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Primus: The Machine God of Law and Order by TheValkyrie13
Primus: The Machine God of Law thaqif talip
From a player who escaped from reality to play a virtual fantasy game called YGGDRASIL to an omnipotent god-like mechanical being who ruled his world of machine and orde...
Stained Lens (Ultrakill) by NameOriginaI
Stained Lens (Ultrakill)by Noc
V1, The war machine of hell started his massacre in hell and wiping out the seven layers of hell and after the death of the Earthmover, V1 continues his adventure and en...
[1-200] THE MECH TOUCH by thegamer3496
[1-200] THE MECH TOUCHby thegamer3496
Author:Exlor Alternative names:N/A Genre:Sci-fi, Fantasy Source:Webnovel Status:Ongoing Humanity has conquered half the galaxy and the Age of Mechs reigns supreme! Ves L...
Contritium - Marvel Studios [5] by -SunsetSky-
Contritium - Marvel Studios [5]by sunny
This is the 5th book in the RED ROOM series ! Alyona's life seems to be going perfectly on track after the battle of Sokovia, managing to make it out alive with a new r...
There's a Ghost in the Machine by adamabyss12
There's a Ghost in the Machineby adamabyss12
There is a boy who has lost his parents in the life on industry, rigged from the attack of the White Fang. When the son was adopted by a family, it had gotten worse. He...
Just a Happy Ending by KachiSertona
Just a Happy Endingby Kachi Sertona
Bendy has never had a happy ending; it's all he's ever wanted. But after so many years of living under a lie, will he trust anyone to save him? When Henry finally goes b...
War for earth (Godzilla male reader ) by Zayblacksheep
War for earth (Godzilla male Zayblacksheep
The kaiju battle for the rights of the planet against humans title is still a work in progress Disclaimer: all art belongs to its rightful owner same with the godzilla...
CODES by veelozada
CODESby Vee Lozada
[Book 2 in the CODES series] || Roger, a cybernetic human with a second chance at life, must face the truths of every lie he's told or risk the possibility of losing it...
dbh x reader (Mostly Male) by goryangelwings
dbh x reader (Mostly Male)by Angel
Dbh characters x reader
Irreplaceable (BendyxReader) by TheRealMissMisery
Irreplaceable (BendyxReader)by Miss Misery
Y/N once worked as a voice actress for an old cartoon, however that was cut insanely short when she was suddenly replaced. Now, 30 years later she returns to the abandon...
NieR Automata 'The children of ice' by Natemasta57
NieR Automata 'The children of ice'by Natemasta57
Hundreds of years ago humanity was faced with an extinction-level event when a deadly virus began to wipe humans out, eventually, they turned to something known as Proje...
BATIM Crack Memes: 2 || ✔︎ by phantomblood-
BATIM Crack Memes: 2 || ✔︎by phantomblood-
*louder screaming*
You and me?                                           (Josh Munroe x Fem!reader) by yayaofc
You and Author
"One day I was smiling for no reason, than I thought about it and realized that you were the reason" Started: July 16, 2022 Ended: Jan 2, 2023
Killing the Mood by ZeroTVoid
Killing the Moodby Zero Time Void
Reincarnated as Killer Sans but a bit different. First getting reborn and then thrown into a trap AU. Too bed the MC is a genius. (Pun intantional) How that works while...
 To The Past || Boboiboy & Mechamato by Iron-Spider_Potter
To The Past || Boboiboy & Jaehyun
𝓣𝓸 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓟𝓪𝓼𝓽 ♪·¯·♫¸¸ "Going to the past!? Is that even possible!?"♩·¯·♬¸¸ »»----► Boboiboy, his team and a few other members of TAPOPS were send to the...
Machina Arcana by ROO__1
Machina Arcanaby
The common trope in Isekai stories revolves around the summoning or reincarnation of humans, typically males from Japan, into new fantasy worlds. These individuals ofte...
Mankinds last Silhouette by Violet_Sunrise_098
Mankinds last Silhouetteby Violet_Sunrise_098
Empire. At the end only Empire remains. No matter how many times you rebel Empire remains. No matter how many times you fight for your democratic Empire remains. Now ben...
Return To The Machine by cloud_stormy39
Return To The Machineby Stormy Cloud
Parker who's only a fifteen-year-old boy mysteriously stumbles across the crumbled remains of Joey Drew Studios. Curious about why it was abandoned so many years ago, he...
The Stupidity Of Love (Lev Haiba) by WizzyGameMaster
The Stupidity Of Love (Lev Haiba)by Wizzy
A simple meeting that led to a simple friendship... Sounds pretty boring, right? Wrong! When you've caught Lev Haiba's attention, life is any but boring. But just what i...