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Dentist Imagines by EvelynBlayne
Dentist Imaginesby EvelynBlayne
This is a compilation of dentist imagines with some involving needles, sedation, and restraints. If you would like to request a personal imagine, please message me with...
The Boy in the Gray Hoodie by DoubleJinxBuyMeSoda
The Boy in the Gray Hoodieby DoubleJinxBuyMeSoda
Death was a cocoon. Inside it, he became something else. It was a shield that enveloped him, blotting out the pain and the fear. Then they brought him back, and the coc...
Together We Are (a Pin x Needle Story) by sunnyshine724
Together We Are (a Pin x Needle SunnyShine
(Make sure you read "Our Little Secret" Before reading this) Pin and Needle have been dating for around a year and a half, and are ready to take the next steps...
The Objectmon Dossier- Goiky Region - BFDI by Birchboom
The Objectmon Dossier- Goiky Birchboom
Welcome to the Objectmon Dossier, where you can learn about the mysterious ObjectMon! Heavily inspired by Nintendo, Game Freak. Characters belong to Jacknjellify. >Th...
Someone [ARYA STARK] by Incxptions
Someone [ARYA STARK]by sj
"She's a wolf, a true fighter." ✧ - incxptions
First Mate: a coinpin story (SLOW UPDATES) by samcreations69
First Mate: a coinpin story ( sam
pin feels empty with competing in bfdi over and over again just to start another season. pin decides to do something else instead, she wants to explore to places she's n...
Battle for Love Live! Object Idol Project 1st Season[BFB x Love Live! AU] by ReaderSxrah
Battle for Love Live! Object SarahCookiefied
[This is an AU where the BFB characters in the cover become school idols like the characters in the anime, Love Live! In this AU, they will also go to school alongside o...
My Last 10 Notes by kittykatgurl98
My Last 10 Notesby Elise
"You have Leukemia. It's a type of cancer. With the right treatments, we might be able to rid your body of it. The success rate in children your age is around 76 pe...
Just Smile 《DISCONTINUED》 by cherryfilings
Just Smile 《DISCONTINUED》by Tired at School
This Story is mostly about Leafy her emotions and her sanity and how she Controls this. Winner is also in this and Clock is still mad about being forgotten. Woody is sti...
Girlfriends (BFB Fanfic) by ObjectShowFan307
Girlfriends (BFB Fanfic)by BFB
Coiny has two girls that are completely obsessed with him, Needle and Pin. And while he's dealing with them, he's also doing with his crazy ex, Leafy. Can Coiny manage...
Objectronpa - The Fallen Hopes by -Gabe_Is_Livley-
Objectronpa - The Fallen Hopesby Death is essential
Twenty years ago....a war hero 'One' was titled as the 'Ultimate Hope'. He had saver countless of innocents from explosions, even his enemies from fates they didnt deser...
Paranoia, Hate, Or Something More? by Kimiwamelody
Paranoia, Hate, Or Something More?by Abbie
Everything used to be so normal, I liked it. When I moved HERE, I had some of the best times of my life. Untill... I never knew why things went so badly, but I'm pretty...
Locked in Silence by SweetShadows
Locked in Silenceby Abby
Jade's life was simply miserable. When things start to take a turn for the better, her world comes crashing down. She is forced to live with a delusional man and his wif...
The Younger Escapees by jeanhill14
The Younger Escapeesby jeanhill14
A fourteen-year-old girl wakes up after being rescued from an experimental plant called area 52. She has no memory at first and then must fight to hold on to fleeting im...
Why do I love you? (COMPLETED!!! In editing process) by chanina123
Why do I love you? (COMPLETED!!! Classified ;)
Cherlninda died. 1009 years ago. Her best friend turned her into a vampire. Leaving her life behind. So in her earlier years in the years while hunting with her family...
☆Moonlight fright☆ by soupdest
☆Moonlight fright☆by soup
Sleepover goes wrong yada yada. Just read it to know, the usual. As you can see I love werewolf AU's I'm sorry ;( (people just don't usually make these and a lot of the...
The Needle by xXRauraAusllyLoveXx
The Needleby Jenny
One minute Jake and his crew were on a treasure hunt. The next minute is that Jake got himself lost and he ends up being stabbed by a needle in the arm and his crew noti...
Blake Holmes by BoBo99
Blake Holmesby BoBo99
Blake Holmes is special. She is the great great granddaughter of the famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, whom her grandmother used to tell her stories of, but s...
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"Breathe for me." - CoinPin ANGST || BFB || by KyoTheSealion
"Breathe for me." - CoinPin hehehe
|| A humanized Jacknjellify series fanfic. || Warning: Angst, language, death ----- Pin was aware of what she was diagnosed with. She understood what was happening to he...
The phases of a psychopath (a BFB fanfic) [BEING REWRITTEN] by BlueFlowerandPink
The phases of a psychopath (a Stupidy
Three friends, Pin, Coiny, and Needle decide to head over to Yoyleland, just for old time's sake. On their way to the Grand Canyon, they happen to stumble upon Evil Leaf...