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Our Song by MP13Girl
Our Songby McKenna
Leah is beautiful, outgoing, and popular. Because of this, she's gotten everything she's ever wanted. Except for one thing. All she's ever really wanted was to please pe...
  • lovestory
  • speak
  • kiss
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Book of Splatoon Manga Memes  by Sploonmemes78
Book of Splatoon Manga Memes by Callie the evil cat
This is what I do when I'm really bored..
  • goggles
  • crazy
  • teamemperor
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My Greatest Adventure by Madsballer13
My Greatest Adventureby Mads
Blake Jackson is the stereotypical bad boy. And jock. And comedian. Captain of the football team, and the basketball team. Friends with the hot, popular girls. Having se...
  • blake
  • sports
  • softball
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tear in my heart by roinnisrllygay
tear in my heartby absolute homo
goggles; an optimistic idiot who truly believes anything can be accomplished with the power of friendship. rider; a hot-headed loner but also a kinky bastard feeling str...
  • splatoon
  • npacer
  • bobble
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Bobble x Male Reader (Splatoon) by DForrester
Bobble x Male Reader (Splatoon)by DForrester
So, I'm writing this because of a couple reasons. 1. I'm waiting to release the next part of my main book (Splatoon x Male Reader). 2. I couldn't find another story like...
  • splatoon2
  • agent3
  • xreader
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Library boy {expensive headphones} by RichlovesMichael
Library boy {expensive headphones}by hey_there
Rich didn't want to be seen; and sure enough, everyone looking for him couldn't catch a glimpse. It's the person who wasn't looking, the person who was doing the exact s...
  • jakedillinger
  • angst
  • michaelmell
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When I Met Her:Haikyuu X Tsukishima Kei by Jessiedarch
When I Met Her:Haikyuu X Tsukishim...by Jess-chan
Kei was just a normal 15 year old at Karasuno. He was quiet, tall for his age and blonde. Where boys in his year obsessed over girls, Kei lived in music, and was distant...
  • haikyuu
  • volleyball
  • headphones
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Headphones (Natsu x Reader) by ___Cry_Baby___
Headphones (Natsu x Reader)by Sunflower
[DISCONTINUED] (Y/n) (L/n) is a cheerful, funny, music/food loving girl with a bad past. She listens to music all the time and is an amazing singer but when her past sne...
  • reader
  • natsu
  • fairytail
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𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐬  ° 𝐬.𝐜 by cloudylix
𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐬 ° 𝐬.𝐜by ˗ˏˋ 𝐆𝐘𝐔 🍨 ˎˊ˗
i didn't tell her the name of the song in hopes. i wanted her to come back. and ask me, over and over again.
  • jisung
  • woojin
  • straykids
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Expensive headphones (Bandanna boys) OS by Lafillechelou
Expensive headphones (Bandanna boy...by Carotte
I'm French, my english is shitty and no one is stopping me from writing expensive headphones OS in my shitty english ! expensive headphones = RichxMichael from be more c...
  • bmc
  • rich
  • bemorechill
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Headphones // m.c {EDITING} by cootiecalum
Headphones // m.c {EDITING}by cootiecalum
She only had earbuds, peanut butter cookies and a good book. .. {Michael Clifford fanfiction} {I MADE THIS A LONG TIME AGO SO MY WRITING HAS GOTTEN BETTER !!!}
  • hemmings
  • calum
  • 5sos
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Truth or Dare by InfinityMidnight
Truth or Dareby Infinity Di Angelo
Comedy of a lot of MC Youtubers
  • betty
  • mcprohosting
  • school
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Forever Together (Skylox) by Jessobecka
Forever Together (Skylox)by howdy partner
welcome to the 1st book in this skylox trilogy! it's quite trash, but so am i.
  • skymu
  • abuse
  • deadlox
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Be More Chill - Expensive Headphones Oneshots   by heyyybrooo
Be More Chill - Expensive Headphon...by Broadway Girl
Michael Mell + Rich Goranski
  • expensive
  • expensiveheadphones
  • georgesalazar
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S+X (Splatoon Manga Wattfic) by Gem_Mayako
S+X (Splatoon Manga Wattfic)by 🌸Gem_Maya🌸
There was an announcement from all around Inkopolis that a few talented, well skilled and famous X ranked Inklings are arriving at the Square. Everyone was excited to me...
  • fanfiction
  • headphones
  • action
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ASK or DARE the Squip Squad by TheSquipters
ASK or DARE the Squip Squadby The Salty Squipters
This seemed to be an easy and fun way to get to know each member better. We are willing to answer any questions and do any dares. Any questions? Feel free to ask!
  • richardgoranski
  • bmc
  • jakedillinger
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Splatoon Manga Pictures  by GoggllesKun
Splatoon Manga Pictures by Mags
ALL ART AND STORY LINE BELONGS TO THE OWNER Welcome! in this book I will try to get some images from the Splatoon Manga onto here so you can use it for anything. Have f...
  • bobblehat
  • glasseskun
  • bobblehatchan
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Queen of the Headphone Zombies by 4thpowermama
Queen of the Headphone Zombiesby Cynthia Wiedefeld
*Now Posting!* When she's not hanging with her best friend, Chelsea, Zoe spends all her time with her pack of zombies, each absorbing their music in isolation. Avoiding...
  • featured
  • drama
  • music
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Blonde Jokes. by nataliecw
Blonde Jokes.by Natalie
Blonde Jokes :) if you think they're funny, you can tell them to your friends :)
  • thanksgiving
  • truck
  • jumping
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You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mailby Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
  • clothing
  • usa
  • woman
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