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Literally just feederism one-shots/imagines by feedee2211
Literally just feederism one-shots...by Sophie
The book is all about weight gain/feederism one-shots and fantasies. If it's not for you then skip past it. Leave a request in the comments! Following random stories wit...
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Inflation/weight gain short stories by DarkBlueDead
Inflation/weight gain short storiesby Fat bastard
Inflation and weight gain feederism short stories. mostly female.
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Tempted by heythere5760
Temptedby heythere5760
This story is about a collage girl plus the unthinkable, gain.
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  • chubby
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Candyland by WeightObsessed
Candylandby WeightObsessed
Rosalind Pierce is the prettiest and most popular girl at her school. Did I mention that she was also really skinny? Like really skinny? But for how long can her body st...
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Getting fat by paperwiings
Getting fatby paperwiings
Ava was typically a very thin girl. When she wakes up one day tied to a chair by her boyfriend, she realizes she wants to get bigger and bigger.
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Through His Eyes by ann2403
Through His Eyesby ann2403
Hailee Cast is overweight. She is kind, caring, funny, and will die for her friends. She's spent everyday of high school being judged, compared to other girls, and ignor...
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skin tight [y.m] by pjmtastic
skin tight [y.m]by kat
"you're so gorgeous, jiminie. but don't you think you'd be even more gorgeous if you lost a little weight?" *this book is old pls don't judge me* anorexia, sel...
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Bon Bons to Yoga Pants by KatieCross4
Bon Bons to Yoga Pantsby Katie Cross
Lexie Greene has always had such a pretty face. Unfortunately, that's where it seemed to stop. She's grown up hearing her Mother constantly remind her that she needs...
  • self
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  • dieting
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Stuffed (COMPLETED) by heythere5760
Stuffed (COMPLETED)by heythere5760
This story contains weight gain! Molly is 17 years old living with her parents when one day her parents do something to her.
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The Numbers Don't Lie by SecretWriterMan
The Numbers Don't Lieby SecretWriterMan
A weight gain novel, following a girl who has always been skinny but gains a lot of weight when moving to New York for her new job but nothing creepy. #1 weight 😮😀
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A Little Too Much by SecretWriterMan
A Little Too Muchby SecretWriterMan
Best Achievements #4 - wg Livvy has always been the skinny hot girl, blessed with metabolism of a God. She could eat for hours on end and end up the exact same as an hou...
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African Beauty (Interracial Romance) by Dauphinachancia
African Beauty (Interracial Romanc...by Robin G.
"It's my time to go ." He whispered. I shook my head, I couldn't beleive this was happening. " No, stop it , don't say that. You are going to live and tel...
  • friendship
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Putting on a few by G0lden_Muggy
Putting on a fewby -Really kinky shit-
  • weight
  • highschool
  • gayboyxboy
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A Second Opinion by AuthorSophia
A Second Opinionby Sophia Sasson
What girl doesn’t obsess about her weight? Even sexy weight management guru Kate Hurley still thinks of herself as a former fat girl who never deserved the love of her c...
  • fiction
  • medical
  • lostlove
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Weight Gain Stories by SecretWriterMan
Weight Gain Storiesby SecretWriterMan
Best Achievements #1 - weight #2 - gain Thanks for reading! A collection of original weight gain stories. Thanks XxLe_FairyLovexX for the cover This will no longer be up...
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Dusting and Diets (maid weight gain) by momojojo101
Dusting and Diets (maid weight gai...by momojojo101
A petite, 110 pound little girl, Rosaline comes to live in a large house in Gainesville, Florida to be a live in house maid for the married couple of Diane and Patrick W...
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subliminal log ✗ by Thewlix
subliminal log ✗by daιѕтнəw
//take caution if you're going to do a subliminal. i have provided tips in here and will try my best to explain with as much as i know about subliminals. however, i'm g...
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Hungry by ExoticPotholes
Hungryby ExoticPotholes
So, so hungry. I shouldn't but... I grabbed another box of doughnuts. One more wouldn't hurt. ___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---__ Dammit. I gained over 1...
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12 Days of 5SOS by huggabletyler
12 Days of 5SOSby huggabletyler
12 days of 5sos wg collab with @5saucefictions
  • weightgain
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  • chubby
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I will be perfect again. I just need to work hard to get back there.
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