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Another Fairytale - Sacrificed to the Beast ✓ (completed) by bookitybookbook
Another Fairytale - Sacrificed bookitybookbook
*Completed* 4/29/17 Highest rank: #65 in Fantasy as of 7/19/17 (THANK YOU!) Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. Everyone knows the story of Beauty and...
  • belle
  • fantasy
  • series
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The 6th avenger ( Avengers fanfic) by StilesIsBaex
The 6th avenger ( Avengers fanfic)by The Asian potato
The girl that no one wanted the girl that did not cry for years the girl that had parents banish her the girl that was abused, broken, and worthless the girl who no one...
  • marvel
  • improved
  • falcon
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How to become a better person by Mrs_Skeptical
How to become a better personby Ava Quinn
Want to get rid of all your insecurities. love yourself and become a better person. Well, step 1 read this book
  • secure
  • wattys2019
  • insecure
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sidemen oneshots {IMPROVED} by lol_idc_tbh
sidemen oneshots {IMPROVED}by lol_idc_tbh
for here is another book of trash-and this time improved
  • vobi
  • oneshots
  • improved
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Broken by SkylerMc82
Brokenby SkylerMc82
When 17 year old Emma Payton breaks her leg dieting a cross country meet, she is forced to not run. Running is her passion and it is hard to do without plus some obstacl...
  • hurt
  • payton
  • friendssss
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Arthur: The Legacy of a Trillionaire (Edited version) by Alcatraz1027
Arthur: The Legacy of a Arthur Hastings
"One man can change the future" The green eyed man said, his laughter imminently oppressing all of those in the room 「Despair」 "One m...
  • criminal
  • trillionaire
  • new
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Changes by jarred101
Changesby jarred101
Natsu leaves after the death of lissana. And returns after the tenrou group comes back he is more powerful than ever. Fairy tail. Takes place before the grand magic gam...
  • monsters
  • demons
  • creatures
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Fairy Tail High School (NaLu FanFic) by wendysdick
Fairy Tail High School (NaLu 💤💦💫💙 jazzy 💙💫💦💤
These characters do not belong to me!!!! Credit: Hiro Mashima THE SHIP SAILS HERE IS THIS BEAUTIFUL OCEAN CALLED A FANFIC!!!!!!!!
  • anime
  • fairytailship
  • fairytailhighschool
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New and Improved Andi Mack Roleplay by StyleFangirl34
New and Improved Andi Mack Roleplayby Style 💙💙
Deleted the old one because reasons
  • improved
  • disney
  • random
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Cover Shop | Most Original Covers by Lilly_Granger
Cover Shop | Most Original Coversby Sabrina Layelle
This is where anyone can come and get there perfect book cover for free and get mentioned for it. I won't turn any down. Not only do I make book covers, but also wallpap...
  • creativity
  • covers
  • originalbook
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Death Is a Murderers Birth (new and improved) by anonimousecorrector
Death Is a Murderers Birth (new anonimousecorrector
About a young girl that is tragically killed and reborn as a mass Murderer who is out for blood
  • improved
  • horror-thriller
  • replica
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Lime and Lemon: Improved  by regiwatermelon
Lime and Lemon: Improved by Regi&Lime
I'm sorry for the inconvenience of my other lemon and lime book, but now it just got improved! I'm thankful for everyone who supported me and my book who I am gonna leav...
  • lemon
  • sky
  • lime
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Five Nights At Improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. FNAF 2 Story by -_Purple_Man_-
Five Nights At Improved Freddy -Vincent Marado-
Jeremy Fitzgerald Life is about to change when he apply's for his new summer job at the New & Improved the new Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! He work 5 Nights at a horrifying n...
  • fnaf2
  • freddy
  • fazbears
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Fighter by Gleekfan1
Fighterby Clark
All my life I wanted the best for my family and I. I wanted us to succeed in life and get our goals accomplished. The hard times we used to face needs to never happen a...
  • school
  • fighter
  • tough
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NEW HUMAN BATIM RP by -Random-Insomnia-
NEW HUMAN BATIM RPby ιиѕσмиια ¢нιℓ∂
  • batim
  • human
  • improved
My improvements by Jzargo232
My improvementsby Jzargo232
It's been a little over two years since i started writing, and I wanted to challenge myself and that was to post the first story that I ever wrote, this thing I took dow...
  • improved
  • change
  • practice
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Improved by turbomun
Improvedby Gianna C.
Lai Mansen is an imp, or a genetically improved human, one of four owned by the genetic technician Felix Mansen. She has a standard appearance, a standard job, and a sta...
  • improved
  • imps
Fire Emblem Improved Parent-Child Supports by Aqua-Mage1000
Fire Emblem Improved Aqua
You know how the child units have the exact same supports with their non-canon parent even if it makes no darn sense such as Yarne accusing Stahl for possibly cheating o...
  • improved
  • parent-child
  • childunits
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