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Brimfire Mc by Sashster90
Brimfire Mcby Sasha b
A mc dedicated to saving children. Stopping sex trafficking. One mission they might get a gift. A gift of a women who has been in there hands for 17 years. A girl who wa...
My sister a dentist my brother a doctor by swiftieinwonderland
My sister a dentist my brother a d...by Swiftie
Y'all might remember this book.... Well I'm starting fresh... Amelia Swift, a four year old girl from New York who is about to move in with her older siblings. The thin...
Undercover - Minsung by Hanniemin9
Undercover - Minsungby Juhong Juillet
Minho is an abnormal undercover agent. He has some abilities that are out of this world. He relies on them in order to complete all his undercover missions. He is the to...
Say You Won't Let Go by StrangeBlob
Say You Won't Let Goby mythicalthing
I've always lived with my mother and sister. But things happen, lives change... People change. Best ranking: #1 in #laurenjauregui
Falling Too Far by anifantasies
Falling Too Farby anahita
A girl with her heart on her sleeve and boy with a reputation of breaking them. A/N: I started writing with this when I was 13. I love it a lot because I used it as a pl...
Divergent - FourTris (No war) by DivergentInspired
Divergent - FourTris (No war)by DivergentInspired
Tris and Tobias's love grows stronger, they get through everything. Things change, things stay the same and things move on. Fear are faced and fears are changed. Tris an...
Mindlessly Wandering (Shinso x Reader) by Rae-ChanSempai
Mindlessly Wandering (Shinso x Rea...by Rachel Gardner
What happens when a girl who has been hurt her entire life gets adopted by a pro hero and then meets her soul mate? Will she be saved by her hero? Or will she end up hur...
BTS- STEPBROTHERS  by lalisulz
One of Y/n's biggest dreams is to have a brother or a sister, "but that's so NEVER gonna happen", she thought... Dreams do turn into reality sometimes,right? b...
Free Run : ( Chris Brown Story ) by NooFakeIshh
Free Run : ( Chris Brown Story )by NooFakeIshh
In today's society it's not many girls out aren't their like Brielle. High morals, class, and integrity. She's somebody many girls look up, because although she is tryin...
The Badboy's Brat. by thelavishwriter
The Badboy's Brat.by thelavishwriter
Second place winner in the Teenfiction category, Eternity Awards. #3 Highschool #1 Lovetriangle #30 Romance - 31/12/2020 #33 Teenlove #1 Billionaires #5 Brat #11 Jerk #1...
Greatest Fears_Bill Denbrough x reader by Jedi_011_2187
Greatest Fears_Bill Denbrough x re...by 𝓒𝓮𝓻𝓽𝓲𝓯𝓲𝓮𝓭 𝓒𝓻𝓸𝓲𝓼...
You are y/n l/n. you moved to Derry when you were 10. You hang around with Henry Bowers and his gang because you don't want to get on their bad side. But what happens wh...
The Island of Fear (complete) by isobeljones2000
The Island of Fear (complete)by Izzy
This is a collaborative story between KateSeleneMelody3OCS and isobeljones2000, otherwise known as Sierra and Izzie! A normal vacation turns into a nightmare when the Ve...
Haikyuu Headcannons by TheWheezingGAY
Haikyuu Headcannonsby TheWheezingGAY
Some Headcannons that I either thought of or some one told me. If the title is a ship name it means it is in the universe were that ship happens (NO SHIP HATE IS ALLOWED...
Still Waters Run Deep by thegoldentrioxx
Still Waters Run Deepby The Golden Trio
COMPLETE A Scorpius Malfoy/ Scorose/ Next Generation fanfic Everyone was speechless when Scorpius Malfoy, son of Draco Malfoy, was sorted into Gryffindor, after a long...
Beyond My Boundaries | ✔ by Sadie_James
Beyond My Boundaries | ✔by Sadie_James
-COMPLETED- For the past five years, Whitney Parks has been in foster care. Upon turning eighteen, her brother Levi invites her to live with him, a decision that will u...
Just let me die! by Iam_Riu_
Just let me die!by Riu <3
*completed* Reece Andrew, everyone thinks his life is perfect, he is the happiest person. Girls drool over him and boys envy him. But no one knows what happens inside h...
Forgotten Memory {RobStar Fanfic} by ShyDreamer25
Forgotten Memory {RobStar Fanfic}by ShyDreamer25
"Memories are the only things you can hold unto when everything and everyone changes" But when certain memories are being faltered, shattered. Will you still...
Eric's Sister by DionneFoley
Eric's Sisterby DionneFoley
What if the war had yet to happen? What if Eric had a younger sister, what if she was turning 16 this year & what if she was told her brother went somewhere else? What i...
Fear (TordTom) by iam_deadx
Fear (TordTom)by ᴅᴇᴀᴅᴅᴇʀᴢ
(oof) Tom is a normal guy hanging with his normal friends. At least, that's what he wants them to believe. Due to his "unique" appearance, he was tested on af...
Child in the maze (completed) by lucyonyxsage
Child in the maze (completed)by FIRE
What would happen if a girl came up in the maze before Thomas and Teresa. Months before. A young girl wakes up in the maze. She's only 8 years old. Stupid creators sendi...