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Mafia Voltron Keith x Reader by MillennialMars
Mafia Voltron Keith x Readerby Mars
When (Y/N) becomes witness to one of the mafia, Voltron's, killings she's taken captive and forced to live with seven of the most deadly people. --- When the door opened...
Baby Keith by leprincevirgo
Baby Keithby Virgo
"It was rather odd honestly. All of the paladins are sitting in the control room. Well almost all of them..."
kit keith by mushroomtodo
kit keithby mushroomtodo
this is a book about Keith when he's with the blade of marmora they realize he's not as old as they though Completed
Kit Keith  by JessicaNaylor2
Kit Keith by JessicaNaylor2
Keith is a kit... what will happen when Allura and the paladins break the promise Kolvan made with King Alfor many many years ago? What will happen when Zarkon finds out...
Graceful (KeithxReader) by ThatRandomNextToYou
Graceful (KeithxReader)by ThatRandom
A few years after (Y/n)'s brother Takashi Shirogane went missing, the young girl flew into space on add adventure of her own. After some unlucky events, (Y/n) meet team...
The Silver Paladin [Keith X Reader] by straytothemoon
The Silver Paladin [Keith X Reader]by Kohaku
Ever since you were little all you wanted to do was find out about your parents. You didn't know who they were all you did know was they died when you were only a baby...
Helping a Prince (Altean!Lance X Keith) by Ciel-and-Payten
Helping a Prince (Altean!Lance X Ciel and Payten
Lance was always different. He could... see things. He didn't know what they were, but he just called them auras. He didn't know why and he never questioned it. If other...
Family Of Blue by SketchItArt
Family Of Blueby SketchItArt
The Paladins are on a mission on a Galra ship when Lance finds an abandoned Galra child. He decides to take the baby him and keep it a secret. What happens when the Lanc...
Voltron One Shots (x Readers)✔️ by princekeef
Voltron One Shots (x Readers)✔️by 𝔢𝔫𝔡𝔶𝔪𝔦𝔬𝔫
Characters Included: Keith Lance Shiro Hunk Pidge Matt Allura Lotor Rizavi Griffin Leifisdottir Kinkade Request ONLY if opened. cover by: -Horror-Movie-Fan ...
The White Paladin  by The_Author_Draws
The White Paladin by The_Author_Draws
*Discontinued* A Voltron reader insert / KeithXReader Future edit: (literally four years later) Why in the actual hell are you guys still reading this 😂 I haven't been...
Kit Keith by Pillowgirl_XO
Kit Keithby Pillowgirl_XO
So basically me trying to write a ff about Voltron in english so please have mercy on my soul. He is recognised as a kit after an mission which lends to him getting inju...
A Game of Keith and Mouse by nonbinary_nightmare
A Game of Keith and Mouseby Nico
What if Keith was more cat-like? This collection of stories takes place in a universe where everything is the same, except Keith's Galra heritage gives him some traits s...
A Furry Situation (Klance/Laith) by CrimsonSapph
A Furry Situation (Klance/Laith)by CrimsonSapph
What would happen if Keith accidentally got turned into a Galra kitten after a mission? What trouble would he get into? Who would watch him? Would any of the paladins be...
In the Middle  by SpoonOfFlowers
In the Middle by 🎃
Lance, a shy but flirty omega, is stuck between two packs with a forgotten past. Years ago, Lance was taken and claimed to be the not so official mate of Lotor. He rem...
Raised by the Galra {Sheith} by woopwoopboi
Raised by the Galra {Sheith}by Patricia
In this story Keith is raised by BOM (blade of marmora) and Voltron doesn't have an official red palladin, Allura pilots red when forming Voltron is needed, any other ti...
Dark pasts, bright futures [Keith X OC] by lxmosstories
Dark pasts, bright futures [ lxmosstories
*UPDATE AS SOON AS I CAN* Once she was just a regular girl who went to the Galaxy Garrison with her best friend, her sister already worked there and she lived a simple l...
Keith x Reader (Season 1 & 2) by MillennialMars
Keith x Reader (Season 1 & 2)by Mars
You and Keith were a couple while in the Garrison until he got you kicked out during the year your brother, Shiro, was declared missing. One year later, you're outside l...
Bite Me  by Nightlilly_12
Bite Me by Nightlilly_12
(Completed Story) Omegaverse Klance mpreg fic, there will be smut, but there will be warnings at the begaining of chapters with smut in them. Also if ur here from my one...
Blood Will Stain  -- Volton Galra KeithxLance by CriBabyBoyo
Blood Will Stain -- Volton Wisdom the Wizard
It's been about a month since Lance found Keith's room Mulletless. Heart broken Lance refuses to talk to anyone, eat and come out of his room. Completed