Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 2

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"C'mon, hurry up! You need to walk faster, Celene, if you don't want to be late. The music room is at the other side of school, you know." Jess admonishes. My self-loathing is left forgotten as my head snaps up upon hearing this.

Of all the rotten luck! Today just HAS to be the day when we have music. Music. The word reverbrates in my mind. The ONLY subject I share with Keith. I force my feet to walk slower, then stop. This move almost makes me fall flat on my face due to the fact that Jess and Julie are pulling my hands while running but I don't care. Not if it means I don't see Keith after he said that about me. I feel tears well up in my eyes again but this time, I fight to keep them from falling. People are walking down the hall and some of them are staring at me. Probably because I stopped walking when I am supposed to be running to get to class on time, just like them. No need to embarass myself further.

"What are you doing? Come on! We're going to be late!" Julie snarls at me.

I shake my head. "No, go on without me. I'll follow." Julie snorts at me.

"You mean, you'll follow when the period is over. We're not letting you do that." Jess tells me. Busted.

"Why not? Please, guys." I plead with them. They just shake their heads and pull both of my hands so hard, I stumble forward. They make full use of this and do it over and over again until I find myself in front of the arts building. They finally let go and I wince at the pain in my arms. "Gee, guys, thanks so much for being real gentle with me."

Jess rolls her eyes at me. "Whatever, Celene. At least we got you here."

"Who says I'm going in?" I say indignantly.

"Not us. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're gonna head to the art room. Bye!" Julie tells me, hurrying along with a shocked Jess in tow. I see Jess tug her arm back and argue with Julie, pointing at me. Julie steps closer to Jess and whispers something in her ear. Jess nods in response and runs, tugging the door open impatiently. As Jess gets in, Julie turns to me, gives me a salute then follows Jess.

I wonder what that was about. The bell rings, indicating the official start of classes. Not even a minute after this happens, I hear the sound of gravel crunching. My body stiffens. Crap, I forgot about the teacher doing rounds. So this is what they were talking about. The sound comes closer and I frantically look around for a place to hide. Upon seeing a bush, I run and dive into it.

"Who goes there?" Damn it! Don't look here. Think it's a cat. Come on! I squeeze my eyes shut and repeat this over and over in my head like a chant. I hear the rustle of leaves. Crap. "Well, who do we have here?" I unfasten my charm bracelet discreetly and drop it on the ground then pick it up again. I look up and breathe a sigh of relief. Mrs. Dela Crus, one of the nicest teachers EVER, chuckles at me. "You know, if you wanted to hide, there's a garden shed over there." She points to a place on my left side. Sure enough, when I look, there is a small and old-looking shed. "Just a tip. If you want to remain hidden, do NOT jump into a bush. They make a lot of noise, you know. And mind you, a cat doesn't make as much sound as you did." How did she know?!

"Chelsea, who are you talking to?" Uh, oh. Now, I'm in trouble. With Mrs. Dela Cruz, there was a chance I would be let off the hook. With Ms. Smith however, the complete opposite is guaranteed. "Ah, Celene. Skipping class?"

I widen my eyes, feigning surprise at the mere thought. I then shake my head profusely. "No! My charm bracelet fell down and someone accidentally kicked it so I came here, looking for it." I hold up the bracelet for her to see. Mrs. Dela Cruz chuckles, shaking her head at me then pats Ms. Smith on the back and says goodbye.

"Well then, since you found it already, let's get you to class, shall we? You have music now, right?" Damn it! I nod reluctantly and Ms. Smith grabs my arm and leads me to the music room. Once we get there, she knocks and confers a little with Mr. Simon (He won't tell us his last name. He says it's too embarassing), a really strict but otherwise good teacher though right now, all I can think about is the strict part. Suddenly, I am pushed inside and everyone's eyes are on me. Mine, however, are on Keith's.


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