Under pressure                   My 5 Vampire Mates Trilogy by allhorsesloveme
Under pressure allhorsesloveme
Welcome to book 2 things are going good.... well..... actually no, not at all. thing has been quite bumpy. welcome to my new and messed up world. If only I could have s...
  • vampiers
  • hate
  • book2
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Scorching Bonds by StorytellerMike
Scorching Bondsby Storyteller .
They say falling in love is the easiest part of romance. If that's true, then Jake and Hunter may not survive trying to make it work between them. Their time in high sc...
  • demons
  • college
  • love
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Far Away by lala1333
Far Awayby lala1333
Book 1 in Morris series. She was a nerd while he was the captain of the baseball team. She was bullied but he wasn't. Little did they know they so much in common. They d...
  • flashbacks
  • nathan
  • fighting
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Manan SS Urge to get married [ completed ] by Andal100
Manan SS Urge to get married [ Andal100
Manik is a hardcore businessman, dhruv is his younger brother and nandini is a jewelry designer.. Well, i won't reveal anything.. u need to read it!! Thanks to @flyingpr...
  • manan
  • ky2
  • family
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Yellow by elysiani
Yellowby ♕ Carmen ♕
Some say she wore yellow to look on the bright side. Others say she wore it to avoid falling into her sister's shadow. Some say she simply just loved the attention it...
  • perfect
  • idk
  • dopeoplereadtags
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Hidden Inside (A Poem Book) by Raya246
Hidden Inside (A Poem Book)by Raya246
It's all Hidden Inside. Deep within this poem book. Feelings of disparity to happiness. Depression to smiles. The journey within. Through my poems. By, Raya Bhuiyan
  • poetry
  • broken
  • tragedy
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Frozen Hearts-Katekyo Hitman Reborn by mintgreyashes
Frozen Hearts-Katekyo Hitman Rebornby 「 Lız 」
Always so cold. Always pretending. He never once allowed others past his barriors. Sawada Tsunayoshi has constantly allowed himself to be controlled like a puppet. Satis...
  • vongola
  • angst
  • sealedflames
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Shush Kitty by Derpy_is_awesome
Shush Kittyby Derpy_is_awesome
What would happen if Hawkmoth finally found Cat Noir's weakness? What would happen if Adrien and his classmates were plunged into multiple nightmares...all that included...
  • doubletrouble
  • chatnoir
  • catnoir
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Time | Phan AU (MAJOR grammar editing in progress) by AllTimeRachel
Time | Phan AU (MAJOR grammar Miraculous Phan
Dan has set a date. He will wait 6 months and if his life isn't better by then he will end it. Just days after planning this he meets Phil. Things get worse at first, an...
  • depression
  • suicide
  • pressure
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REVERSE | ✔ by paperhigh
REVERSE | ✔by hamna
❝He knew what he was doing. He wished he didn't.❞ a bully's perspective. Ⓒ 2015-16, paperhigh. Highest Ranking: #22 in Short Story [26/05/16]
  • paranoia
  • selfish
  • popular
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Silverstone: Perfection is Not Enough by JfMaddie
Silverstone: Perfection is Not maddoo
~Book One of the Silverstone Series~ Silverstone Horse Riding Academy. It's the dream of every young rider. Over three quarters of the students who attend will go...
  • dressage
  • perfection
  • money
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Be Like You (Sweeran) by Catnip1313
Be Like You (Sweeran)by Catnip
Ed's tired of being known as a 'chubby, ginger kid'. With the pressure on for an even bigger tour and the media always on his case Ed's getting more and more self consci...
  • media
  • edsheeran
  • sheeran
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LOVE CLUB // Torrison  by amorallou
LOVE CLUB // Torrison by bi bitch
• 𝕀'𝕞 𝕚𝕟 𝕒 𝕔𝕝𝕚𝕢𝕦𝕖 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕚 𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕥 𝕠𝕦𝕥. • • in which two boys fall for each other, but for one, it's all too much to handle. • • a torrison fanfic that n...
  • tomholland
  • boyxboy
  • torrison
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Familiar•Chaelisa• by ChurchRozie
Familiar•Chaelisa•by 인간
"Oh Rosie why don't you understand me?" ••••••••••••••••• Started: I forgot Ended: 4-19-18 *Completed*
  • fanfiction
  • drama
  • jensoo
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Call Out My Name by Lady_Jae_318
Call Out My Nameby Strong Iz Me
Said I didn't feel nothing baby.....But I lied I almost cut a piece of myself for your life Guess I was just another pit stop 'Til you made up your mind You just wasted...
  • mature
  • teen
  • fiction
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December 31st, 2016✓ by thoughtsontext
December 31st, 2016✓by hermit
The life of the average Nigerian teen is wrought with stress, pain and an insurmountable pressure to excel and fit in. Most overcome the gruesome process and emerge stro...
  • nonfiction
  • diverse
  • suicide
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Still in Love? by Demi_and_Jerrie
Still in Love?by Mixer and Lovatic 😊
Jade and Perrie have been in a relationship for two years. They were able to come out the year before, and all the Mixers were so happy. However, a public LGBTQ+ Relatio...
  • pressure
  • perrieedwards
  • littlemixfanfiction
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My Escape [BWWM] by NeneProductions
My Escape [BWWM]by Jamaica's Sweetheart
'He is my escape that's all there is to it. '
  • bwwm
  • lies
  • firefighter
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The Daughter of Aphrodite by itsmoodykittie
The Daughter of Aphroditeby KITTIE (BITE ME BULLIES)
"No, I have never fell in love....." Amethyst says seriously, not noticing the smirk on the love god's face. "So you haven't fell for me?" Cup...
  • magic
  • magik
  • gods
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