Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 12

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Hi! I am finally uploading on time and not a day late :P This is long--at least longer than the last one :D I hope you like it! A part of it is inspired by @lovexkillsxslowly who got me thinking about cookies and another part is inspired by @Chihuahuaonastick who got me thinking about chocolate. Thank you to both of you for that and thank you for the long comments! I enjoyed reading them very much :D That sounds too formal... I'm so sorry to be bugging but can you guys please read my fanfic of Hunger Games? The Capitol Child? I'd really appreciate it :) Anyway, please comment, vote, fan! :)


The sound of my alarm clock beeping pulls me out of a wonderful--erm, horrifying--dream of me kicking Rosalind's ass and shooting her with a Nerf gun. I groan and make a move to press the snooze button but sit up abruptly when I remember the plumbing isn't fixed yet so when one of us takes a bath, the rest of us can't.

I jump out of bed and fall flat on my face. I look down to see my feet tangled in my blanket. Cursing, I disentangle myself, run to the shower and turn it on. Water isn't coming out. Dang it! Someone must be taking a bath already.

Should I go back to sleep? I close my eyes then open them again. Nah, the adrenaline is still there.

I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen. Whistling under my breath, I pour myself a glass of chocolate milk. Who says being mature means not drinking chocolate milk? It's good for your body and the soul. Wait, is that--I sniff. Yes, it is! I look at the dining table and there, in all its chocolatey goodness, the cookies are. Oh, how much I love having Mrs. Williams as our cook! I dive for the platter--

--and a huge figure popping out of nowhere blocks me. I bump face first into the person right when he turns around and I start to fall down. I squeeze my eyes shut, waiting for the impact on my ass but it never comes.

He grabs my arm and pulls me to him, holding me to his chest. I open an eye then the other one when I see a huge expanse of golden tan skin over huge muscles. This is definitely not one of my brothers. I blush and look at him. My eyes widen with surprise when I see who it is and I blush even more.

"What are you doing here?" I blurt out.

"I'm always here, remember? Is that your way of thanking me?" Keith raises an eyebrow.

"Thank you." I mumble, noticing I'm still in Keith's muscular arms. He notices too and hastily lets go of me. I feel a little sticky so I peer at Keith to see him sweating. "Where did you go?"

"Jogging." He bites a cookie which, I remember, is mine.

"That's the only cookie you're gonna get." I say, grabbing the cookie platter and moving away from him. I get a cookie, dip it in my chocolate milk, then take a bite. Mmm, chocolate. The cookie is chewy. Just the way I like it. Suddenly, Keith grabs it.

"My cookies!" He says. I reach for it, trying to ignore the six-pack. He holds it up and out of my reach. I jump up and down, all the while growling at him. He laughs at me. "There's no way you can get them, shortie." There is one thing but that will end up with him on the floor, groaning in pain.

"Celene, everyone else is done. Take a bath!" Ryan bellows.

"You won this time, Keith, but I will get my revenge." I glare at him and back away slowly then run to my bathroom.

After taking a bath, I make a run for my closet and dress in dark blue skinny jeans, a white shirt with spaghetti-straps and over it, a loose violet shirt with short sleeves. I pull one side of the violet shirt down so a strap and a shoulder shows. I put on my black converse and run quickly to the kitchen where my siblings and Keith are waiting for me.

I look to see my brothers and Keith wearing their standard jeans and t-shirts while Louisa is wearing a white shirt and pink leggings with red stripes. I groan. "Who let her pick her own clothes? She always wears this outfit!"

"I did, unfortunately, but we don't have the time to let her change. C'mon, we're gonna be late!" Andrew says while walking to the garage. The rest of us follow him. Andrew opens the door of his Porsche while Ryan walks to his Mercedes with Louisa. I look to Andrew then Ryan and back. Who am I going to ride with?

"Celene, what are you doing? Aren't you going to ride with us?" Keith asks. Well, I guess there's my answer. I nod and reach out my hand to open the door but he beats me to it. I mumble my thanks and climb in the back. To my surprise, Keith follows. Andrew just acts like this is completely normal and starts the car.

I fidget with my shirt. Well, this is awkward. Andrew makes a sharp turn and I'm being thrown to the right where Keith is sitting. I look up at him and see him smiling at me. "I'm so sorry." I say, moving away.

He gently guides me so that I am leaning on his arm. "You're tired, aren't you? I know you have low blood pressure in the morning so you better rest for a while."

"How do you know that?" I look at him in surprise.

He laughs. "You're brother wants to be a doctor. He won't waste a chance to act like one." Speaking of my brother...I glance at the front and realize his iPod is blasting in his ears and Andrew is bobbong his head to the music.

"As if I can forget that." I laugh with him, resting my head on Keith's shoulder.

"We're here!" Andrew announces, taking off his earphones.

I jump a little and move away from Keith, looking away guiltily. I glance at Keith and see hurt flash in his eyes. Wait, no. Maybe it's a trick of the light?! There's no way Keith is hurt by that. I feel a pang. Great, now I'm hurt. I wish it's real. I get out of the car.

"Finally, you're here, boyfriend!" My eyes widen and I swear my heart stops. I turn to the voice--

--and see Rosalind kissing Keith full on the mouth.


So, do you like it? I wrote this in a hurry so I'm so sorry if it's not that nice :) If you like Hunger Games, please read Capitol Child. :D Anyway, please comment, vote, fan!

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