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The Nazi Boy's Promise by misspetalface
The Nazi Boy's Promiseby Sarah
Amit Gypps was just a normal teenage school girl, until the new politcal party, the Nazis came into power and began make life a misery for Jewish people. They sent herse...
Katja  by Flowerscantfly
Katja by Flowerscantfly
Pskov, Russia No one had expected the Germans to come so soon . No one knew the Germans would defeat Russia so easily. Katja Kuznetsova is an eighteen year old girl w...
Unacceptable (GerIta) (Holocaust) (Boyxboy) by Hetalia__Italy
Unacceptable (GerIta) (Holocaust) Feliciano Vargas
(I dont own Hetalia!) (BoyxBoy!) (WARNING: This story contains derogetory scenes and words, about Nazism, Jews, and Graphic scenes in the concentration camps, I have NOT...
My healing heart by Midnightgacha8
My healing heartby Midnight gacha嘎查
Advisement: this story isnt ment to offend anyone and I'm sorry if it does Enjoy
High Noon by grace_mendes_
High Noonby ✨Grace Mendes✨
It's in the midst of World War Two France joined England in the fight against Nazi, Germany. Slowly though the adrenaline of hope that they all had disappeared until the...
Star Crossed Enemies - *Published and Updated* by anmendezbooks
Star Crossed Enemies - * A. N. Mendez
NOW PUBLISHED! Find it on Amazon (paperback and ebook) and Barnes & Noble (paperback and hardback). TOP 100 in Barnes & Noble's Romance Bestsellers List! This is an exce...
cigarette burns / ussr x third reich by germancommie
cigarette burns / ussr x third alex
this ship is a guilty pleasure and i cant stop myself from writing abt it dhmu </3 cover art by Tosha • Pipka • on <3 if you dont like this ship please dont r...
Third Reich(Nazi) x Japanese Empire (Is Officially Adopted) by ThisDangOriginalDude
Third Reich(Nazi) x Japanese Return from Munich
(P.s cover not mine and this is my first Countryhumans thing and this will also be an alternate universe for the Axis wich they are still alive until noe and so as USSR)...
Reality or Fantasy? Countryhumans x female reader story by A-corrupt-anime-girl
Reality or Fantasy? Neko-chan
(y/n) is a young 13 year old girl going to collage. One day, a mysterious sickness spreads throughout the world and everyone dies from it except her. Due to her survivin...
RWBY Fanfic • |The Arrival| Book 1 In The Nazis In Remnant Series by BillNyeTheRWBYGuy
RWBY Fanfic • |The Arrival| Book Just A Man
You're in a special ops unit of Nazi researchers attempting to open portals to different realms to solve Nazi Germany's resources shortage. You're an extremely elite so...
Imaginary Friend (RusAme) [Completed] by reimoth
Imaginary Friend (RusAme) [ rei
When Russia receives a magical pencil from a friend and uses it to create magical friend, he gets used to living with someone who only he can see.
Deception - WWII Resistance / Holocaust Novel by happilynix
Deception - WWII Resistance / nix
Holland 1943. Mieke de Jong is tasked to lure German officers to their deaths. She changes her identity. Infiltrates the enemy. She must lie to live. Fight for her freed...
Split Personality by Grillly
Split Personalityby Grillly
Disclaimer: this story was NOT meant to be offensive is any way shape or form, it was made for fun. For his entire life Third has had Split Personality disorder. He has...
The Two Deadly Sinners {USSR X TR} by WeirdSadShipper
The Two Deadly Sinners {USSR X TR}by WeirdSadShipper
What's instore for you? Bad grammar Gay Blood Sad shit Swearing R@pe mention And possibly smut Lil info the main pep's don't like each other info on the countryman's...
The Beginning (USSR x Third Reich Fanfic) ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ by OhmeinGottHilfe
The Beginning (USSR x Third Cringe
Cover is not mine. I found the image on Pinterest so idk the og artist, sorry. This is my first book. This is a book about the beginning of USSR and Third Reich. This is...
Locked with u [ReichxSoviet] by Strawberrychoco27
Locked with u [ReichxSoviet]by Strawberrychoco27
World wars ended long time ago, and everybody forgave Reich for starting world war 2, everybody except Soviet. One day Reich is meeting Soviet in the shop, and starts an...
Star Crossed Journey (Rough Draft) by anmendezbooks
Star Crossed Journey (Rough Draft)by A. N. Mendez
Sequel to "Star Crossed Enemies". This is the rough draft before it will be published. This story continues where the published version of "Star Crossed...
Azur Lane: The unknown forces of "Neuschwabenland" by DailydoseofAdler
Azur Lane: The unknown forces of " Für die Kaiser
Recently, there were sightings of unknown ships in the seas near Antarctica but 2 months later, those ships are now nearing the main Azur Lane base, their movements chan...
Maybe, I do love you. //:RusAme:// by -bakugouou
Maybe, I do love you. //:RusAme://by anger boy
Yo where are you guys coming from 😭😭😭 This story is so embarrassing but y'all seem to love it so much I'm contemplating making another RusAme book 😳 Besides that, I'...
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