Paper Wings||Richie Tozier x reader by seriousbandtrash
Paper Wings||Richie Tozier x readerby Kass
"Beep beep Richie" I told him, he looked at me the same as he always had. And once again tried to lean in, just as he always does. And I pushed his face away...
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BLOOD《Vkook, Yoonmin, Namjin》 by ThaLlamaYo
BLOOD《Vkook, Yoonmin, Namjin》by CHIM'S MAIN LLAMA
"Your blood is like a drug to me" VAMPIRRREEEEEEEEEE;))))))))
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my life as andy biersacks daughter by JessicaBVBJane09
my life as andy biersacks daughterby Jessica - Blue Jane
echo knew who her dad was but he didn't know who she was because her mother didnt bother to tell him and when he finally found out he also found out that echo wouldn't h...
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D.N.A by br33zywif3_
D.N.Aby Tamera Renee
After the death of his sister in a dance battle, Kendrick Lamar DuckWorth has to move to Atlanta Georgia starting fresh at Clark Atlanta , can this Compton native adjust...
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the secret of that nerd  by Bitches_03
the secret of that nerd by Bitches_03
Ano ba ang una mong naiisip pagnerd? Matalino? Shy-type? At palaging nabubully Maniniwala ka ba kung ang isang nerd ay nagpapanggap lamang? Pano kung iba talaga ang pagk...
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🔥 The Hot List 🔥 by TaniaAnn8
🔥 The Hot List 🔥by TaniaAnn
The HOTTEST PICS of sexy guys! 💦💦💦 hehee
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Stephen James Pics by RandomStuff46
Stephen James Picsby RandomStuff46
This is for writers that use Stephen James in their books and need photos, after all he is a beautiful human being 👌🏼
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GayFish™ by Ben-ny
GayFish™by † Benisio Blake †
My adventures as a gay fish who can fuck and be fucked ✨
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It started with a marriage contract. They live together. Or we should say. They're living in a month together. And they don't even know each other! The boy doesn't like...
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Darling [Klaus Mikaelson] complete by superabi09
Darling [Klaus Mikaelson] completeby A.L Reids
Thalia (Ta-lee-Yah) Sweet yet dangerous. Seems innocent, but is the devil in disguise. "Darling, you're mine and only mine. Remember that." Thalia was the most...
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Worst Wattpad Stories Ever by NoHoldsBarred
Worst Wattpad Stories Everby NoHoldsBarred
This is just the list of the most miserable stories ever here in Wattpad that can make you throw up, laugh or even both. Note that I may sound offending here, but I will...
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SASSINESS HYPERLOADED!!! (Sassy Quotes) by livinlyf
SASSINESS HYPERLOADED!!! (Sassy Qu...by Sierra
These are some of the Sassy and Saucy quotes and dialogues that caught my eye. Some of them are actually funny. I really love them. Hope you enjoy! #1 in obnoxious #11in...
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Lil pump imagines  by baddestbabyy
Lil pump imagines by baddestbabyy
Ahh bitchhh send in any requests hoesss😛 btw he daddy😋💦
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Daily Reminders ;) by jkayleighj
Daily Reminders ;)by ♡♡
Having a rough day? I'm here for you <3
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KillDamn Institute by iamwantedXYZ
KillDamn Instituteby Zyqueiou Nonggod
An institution where cruelty is allowed. Where killing is the only way to survive! There's only one rule to obey for security: DON'T GET IN TOUCH WITH ANY ONE IN THIS IN...
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// change of heart // by toiletandmyphatdoody
// change of heart //by toiletandmyphatdoody
"Beautiful" ~ R, Packey "I've never seen a fanfic so amazing" ~ A, Packey "I'm the trash man!" ~ D, Devito This book will make you cry, lau...
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Random book by DeadBoysGrave
Random bookby ɖɛąཞ ıŋʂąŋıɬყ
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You // G.D Fan Fiction  by spndolan
You // G.D Fan Fiction by Jacie Panzica
You Were The One All Along... And Now I Have To Go
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One Night Stand With You by ayem_21
One Night Stand With Youby ❤Dark Secret❤
WARNING: Mature Content | R-18 | SPG Title: One Night Stand With You Author: ayem_21 Please Vote and Comment. Please supot what I mean SUPPORT this story guys, kahit na...
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Meeting Him (BxB) by lolpack1231
Meeting Him (BxB)by Yaoi is life
"Justin Smith, American football player, perfect guy, ladies man, party animal, golden boy, perfect son. Just how would everyone feel if they knew he liked dick pre...
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