Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 13

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I originally planned to post this the day before yesterday but I had to attend a wake. That was the reason why I was depressed, actually. Anyway, when I tried to upload yesterday, the Internet wouldn't work and my laptop restarted itself so now I can't access my iTunes and whenever I click on Firefox, Internet Explorer comes out :| at least now I have the time and Internet to do it. I really hope youguys enjoy! This time, I definitely made it longer than usual. It's 3 and a half pages full in my notebook! :D please vote,comment,fan! 


"Boyfriend?!" I spit out, staring incredulously at the two people who hurt me. One, years ago. The other just tore my heart out. 

"Celene, I--I can explain." He takes a step towards me and holds both his hands out. 

I immediately feel mad. How dare he?! What is he trying to do? Make me hate him?! Well, he's succeeding. "Explain this." I say through grit teeth. I walk to him and kick him where the sun doesn't shine. I push him and walk away, grumbling under my breath. Suddenly, a hand grasps my shoulder. Without thinking, I grab the hand and twist it as I turn to the person. Then I just blink blankly. 

"Ouch, ouch! Damn it, let go!" Oh, right. I do and he rubs his arm. "Remind me never to try to help again." 

I cock my head to the right. "Help in general? Not just me? Well, the world should be rejoicing now." 

"Who died?" Cain laughs. 

"He's gonna be when I get him to a deserted place." I grumble. He raises an eyebrow questioningly. "Nothing." 

"Doesn't seem like nothing to me. It's not everyday you go around kicking someone where it hurts." I flinch at the memory. I can't believe I did that. He deserves it, though. "You just do that on Thursdays like today." I laugh at that. "I have a feeling I'm going to regret this but I'm all ears. Spill." Surprisingly, I do just that. 

I tell him about my feelings for Keith, how much I want to kill Rosalind (Honestly, this is no secret) and how I came to like Keith. I talk about the stuffed toys I can't sleep without which leads me to Brian and his accident. For crying out loud, I even tell him about my parents and why I think Rosalind is such a bitch. I expound on the bitch part. 

He laughs when I tell him my perfectly serious theories. The first one is she is naturally born with demon blood. The second is she was brought here to make Armaggedon happen. Lastly, she is jealous because my family's hotel business is basically getting all their customers. Cain goes with this one but I'm sticking with the Armaggedon one. 

When I begin to think I can't stop talking, I finish. "I knew I'd regret volunteering my services. I think my ears are bleeding." Cain jokes. At least I hope he is. 

"Serves you right for calling me stinky yesterday." I stick my chin out. 

"I was stating a fact! Like how I'm telling you now, you smell way better. There's no particaular name for the scent but it really smells good." He says thoughtfully. 

"What?!" I say, dumbfounded. I can't believe what I'm hearing! 

He blushes as if realizing only now what he said. "Nothing. I didn't say anything. Oh, look. It's the bell. Well, bye!" He slinks off. 

I shake my head and walk to my next class. I take my seat beside the window and look out. What the heck happened? Did he--did he just compliment me? Is the world slowly going mad?! Next thing I know, someone tells me pedo pandas exist and they lure children with their cuteness! 

"Okay, guys. Open your books to page..." Mrs. Dela Cruz says in Spanish. I do and stare at the book to look like I'm listening. 

Why did he say that to me? Is he making fun? Or is he just feeling sorry for me? O hope it's not that. If Cain should be feeling sorry for anyone, it's Keith. I kicked him pretty hard, if I do say so myself. Now that I think about it, I should've taken the chance to slap Rosalind! 

No, wait. I should've told her how much I hate her then, when she tries to bitch-slap me, I dodge and punch her in the gut! I'm sure I can do it. Yeah, that's it! Then both of them will be groaning on the floor! I sigh, playing the scene in my head. That way, I can say I acted out of defense if I'm caught. Shoot, I didn't think of that with Keith. I think about it for a while. Then again, it's worth it. Wait, what was I thinking of awhile ago? 

"Psst. How do you say, 'I need to go to the bathroom' in Spanish?" The voice breaks my reverie. I turn to the guy, biting my lip to keep from laughing. I tell him and notice his hair is in black spikes on his head. As he thanks me, I'm wondering how long it takes to make his hair like that. Probably a couple of hours. Wow, this guy spends more time fixing his hair than I do. I just run a brush through it and I'm done. 

"You have twenty minutes to finish the test. Start now." Mrs. Dela Crus says. Test?! What test! I look down and there it is, mocking me in Spanish. How the heck did it get here? The sneak... 

I stare at the words, trying to make sense of it. After what seems like ten minutes, I bang my head on the table. "Ten more minutes." she announces. What?! I thought that was just me! 

Hey, I wonder what spiky-haired toilet guy is doing. I take a peek at him and see him balancing his pen above his lip. He doesn't know how to ask if he can go to the bathroom and he's done?! I shake my head to clear it. No distractions. I look at my paper after writing my name. Ooo, look! It's multiple choice! Why didn't I see that earlier? 

"Five more minutes." Gah (the Norwegian supermodel--Sorry. I watch too much TV)! 

I resist the urge to scream, "Shut up, woman! Some people are trying to concentrate!" I might do it if the teacher isn't nice, though. At least in my head. Argh, concentrate! 

This test is easier than I thought. Darn, I think it too soon. Think, think, think. Hm... I know! Shotgun B! At least the rest is easier. After finishing the rest of the test, I go back Rotherham hard one. I stare the paper and deem it a lost cause. I draw a dog the side with. Speechbubble saying, "I ate Celene's answer and pooped the B out!" then I draw flies around it. 

"The extended five minutes are up. Pass the papers." That was extended? "See you tomorrow, class!" She says cheerfully. 

I walk out and bump into a hard wall. I look up and see it's keith. Did I ever mention I got my black belt by splitting a cement block with my bare hand? This one shouldn't be too different. Except for the fact the this one is softer. A little. "What do you want?" I say coldly, walking to my next class. 

He clinches and blurts out, "Rosalind is going to be the one tutoring me in music." I just grit my teeth. Damn it, doesn't this bitch have a life outside making me miserable? "It turns out, she's the highest in music and she volunteered to help me." Doesn't this guy know when to shut up? It's like he wants to get kicked again. 

I turn to him and he stops walking. I open my mouth and get cut off by the demon herself. "What are you doing with my boyfriend, bitch?" She spits out. I can't help but laugh at that. Oh, the irony. "What are you laughing at? Are you deaf? That must be why you're so out of tune, right, Keith?" I snap. That's it. I lunge at her-- 


Soooooo, what do you think? I'm showing Celene's violent side :D I really hope you like it! Please comment, vote, fan! And if you have the time, please check out my other story, Capitol Child. It's a Hunger Games fanfic :)

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