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Fat Various Characters X Male Reader by Gogoup123
Fat Various Characters X Male Read...by gogo
These are a series of one shots about fat cartoon/video games/comic books/ and maybe anima romance stories. As of right now there will be no lemon stories, I just don't...
Byrun x slime  by CookieSans147
Byrun x slime by Cookie Sans147
just because I feel like it
Chubby oneshots by -ChubLover-
Chubby oneshotsby 🌻
This book includes feederism and stuff like that so if it's not for you, just don't read it<3 I do not own any of these pictures!!! Wether my profile pic or this titl...
Joshler weight gain short story by weirdfetishbutok
Joshler weight gain short storyby Beat
A Joshler weight gain story, enjoy if you're into this kind of stuff. Josh is Tyler's feeder.
My love, brother and obsession by LovelyGuppy
My love, brother and obsessionby ❤︎Chubbygirl❤︎
A passionate love with food and a brother who makes you feel what real love is. A wonderful story about a dangerous relationship and choices that can be fatal. Sadness a...
Glutton God by chubunny_
Glutton Godby chubunny_
jamey lived a normal life. skinny boy, regular friends, normal boyfriend. but one day after school, he blacked out. he woke up in a medieval castle, under the control of...
Claire's Weight Gain by Viktoria_Luvz
Claire's Weight Gainby Viktoria🥱
Claire meets up with a guy, Evan, whom she met on a dating app for a date. Their relationship developed quickly.
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Have Another Bite by green1000
Have Another Biteby Mystic Wolf
After getting lost in the woods for several days, with no food, losing all their camp gear, out of water and only the ripped clothes on their backs. Michael Clifford and...
Over Stuffed Mari Ohara by oborosenpai
Over Stuffed Mari Oharaby oborosenpai
Weight gain shorts! by mudaoramuda
Weight gain shorts!by ReinersCumDumpster
Basically oneshots including *unrealistic* and realistic weight gain. I'll try my best to Keep it detailed and I hope you enjoy? *updates may be slow since I tend to get...
Mum's cooking ( muke) by Writeroftomorrow
Mum's cooking ( muke)by hey
Luke is being harmed by Michael's past. And michael's past still hunt him... Or the story where michael's ex is a dick.
Getting Bigger (COMPLETED) by heythere5760
Getting Bigger (COMPLETED)by heythere5760
*This story is about weight gain so if you're not comfortable with it/ don't like it don't read it :) Lucy was always thin or well she was thin until now. One day somet...
weight gain one shots by FeedeeLover
weight gain one shotsby FeedeeLover
i have no purpose in life, and i love fat woman. i am very gay boi.
Emily's Weight  by chubby_aur
Emily's Weight by Aur 💜
A weight gain story. Emily stops watching her weight after meeting Tim, who introduces her to the concept of feederism. Tim is everything she is looking for in a man and...
my weight gain journey  by AvianaKieber
my weight gain journey by Aviana Kieber
this will be where I put all my updates, my meals, and pics. I'd like encouragement and being called names, and stories about my gain please comment or PM me teases and...
My weight gain journal  by liltinywrist
My weight gain journal by liltinywrist
Trying to boost my self confidence about putting on weight.
My dietary diary (feedee) by unicornAMD
My dietary diary (feedee)by unicornAMD
Don't read this if you don't like feederism. So basically I'm going to write about my weight gain and my unhealthy fattening meals and snacks. Please tease the shit out...
My Weight Gain Diary by chubby_aur
My Weight Gain Diaryby Aur 💜
This diary is where I share my eating habits daily. I'm trying to stuff myself as much as I possibly can, as it feels really good. Please feel free to encourage or teas...
Bon Bons to Yoga Pants by KatieCross4
Bon Bons to Yoga Pantsby Katie Cross
Lexie Greene has always had such a pretty face. Unfortunately, that's where it seemed to stop. She's grown up hearing her Mother constantly remind her that she needs...