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Our Love (A Lil Fizz Story) by rocsthebae
Our Love (A Lil Fizz Story)by kik? ask
  • lilfizz
  • ynandfizz
  • fizz
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Academia Bandle by DreamOfBunny
Academia Bandleby Bunny
La academia de la ciudad de Bandle, un lugar con buenos profesores, docentes y gran personal. Los alumnos son Yordles de todo tipo, únicos y extrovertidos todo llegan a...
  • kennen
  • lulu
  • escolar
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What If? by August_Love23
What If?by get yo mans
  • abuse
  • august
  • alsina
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Disrespectful✨| Lil Fizz by noelifyed_
Disrespectful✨| Lil Fizzby Noel & Alena
"I'm don't mind being a little disrespectful." I'm not gonna write a huge description, but can't we all agree that forbidden love is the best love?✨
  • fizz
  • young
  • frederic
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The love which is not shown (Veigar x Lulu League of Legends fanfic) by AngelicWafflez
The love which is not shown ( AngelicWafflez
A story in which Veigar has a change of heart torward Lulu.
  • lulu
  • alistar
  • jarvan
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What's Love? (Sequal to I cant make you love me) by BBHMM1
What's Love? (Sequal to I cant BBHMM1
Will Destin and Fizz get back together? Have they moved on or are they still facing the fact that they are apart? Read to find out!!
  • destin
  • joi
  • naomi
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ask the yordles (league of legends) by echos-little-kitty
ask the yordles (league of legends)by Still Alive
CHARACTERS DO NOT BELONG TO ME. THEY BELONG TO RIOT GAMES. so i play a ton of league of legends and i really wanted to do this for a loong time i don't know if it will w...
  • fizz
  • yordles
  • ziggs
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The Broken Window by 13LuckKy
The Broken Windowby Meghan Wheeler
  • fizz
  • anfisa
  • shade
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International Love by AsipheMlumbi
International Loveby AsipheMlumbi
Don't Judge. ☺
  • fizz
  • denileigh
  • race
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Journey Of A Noble Thief by ZelNite19
Journey Of A Noble Thiefby ZelNite19
For those of you who have brave frontier, you should know Zelnite. One of my personal favourites. This is a Fan Fiction i don't own any of the characters or pictures. As...
  • zelnite
  • bravefrontier
  • fanfiction
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The Real Buck's Fizz by JEHood
The Real Buck's Fizzby J.E.Hood
  • hood
  • story
  • fizz
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Ask my Eddsworld AU| Trickersworld by goingintothetrashcan
Ask my Eddsworld AU| Trickersworldby Watermelon Trashcan
what is 'Trickersworld'? Trickstersworld is where it combines The Tricker mode from Homestuck with Eddsworld infected with the virus from the Trickers Sanses and Papyrus...
  • trickstersworld
  • eddsworld-aus
  • ask
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Alpha Of Skye's by CatMarSantana
Alpha Of Skye'sby StrawberryWaffles
A story based off of love from Alpha of skies and Slendermans daughter. This is full of - Romance - Humor -Drama - Some what horror or smutty This is a fictional story...
  • fizz
Revenge (Free Verse) by FizzyVerses
Revenge (Free Verse)by FizzyVerses
I'ts a Free Verse that is a story... I just made it as First Person Point Of View... I am not the one on this free verse that signifies his family is murdered... Wish yo...
  • free
  • versefree
  • freeverse
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Bottled Up by rifak13
Bottled Upby rifak13
Poems bout my silence and inability to let it out.
  • pop
  • fizz
  • opinions
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The Champion Games by DanniBeryl
The Champion Gamesby DanniBeryl
(Notice: This is a cross-over of Hunger Games and League of Legends.) Ten champions are selected at ransom to fight each other in two teams of five. The objective is to...
  • lol
  • fizz
  • leagueoflegends
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Le kraken porte-bonheur by Eksens
Le kraken porte-bonheurby Eksens
Oh ! Quel bon vent vous amène, jeunes moussaillons ?
  • leagueoflegends
  • bateau
  • kraken
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