Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 9

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I am SO sorry! This is the second time I didn't upload after 3 days! It's just that I have A LOT of homework. And I kinda stuck my head in a Meg Cabot book.... I just HAD to finish and find out how it ended and how it got there! :D I hope you guys forgive me! Honestly, before I started the book, I spent hours just staring at my notebook. I had the WORST case of writer's block. It's a good thing I got past this :) Anyway, please comment, vote, fan!


I jump a little. "NO!" I scream back.


I freeze. "Don't you dare!"

"Ryan, where are the damn scissors?" No, he wouldn't. Would he? Don't answer that.

"in the drawer of the table in that hall." I hear a slam.

"Nooo!" I run upstairs, Brian close at my heels. I turn left and see Andrew holding the scissors to Stitch's neck. Or what you can see of it. "Let's be reasonable. Put him and the scissors down and step away."

He glares at me. "I will if you promise to shut up."

"Fine." Anything to save Stitch. Andrew nods, places the scissors and stitch on the floor and backs away, eyeing me warily, until he reaches the dorr of his room then he gets in quickly.

I hurry to get Stitch and hug him to my chest like I've been doing every night ever since Brian gave it to me before he left when we were ten. Then I return the scissors, looking at them hatefully before closing the drawer. I walk to my room and see Brian holding the door open for me like he always does.

"After you." He bows a little. I curtsey, laughing, and enter. Brian closes the door behind him but at the sight of my room, he steps backward until his back is touching the door. He wrinkles his nose. "Did a cat come in, mess everything up and defecate then leave?" I search my mind for the meaning of defecate.

As soon as I remember, I say, "Hey, that's mean. My room doesn't smell. Much." I sniff around. "Okay, maybe it does but it wasn't like this when I went down. I promise."

"Then who--nevermind." He gets it. I hate having siblings sometimes. Especially one who likes to play with my perfumes. "How about the mess? I don't think she did this."

"Um..." I delay. Why does he have to be right all the time?

"Why don't you just throw them?"

"It's not trash! They hold special memories." I defend.

"Uh-huh. Sure. And an empty ink cartridge is full of special memories?" He holds it up. Where did that come from? Must've been too lazy to throw that.

"Yep, lots of them. Like--like when we had to take so much notes in History and uh, when--when I threw it on the floor because I didn't want to do my homework." Don't need to let him know.

Brian raises an eyebrow. He doesn't believe me. "Yeah and you want to remember this feeling forever!" He says with mock excitement.

"I'm glad you understand." I beam, ignoring the sarcasm in his voice. I walk to my bed, the only thing besides the trail leading there that isn't covered in stuff. As I sit down, I notice the awkward silence. Well, this is weird. It's never happened to us before. I look up and meet Brian's eyes, I immediately look away but take a peek at him through my bangs only to find him smirking at me. If it's a staring contest he wants, it's what he's gonna get.

I make my expression blank and stare into the familiar blue eyes of his. I try my best to ignore the funny faces he is making but it's too distracting. I end up falling in a fit of laughter thus losing the game. Again.

Brian laughs. "A new record! Twenty seconds ia a big improvement from thirteen, you know."

"I hate you." I say, sticking my tongue out at him.

Brian clutches his chest. "Ouch, that hurt! I thought--"

The intro of my ringtone starts playing and I scramble to get my cel from the middle of a dozen pillows. "Ariga--oh, wait. That's thank you. What's hello in--mushi mushi. Please forget the first few lines of my failed answer." I grin at my mistake but glare at Brian when he snickers.

The person at the other end gives a hearty laugh. "Maybe, maybe not. For all you knwo, it will forever be implanted in my mind and I will relate it to my children." I stare at the phone in surprise. "Hello? Is anyone there?" I bring it back to my ear when I hear the squeaks.

"Ah, yeah, yeah. Sorry, it's just the first time someone ever--yeah..."

"That's quite alright. I often have that effect on people as my sons often point out. Speaking of sons, are you still up for tutoring one of them? 'Cuz it's fine if you won't but I really hope you will. It's hard to find anyone wo tutor him. Not that I'm making you guilty or anything but I..." Wow, he's like me when I'm nervous. Better stop him now or else he'll keep talking.

"Of course I will, Mr. Simon. Calm down." I say, trying to stop my laughter.

"Oh, but then you have the auditiom tomorrow and of course you'd want to--"

"Mr. Simon! I will tutor him. Don't worry. But may I ask, why don't you ask the other teachers?" He says something intelligible. "I'm sorry, what?"

"I don't want to intrude on their personal lives with mine. And because they'll laugh at me." He says the last part really low but I still hear it, though barely. Aw, that's so sad! I'm surprised, though. I always thought Mr. Simon was the kind of person to be the one laughing at others. "Anyway, can you please come over now? Sorry, I'm just not good with other subjects. Connor has a test on the states tomorrow and he can't remember them all. I can't really blame him but he needs to. Memorize them, I mean." Mr. Simon babbles.

"I'll be there in an hour, okay?" I'll just run there. It's near, anyway.

"'Kay. Thanks so much!" He hangs up.

I hang up too and look at Brian. He looks at me. "I know when I'm not wanted." He stands up and begins to walk out. I follow him, gripping his arm.

"No. You just know when to scram escpecially when I'm gonna ask you for something." I stop in front of him, blocking his path. "C'mon. Please?" I plead.

"No. I'm not watching you be a kiss-ass. It's sickening." Brian shakes his head.

"I need extra credit. You know I always get low scores on written music tests. I just thought that if I do this, he'll be so grateful, he'll give it a consideration." I confess. I'm not exactly a goody two-shoes.

"You're still gonna be a kiss-ass." He mumbles.

I ignore him and put on my dark blue Chuck Taylor sneakers that goes well with my skinny jeans and black hoodie. I'm in my guy-ish mode now. I wave good bye to Brian who is getting in his beat up Chevy. He waves back and I run left while Brian drives the other way.


I always lose in staring contests even if people don't make faces at me. I don't know why I laugh. I just do.....Anyway, please comment, vote, fan! :D

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