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Too Fat for Love by XxNixonxX
Too Fat for Loveby Nixon
Take a self-conscious slightly chubby female and throw in a cocky man who probably stepped right off the front cover of a magazine, and throw them together to plan a wed...
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Bon Bons to Yoga Pants by KatieCross4
Bon Bons to Yoga Pantsby Katie Cross
Lexie Greene has always had such a pretty face. Unfortunately, that's where it seemed to stop. She's grown up hearing her Mother constantly remind her that she needs...
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Fat Chance by IfAryaWrites
Fat Chanceby IfAryaWrites
Can love really spring out from hate? For Madison Sencio, she does not think so. But Alex Phillips was about to prove her wrong. Madison had always been bullied for her...
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Stuffed (COMPLETED) by heythere5760
Stuffed (COMPLETED)by heythere5760
This story contains weight gain! Molly is 17 years old living with her parents when one day her parents do something to her.
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Stuffing, Romance and Weight Gain by feedee2211
Stuffing, Romance and Weight Gainby BellyBloater 221
The title says it all~ This follows the life of Jess- a college student who lives alone in a small apartment and has no relatives, partner or siblings. She is one of the...
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Getting fat by paperwiings
Getting fatby paperwiings
Ava was typically a very thin girl. When she wakes up one day tied to a chair by her boyfriend, she realizes she wants to get bigger and bigger.
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~Tumblr Gainer stories~ by SuckMyButt_UwU
~Tumblr Gainer stories~by No Thanks
These are all stories from Tumblr! I will put original author at the beginning of each story~
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Weight Loss Journey by thewalkingschnapp
Weight Loss Journeyby Madison
Hello! I have decided to write about my weight loss journey in hopes of motivating myself to do better as I have been struggling! Please no hate as I am trying my best!
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The roommates (Feederism) by WeirdoFromTheBunch
The roommates (Feederism)by Antonio Bloodfare
This is the story about two roommates, Tony and Sarah, one of them a shy and innocent boy, and, the other, a girl with a huge courage and a sassy attitude, follow their...
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The Little Piggy by futureauthor2003
The Little Piggyby futureauthor2003
Princess Abigail was used to sitting in her room, being pampered, and eating. Until the Dar she receives a visitor that gives her the exact life she seems to want.
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Heavy Cream  by DrOverTheCounter
Heavy Cream by DrOverTheCounter
Annie was the town's best baker, always whipping up sweets and goodies to give around. But she develops a secret admiration after an incident, one of chugging heavy crea...
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Dusting and Diets (maid weight gain) by momojojo101
Dusting and Diets (maid weight gai...by momojojo101
A petite, 110 pound little girl, Rosaline comes to live in a large house in Gainesville, Florida to be a live in house maid for the married couple of Diane and Patrick W...
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Short Gainer/feedee stories by piggyPrincess0012
Short Gainer/feedee storiesby piggyPrincess0012
Short snippets of stories centered around specific pictures
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Domino's by Bigfatuwustories
Domino'sby Bigfatuwustories
A pretty generic story about Feederism (Also written because I had nothing better to do so it might be a bit cursed or bad UwU)
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Putting on a few by G0lden_Muggy
Putting on a fewby -Really kinky shit-
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Getting Bigger (COMPLETED) by heythere5760
Getting Bigger (COMPLETED)by heythere5760
*This story is about weight gain so if you're not comfortable with it/ don't like it don't read it :) Lucy was always thin or well she was thin until now. One day somet...
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Inflation/weight gain short stories by DarkBlueDead
Inflation/weight gain short storiesby DarkBlueDead
Inflation and weight gain feederism short stories. mostly female.
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Fatter than ever by heythere5760
Fatter than everby heythere5760
This story contains feeders and feederism, if you don't like it, don't read it. This story is about a girl named Lizzie and how she put on the weight as soon as she move...
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alli and the baker( A Fattening Story ) by DjStar23
alli and the baker( A Fattening St...by YeEt
A girl named alli went to a bakery to get a job as a test taster. But soon all will go down and big Warning: this a cringy story OK?, so don't tell me" oh this bad...
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PigLife by FrankieTheGainerGuy
PigLifeby Frankie The Gainer Guy
A relaxing day of games and food soon turns into a mix of fear and pleasure as you discover a game that rewards and punishes you for your gluttony and pig-like behavior...
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