Scorching Bonds by StorytellerMike
Scorching Bondsby Storyteller .
They say falling in love is the easiest part of romance. If that's true, then Jake and Hunter may not survive trying to make it work between them. Their time in high sc...
  • pack
  • prejudice
  • mature
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I Didn't Steal The Bad Boys Diary | sequel to ISTBBD by fallenxroses
I Didn't Steal The Bad Boys b r i ♡
Sequel to I Stole The Bad Boys Diary. You must read that story first or this will make zero sense!! - - - It's been months since Adam the man who controlled Scarlett's...
  • teenfiction
  • booktwo
  • fiction
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h o e n e m. by ONHOENEM
h o e n e ‎حب
bitches love me before they even think about loving themselves.
  • jiani
  • pressure
Saving Us ✔ by ksstories5
Saving Us ✔by K
**You don't have to read Detox before reading this story, but I would highly recommend that you do** You know Axel's story: Drug addiction, dead girlfriend, mistakes...
  • pressure
  • mature
  • drugs
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Frozen Hearts-Katekyo Hitman Reborn by mintgreyashes
Frozen Hearts-Katekyo Hitman Rebornby ☆Liz☆
Always so cold. Always pretending. He never once allowed others past his barriors. Sawada Tsunayoshi has constantly allowed himself to be controlled like a puppet. Satis...
  • fanfiction
  • anime
  • r27
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pressure // grayson dolan by Puspita_Esha
pressure // grayson dolanby ©Puspita™
"Show everyone what daddy got for you," "Yes daddy,"
  • richguy
  • fanfiction
  • ethandolan
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Felix Culpa☀︎Devin Booker by Abriella26
Felix Culpa☀︎Devin Bookerby ✦J✦
|Felix Culpa| - Latin for "happy fault" or "blessed fall" One of life's greatest ironies comes when we take time to reflect on all the good that come...
  • pressure
  • nba
  • drama
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Rule number 3... by AJ97622
Rule number AJ97622
Welcome to the lives of Kyle and Abby, their story avoids all cheesy cliches and is about how breaking promises will ruin lives, but they found this out at the cost unli...
  • storytime
  • 2k18
  • trees
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Stone Cold by _WordDreamer_
Stone Coldby Mizhaaaaa
Lucas N. Gayer is anything but ordinary. Unless you put being a player in the field of both girls and sports, preferably being the captain of the soccer team, as ordinar...
  • rich
  • badboy
  • brothers
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JUST A DARE.......TO HIM by Todi_sassyweirdo15
JUST A DARE.......TO HIMby Queen AQ👑
Oluwatodimu is a normal teenage girl in Nigeria.....if her life is considered normal. One day after exams, her classmates decide to play Truth or Dare as per the traditi...
  • truefriends
  • wattys2018
  • anger
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A Deadly Kiss (Book 1)  by Wishfulwriting03
A Deadly Kiss (Book 1) by Wyatt Hoppes
Third person POV Vampires and humans live very different lives. In fact, they are so different they are in a state of war on who's the most superior race. The war has pu...
  • love
  • powers
  • teen
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A Dream Within The Stars by Samaranjbar2003
A Dream Within The Starsby sama ranjbar
She walks the school hallways, her head in the clouds, or should I say, in the stars. She's like everyone else. Nothing special. She's a normal human being walking among...
  • chrisevans
  • science-fantasy
  • pressure
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Baby Boy → 2Jae by StarGazerGalaxies
Baby Boy → 2Jaeby StarGazerGalaxies
❝And who are you to Daddy?❞ ❝I'm... I'm his baby boy.❞ Jaebum saw something Youngjae couldn't. Or rather, refused to admit.
  • stressed
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Pennies by Drakkon
Penniesby Drakkon
A series of random thoughts and my attempts to discuss them with the world. I've written a few of these parts in advanced so bear with me. I will warn you now that whil...
  • random
  • happiness
  • pennies
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Confidence In a Messed-up World by Perikapet
Confidence In a Messed-up Worldby Sophie
17 year old Jessica Howard is just like any other teen. She deals with peer pressure, trying to keep friendships afloat, looking for a job, and among all that, trying to...
  • struggle
  • probelms
  • teen
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POTS2: Time and Pressure  by DestinyKeianna
POTS2: Time and Pressure by des . ♈️
The KimJonesChronicles: PART 2 - Time and Pressure ♛ "Try focusing on your life and less on mine!" Kimberley's dream of becoming a fashion designer com...
  • success
  • pressure
  • family
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Heartfilia's Premises by namelessrhez
Heartfilia's Premisesby Zie
People outside the academy think that everything is normal and fine until a third year college student is sent inside the academy as a part of the exchange student progr...
  • quest
  • academy
  • stress
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Our Forbidden Love (a (mostly) Marichat fanfiction) by TheEmoFreak29
Our Forbidden Love (a (mostly) Anastasia
After Marinette's parents had died in a severe car accident her uncle was left to look after her, but the thing was. He wasn't a good man, and he has secretly and severe...
  • pain
  • family
  • grief
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The paramedic girl by LetMeEnjoyMyReading
The paramedic girlby LetMeEnjoyMyReading
"So you've given up?" I turned around to see him standing outside the club. " nope, I'm just tired" I stated, and I kept walking. "What do you...
  • love
  • paramedic
  • accident
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The Words You Left Unspoken by getyougone
The Words You Left Unspokenby Anica
When Amber, a seventeen years old girl with perfect grades, great friends, and an organized life, stumbles against her total opposite called Zachary, a nine...
  • love
  • friendship
  • romance
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