Fireafy Fanficby georgenotfound simp
This is a terrible bfb fireafy fanfiction. Enough said
The Boy in the Gray Hoodie by DoubleJinxBuyMeSoda
The Boy in the Gray Hoodieby DoubleJinxBuyMeSoda
Death was a cocoon. Inside it, he became something else. It was a shield that enveloped him, blotting out the pain and the fear. Then they brought him back, and the coc...
Courage -a naruto fanfiction- by fire_sky
Courage -a naruto fanfiction-by Sky Hays
{EDIT}: starting at chapter 31, the writing style and direction of this fan fiction will change. In the future I'm planning on rewriting the story as a whole, but that w...
First Mate: a coinpin story (SLOW UPDATES) by samcreations69
First Mate: a coinpin story ( sam
pin feels empty with competing in bfdi over and over again just to start another season. pin decides to do something else instead, she wants to explore to places she's n...
Dentist Imagines by EvelynBlayne
Dentist Imaginesby Evelyn Fitzgerald
This is a compilation of dentist imagines with some involving needles, sedation, and restraints. If you would like to request a personal imagine, please message me with...
Desire by Kitowa
Desireby SpaceCadet
DISCLAIMERS ------- X is not canon in this au at all. The cover looks cute- BUT this is not gonna be a cute story. Some of the characters are already dead & or injured. ...
The Needle by xXRauraAusllyLoveXx
The Needleby Jenny
One minute Jake and his crew were on a treasure hunt. The next minute is that Jake got himself lost and he ends up being stabbed by a needle in the arm and his crew noti...
SKEINS by lesserknown1
SKEINSby Sondi Warner
Cecil Anderson, a biracial man in 1920s Harlem, is racing toward scandal with Oscar Lovell. Only a hasty marriage can save him. Loralee Stevens is an enterprising young...
Bofu - An Bfb Horror Fanfiction by Zemiechu
Bofu - An Bfb Horror Fanfictionby Spaghetti
It was all just so happy. Until Loser got eliminated. After 4 and X got multiplied, it was finally Needle's turn to eliminate them. Whoever get's eliminated will get exu...
Plush Love by spicy_sweets
Plush Loveby N. T. Norman
For Elizabeth, dreams are where she can live out her biggest wish; being the princess of a world with all of her stuffed animals. There, she's respected and constantly s...
The Burning Lie Of The Red Leaf (Cancelled) by Dededepreso2003
The Burning Lie Of The Red Leaf ( Dededepreso2003
(This is my first fan fiction don't give me too harsh criticism please). An IDFB AU where Leafy and Needle take care of Firey and Leafy's child, Firey Jr. after the pare...
Oosi by IzhMagal
Oosiby Izh மகள்
A tale of needle and thread..
The Last Goodbye by Dragontalez
The Last Goodbyeby Sabrina
There was a post on facebook about a pitbull that was going to be put down if it didn't get adopted today and it really got to me. :/
When Fire Touches a Leaf by Jolteon-HaN-GD
When Fire Touches a Leafby I have a crush on Biance di A...
After the events of BFB 15, Leafy started to hate Firey because he told her the truth about why he ignored her. They suddenly enter a portal, but Four tries to stop them...