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Behind A Smile ✔ by deey_jah
Behind A Smile ✔by Khadija Sidi Aliyu
On the verge of tears, she smiled. ~~~~~ "I have noticed a thing about you; you don't like being treated like a lady. You prefer being treated with force - like an...
Awaiting  by vaishnavi_writes
Awaiting by Vaishnavi
Aadya an independent, ambitious girl had innumerable dreams and expectations about her life partner. Her life turns upside down when she marries Omkar Mitra. What happ...
Expectations by WritingxNicole
Expectationsby Nicole
✨2019 Fiction Awards Winner in Best General Fiction✨ Completed 9/22/2019 Sequel: Reality - - - - - - - - - - - - - Joslyn Trett is no stranger to the touring lifestyle...
Messin' With My Head (Lauren/You) by LoveIsOverRP
Messin' With My Head (Lauren/You)by mop
Unknown: Y/n? Capt.Y/n: Uhhh who is this? Unknown: Yep, y/n. Capt.Y/n: I ask again, dear stranger, who are you? Capt.Y/n: Idk why I even bothered replying to you in the...
The Deal [Shicca Fanfic] by DreamerChan04
The Deal [Shicca Fanfic]by Nina
Rebecca, a famous B-cuber and third-year at Eden's Zero High school, admired by everyone. Shiki, a popular volleyball player and a third-year at the same school, loved b...
BETROTHED ✓ by deey_jah
BETROTHED ✓by Khadija Sidi Aliyu
It has always been Larai's dream to go to school and become someone prominent in future. She dreams of meeting her Prince charming. She desires true love, but in a commu...
CheckMate (Completed) by theorigwhitedaisy
CheckMate (Completed)by theorigwhitedaisy
Everyone knows the stories of the hot popular guy in school who falls in love with the shy girl who is later learnt to be a diamond in the rough. But no one knows the st...
Percipience by Sonali61
Percipienceby Sonali61
Flirting with all the girls, taking the lead in every activity, wining against the competitive world was all he wanted. The only goal of her life was to be an amazing do...
Expectation Of Love |Finding Love After Marriage ✔| by deey_jah
Expectation Of Love |Finding Love...by Khadija Sidi Aliyu
Highest ranking #1 in Expectation hot list "Roshni, I guess that's your name?" "Yes" "I'm sorry for what I am about to tell you right now, I...
Slow updates 💔 -old (mostly)and recent gifs -not really up to fifth harmony news or um yeah this is just about Lauren PS:I don't write smuts sorry idk how too ;-;
Six Inch Heels by OliviaAbboud
Six Inch Heelsby Olivia Abboud
Highest Ranking in Romance:#136 Bambi is just youre avergage day girl--oh wait she really isn't. Bambi works at a strip club called Sin City, has been for three years. A...
Defiant Youth Series #2: Chasing the cure by Commander_Black
Defiant Youth Series #2: Chasing t...by Ceebie
Defiant Youth Series #2 "I guess I am a fantasy" -Marilyn Monroe
Expectations: WLW (Camren) by x_sy6n3y_x
Expectations: WLW (Camren)by x_sy6n3y_x
*FLUFF NO SMUT* WLW Camila Cabello is a graduate struggling to find a job. With disapproval from her family, and little friends to confide in- Camila finds herself in a...
Backstage by JH_Foliage
Backstageby Jade
Writing songs in his bedroom, 24 year-old Tai Vuong wonders if there's a day he can share his music without pretending to be someone he's not. His power to manipulate pe...
Their Baby by miraculousladybug030
Their Babyby MLB 030
Ladybug & Chat Noir have finally figured out each other's identities. Now it's time to have their baby, but how will they keep it safe knowing that Hawk Moth is still at...
Post It by BelWatson
Post Itby Bel Watson
It’s cold and it’s dark by now. The day has gone so fast, going to all those places, meeting all those people and now I’m here. He’s led me here. It’s time now, after al...
The Dealer of The Nerds ✓ by books_by_gabriela
The Dealer of The Nerds ✓by Insριɾɑτιᴏn Sϵϵκϵɾ
Charlotte Rosenberg has always had her life planned ahead. Finish school with perfect grades, go to college and meet the perfect romance induced man to start a life with...
All Most Some None by riotvisage
All Most Some Noneby Riot
Sort of a dear diary but make it mostly one confused young woman, prattling on and on about self-discovery and good, righteous things she should do. Let's hope she gets...
The Leader of The Nerds ✓ by books_by_gabriela
The Leader of The Nerds ✓by Insριɾɑτιᴏn Sϵϵκϵɾ
When Veronica Williams joins her cousin's school, she expects the usual crowd of bimbos and jocks. Instead, she finds a different type of hierarchy. A school controlled...
The middle of June by _Eliaine_
The middle of Juneby Eliaine
17- year old Fallon tries to recollect herself, whilst being thrown into problematic events caused by the disaster that occurred last June. During the present events she...