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Star Crossed Enemies by mortaldarkangel
Star Crossed Enemiesby April Mendez
*Highest Ranking: #1 in Historical Fiction!* Mark is a proud soldier. A soldier in the Nazi Army but, nevertheless, he knows he was born to fight for his country. The...
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  • worldwar2
  • germany
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Remains Before by thePag3Turner
Remains Beforeby thePag3Turner
"And you also know that I love you, more than my own life. And one day, if your not here anymore, I would give nothing more than to hear your breath in the wind or...
  • wwii
  • tragedy
  • concentrationcamps
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Hitler's Daughter by Honeybadgerx
Hitler's Daughterby Gracie
His eyes were pitch black, soulless and lifeless lit up with a red flare from the growing fire light. The girl looked into his eyes, but it was like nothing was their to...
  • horror
  • nazi
  • sad
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~Trip Of A Life Time~ //:RusAme:// by StarBoyuwu
~Trip Of A Life Time~ //:RusAme://by Jessi :)
Hei! I wasnt verified before so Wattpad deleted my other story (it was one chapter). That had over 800 words T-T. But im re-writing it to hopefully better story! :) Enjo...
  • rusame
  • gay
  • countryhumans
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Auschwitz Death Camp by JustBeth96
Auschwitz Death Campby JustBeth96
When Lena's life gets turned upside down by one of history's most tragic events, she has no idea what to expect. But she could have never imagined love...
  • history
  • teen
  • hot
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Imágenes de countryhumans by CamilaRamrezCalixto
Imágenes de countryhumansby Camila.amante del yaoi .com...
unas cuantas imagenes q encontre todos los derechos recervados a sus respectivos autores
  • campesinos
  • perú
  • rusia
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Favouritism? by skydefined
Favouritism?by skydefined
Whatever, I'll post this on here too. Warning: Contains Nazi slash. Yes, I ship Nazis.
  • slash
  • thirdreich
  • nazi
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Ellipsism by Anizora
Ellipsismby Anizora
Alexander goes to Hitler Youth. He's smart, he's determined, he has everything he needed to become a respected Nazi. Until he starts having second thoughts. Ellipsism (n...
  • nazipov
  • nazi
  • tragedy
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Out of the Shadows by belongstoDisney
Out of the Shadowsby uGHHh
Germany's life is everything he could ever ask for. He has a gorgeous wife, a marvelous daughter and the best friends this world can offer! But as time passes, new probl...
  • nazi
  • darkthemes
  • nazigermany
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-Cortos aleatorios- Countryhumans by Curshope
-Cortos aleatorios- Countryhumansby BraUru es mi nueva OTP
Pequeñas historias de los países de todo el mundo, incluye yaoi ------------------ Tumblr de la creadora del dibujo: Ayla Arts Portada hecha en Canva
  • usa
  • rusia
  • uruguay
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Wattpad Rants by _RubyRed_
Wattpad Rantsby Ruby
Welcome to Wattpad Rants - a sarcastic, prejudice and frankly quite brutal attack on cliches, characters and What's Hot - written by an angsty fourteen-year-old with no...
  • nazi
  • grammar
  • whatshot
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The Boy In The Striped Pajamas - (Father's P.O.V) by spacemartiann
The Boy In The Striped Pajamas - ( hello
"It makes me realise, you never fully appreciate something until it's gone, and I let a tear fall from my eyes with acceptance, slowly gliding down my face of heart...
  • grief
  • shortstory
  • jew
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His Eternal Mate (Alucard x reader) by StolenNightmare
His Eternal Mate (Alucard x reader)by StolenNightmare
Imagine Alucard waking up to find you kissing away his bloody tears due to a dream he was having. He stops you by pulling you onto his lap and giving you a kiss. He then...
  • anime
  • hellsingultimate
  • gore
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Unforeseen by coffeeenated
Unforeseenby Ariana Elena
It all started in 1942 when an Aryan girl stumbled on a piece of parchment that would change her life forever. Winter of 1943, things changed drastically for Anneliese...
  • romance
  • germany
  • love
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Damn raccoons by LuciusMysterial
Damn raccoonsby LuciusMysterial
-My first please, don't think its going to be good. and also a g...
  • philippines
  • etc
  • russia
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...don't look at this XDD by BadatthisStuff
...don't look at this XDDby ....cyka XDDD
I was just having a "convo" heard a lot of Nazi....SO HERE I AMMMMM making shit and stuff all day xD
  • lil
  • nazi
  • dunno
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Apocalypse (countryhumans Au)  by Puddypup12
Apocalypse (countryhumans Au) by Puddypup12
Idk who came up with the original Au. Its the year 2111 a radioactive apocalypse has broke out taking many things with it.. Only the best can survive.
  • apocalypse
  • countryhumanau
  • britan
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The Nazis Are Coming by Peper100
The Nazis Are Comingby Peper100
Two best friends Lara And Elaine. Lara is a polish girl who is 14 with fair looks. Elaine a smart Jewish girl who is 13. They both risk there lives trying to keep each o...
  • polish
  • concentrationcamps
  • nazi
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Art book : countryhumans ( just cartoon ) by nutshell_zone
Art book : countryhumans ( just ☆nutshell_zone☆
- nguồn ảnh : general hareni - mị chỉ quen vẽ cartoon thôi nhé - nhân vật tài trợ Chính của @umiseko
  • japan
  • southkorea
  • cuba
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The gate: Wolfenstein in the Special Region by xjames2001
The gate: Wolfenstein in the xjames2001
BJ Blazkowicz went on the mission to destroy the nazi gateway that leads to other world when he & his friends revolt the revolution against them. When he about to destro...
  • thusthejsdffoughtthere
  • wolfenstein
  • nazi
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