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Battle for Love Live! Object Idol Project 1st Season[BFB x Love Live! AU] by ReaderSxrah
Battle for Love Live! Object SarahCookiefied
[This is an AU where the BFB characters in the cover become school idols like the characters in the anime, Love Live! In this AU, they will also go to school alongside o...
The Objectmon Dossier- Goiky and Yoyle Region - BFDI by Birchboom
The Objectmon Dossier- Goiky and Birchboom
Welcome to the Objectmon Dossier, where you can learn about the mysterious ObjectMon! Heavily inspired by Nintendo, Game Freak. Characters belong to Jacknjellify. 18/8/2...
Locked in Silence by SweetShadows
Locked in Silenceby Abby
Jade's life was simply miserable. When things start to take a turn for the better, her world comes crashing down. She is forced to live with a delusional man and his wif...
The Boy in the Gray Hoodie by DoubleJinxBuyMeSoda
The Boy in the Gray Hoodieby DoubleJinxBuyMeSoda
Death was a cocoon. Inside it, he became something else. It was a shield that enveloped him, blotting out the pain and the fear. Then they brought him back, and the coc...
bfdi ask or dare by thatonecoin
bfdi ask or dareby quarter
ask or dare
Needle'pools Veangance by Warriors21111
Needle'pools Veanganceby needlepool
a little Siamese has been born in a clan known as lonerclan and she made a friend named squirrelkit but will this little kit live a life of joy with her new friend or wi...
The Jocks' Babysitting Adventure (A BFB/TPOT/Little Einsteins fanfiction) by AngelaMorales114
The Jocks' Babysitting Adventure ( Angela Morales
Disclaimer: I do not own Battle For Dream Island (Again)or Battle for BFDI or Battle for BFB or The Power of Two. I also do not own Disney's Little Einsteins. They belon...
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Battle for Dream Island: Basketball's and Grassy's Adventures by AngelaMorales114
Battle for Dream Island: Angela Morales
Basketball and Grassy have had a close bond with each other and think of each other as siblings. Since they switched over to TPOT, there lives have changed for the bette...
Together We Are (a BFB Pin x Needle Story) by sunnyshine724
Together We Are (a BFB Pin x SunnyShine
(Make sure you read "Our Little Secret" Before reading this) Pin and Needle have been dating for around a year and a half, and are ready to take the next steps...
My Last 10 Notes by kittykatgurl98
My Last 10 Notesby Elise
"You have Leukemia. It's a type of cancer. With the right treatments, we might be able to rid your body of it. The success rate in children your age is around 76 pe...
(Gorillaz x Reader One Shot) Flu shot by SaturnzBaths
(Gorillaz x Reader One Shot) Flu SaturnzBaths
You need a flu vaccine. Unsurprisingly, you're not too keen. 2D's comfort isn't enough, so cue a hidden side of Murdoc you don't see too often. No pairings.
Oosi by IzhMagal
Oosiby Izh மகள்
A tale of needle and thread..
Switchblade and a Swee Swaw (a BFB AU) by Revidgerator
Switchblade and a Swee Swaw (a Revidge
Leafy and Loser exploit Pin's condition that gives her short term memory loss when she hears the word sweeswaw.
Paranoia, Hate, Or Something More? by Kimiwamelody
Paranoia, Hate, Or Something More?by Abbie
Everything used to be so normal, I liked it. When I moved HERE, I had some of the best times of my life. Untill... I never knew why things went so badly, but I'm pretty...
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Dentist Imagines by EvelynBlayne
Dentist Imaginesby EvelynBlayne
This is a compilation of dentist imagines with some involving needles, sedation, and restraints. If you would like to request a personal imagine, please message me with...
Hi, Honey, I'm Home by HectorBomb
Hi, Honey, I'm Homeby
Horst B. Petard and Fry meet Monroe, she's secertly Miss Bedeviled.
DawnClan and DarkClan (Warriors Roleplay)  by xXThe_Blazing_Heart
DawnClan and DarkClan (Warriors Blaze
one of my biggest roleplays on my other account was TogetherClan. but before it was TogetherClan it was DawnClan and DarkClan. since some of you might be new to this, Da...
Maya by EvelynBlayne
Mayaby EvelynBlayne
A teenage girl with supernatural abilities is being chased a group that wants to kill her. How will she stay hidden?
The Burning Lie Of The Red Leaf (Cancelled) by Dededepresso2003
The Burning Lie Of The Red Leaf ( Octo Kirby
(This is my first fan fiction don't give me too harsh criticism please). An IDFB AU where Leafy and Needle take care of Firey and Leafy's child, Firey Jr. after the pare...
Coiny takes on Cheer~!♡ ヾ(*' ∇ ')ノ by TPOTcheri
Coiny takes on Cheer~!♡ ヾ(*' ∇ ')ノby MECHA FLOWER
After one of Needle's cheerleaders quits the team the day before the tournament, Coiny takes on the missing role and becomes part of the high school girls' cheerleading...