No Man Left Behind (Avengers Fanfiction) by Winchester_Huntress
No Man Left Behind (Avengers Loki
I'm just one of many. One of the many U.S. Military dogs that come and go every day. I learn faster than most dogs. I'm currently in Afghanistan with my handler, Calvin...
  • wandamaximoff
  • hulk
  • tonystark
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WATCHDOG  // Jurassic World by Vexx_18
WATCHDOG // Jurassic Worldby Kye
CURRENTLY BEING RE-WRITTEN FOR DETAIL, GRAMMAR AND CONTINUITY ERRORS. In which man's best friend risks her life to protect her owner's. // German shepherd character inse...
  • indominusrex
  • owengrady
  • jurassicworld
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Obedience of a Dog by GraysonThew
Obedience of a Dogby Gray
Ellie is more dog than wolf, and more wolf than human. Ellie is a werewolf but she is forced to stay in wolf form and treated like a dog. She doesn't remember her past m...
  • mate
  • dog
  • love
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A story of a seventeen year old girl named ally who has an ordinary life with an ordinary husky puppy (young adult) named Fluffy.....nah just kidding. Named Jake. What i...
  • ally
  • wattys2016
  • mate
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My Master, My Mate (ORIGINAL) by bluechelor
My Master, My Mate (ORIGINAL)by g-
There is a REWRITTEN version of this book! Highest Rank on Werewolf Category: #3 * * * Mikaela Sapphire Couvreux was the only daughter of the Courvreux Royal family, and...
  • unexpected
  • guardians
  • help
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WOOF ( ! ) what?! (boyxboy) by shir13
WOOF ( ! ) what?! (boyxboy)by XxLaZyXx
So of course I screamed :" MOTHERFUCKER !"
  • lgbt
  • teen
  • funny
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Murfey's Law by BecJohnson
Murfey's Lawby Bec Johnson
When Lori James' father writes to her for the first time in years her life is literally turned upside down. Inheriting a rundown general store 17,000 kilometres away in...
  • sunshine
  • seaside
  • surfing
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Beyond This Moment by writerbug44
Beyond This Momentby Madeline
Peyton has had a rough go of things. A distant father, a drunk mother. The usual sort of sob story. When Peyton finds out that her dad is getting remarried and that she'...
  • summer
  • teen
  • travel
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Cat Shifter by Caitlin_67
Cat Shifterby \->Me<-/
I stared down at the little beast as it fluttered and tried to escape, I looked at it with one last evil grin and then I.... Damn! The butterfly flew away! I really need...
  • cat
  • omg
  • romance
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My Idiot Ginger. (Mithzan x Reader) by causewhyynot
My Idiot Ginger. (Mithzan x Reader)by jenpop
(Completed) (Yt/N) is a NerdyDIY Channel. FNAF Cupcakes? Got it! Minecraft Plushies? Check! Cosplay? You know it! You love crafts and cooking, and you love your channel...
  • aphmau
  • jess
  • max
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Scientist of Konoha by nyxaphile
Scientist of Konohaby Nyx
Tai, a psychotic little girl gets transported to the world of Naruto with her wolf, Akira. Everything seems to be going fine, Everyone thinks she's a murdering sadist w...
  • naruto
  • dimensions
  • girl
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I Ran Over The Bad Boy's Dog // ✔ by zorlinni
I Ran Over The Bad Boy's Dog // ✔by ∴ evelyn ∵
NOT EDITED // I should probably do that, eventually. • • • • • • • • • • Just one more week of senior year, what could go wrong? Loads of things. Just as high school w...
  • over
  • complete
  • wattys2016
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My Master, Kakashi Hatake by GeorgieKakashi
My Master, Kakashi Hatakeby ばか
Profile - Emi Funkai, 22 years old, black belt in four different martial arts, guitarist and singer, future model maybe? A warm-hearted and stunning girl with white hair...
  • ninja
  • hokage
  • kakashi
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The Bride of Bryde House by ChristinaLongman
The Bride of Bryde Houseby ChristinaLongman
Young, intelligent and privileged, Cordelia Birdwhistle's future is golden as granddaughter of the wealthy importer, John Maxwell. But when her beloved grandfather dies...
  • familydrama
  • historicalromance
  • humour
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I'm So Sick {BoyxBoy & FIN} by -yxungest
I'm So Sick {BoyxBoy & FIN}by GAmer ♉
Gabe has had enough of his life. It is miserable. His parents are distant and his (ex) friends and (ex) boyfriend doesn't understand what he's going through. He hadn't p...
  • family
  • boys
  • dog
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A Killers Weakness by MissesSlender
A Killers Weaknessby Ashlee
what will happen when Jeff bumps into The Slenderman in the Slender Woods after a long day of hunting helpless victims. will slendy let him loose? or something more?
  • jeffthekiller
  • slenderman
  • bendrowned
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Caught on Camera by MadelleMorgan
Caught on Cameraby Madelle Morgan
A contemporary romantic comedy, Caught on Camera is the first novel in the Hollywood in Muskoka Series. To achieve her dream of working on Hollywood film sets, star str...
  • comedy
  • featured
  • dog
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The Night Shift by Ammxeee
The Night Shiftby Emma
1 night shift worker + 1 insomniac + 1 accidental call = an unlikely friendship
  • thatendingthough
  • sleep
  • college
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My little Neko  by I_define_me
My little Neko by 🍪 Cookies 🍪
A little neko named Max who has been beaten and raped only once in his life. He is bought by a guy named Aaron smith.
  • boyxboy
  • dog
  • neko
Elements by JustAWittleRandom
Elementsby JustAWittleRandom
Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Energy. Moon. Spirit. Soul. These are the eight elements that keep our world alive, and with each element, comes a keeper. In order to save thei...
  • wolf
  • badguys
  • moon
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