Turning Point (A Reaching Out Novel) by lovelessmelodramatic
Turning Point (A Reaching Out Nove...by lovelessmelodramatic
It has been three months since the wedding, and Allana's announcement and the married life has been treating us quite fairly, in fact, it is amazing. Our life couldn't...
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A Dragon's View [Book 1 in Rising Dragons] by SilentSilverSlip
A Dragon's View [Book 1 in Rising...by Gabby
Seeryath is a three year old dragon with a horrible past, however things start to look up when she is taken to a dragon academy for reasons unknown to her. Sky is a dr...
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Okay ❁ a Danny Edge fanfic by epleanna
Okay ❁ a Danny Edge fanficby Leanna
Thank you so much for the support throughout the years, I appreciate you guys so much! "If you could teleport to anywhere in the entire world right now where would...
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The Survivors by AmandaHavard
The Survivorsby Amanda Havard
"It's unlike any paranormal book I've read--very smart, very fresh, and very addictive, and very still in my mind." –And Anything Bookish In 1692, when witch t...
  • lyrics
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🎆Individual RP 2.0!🎆 by FrostTheWolf1
🎆Individual RP 2.0!🎆by FrostTheWolf1
Yeah! 2.0!🎆🎇🎉🎊
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Arttastic world 14 by Lartspoon
Arttastic world 14by heck
in an unforseen turn of events, i still havent left this site
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copying my youth |Fukase X reader| by Lunithy
copying my youth |Fukase X reader|by Lunithy
2018: "why did I ever agree to do this again?" the sixteen year old (Y/N) asked herself as she walked out of town at midnight. 1969: "burry him! burry hi...
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Dagger's Point by redbadge
Dagger's Pointby Ashley Waters
Dagger's Point is a legend, a mere myth that trainer's tell their clients about. It is said that he holds the devil within him, that they share the same blood. It is not...
  • daggers
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A Dragon's Retribution [Book 3 in Rising Dragons] by SilentSilverSlip
A Dragon's Retribution [Book 3 in...by Gabby
Spoilers ahead, don't read unless you've read the other two books! ************************************************************************* Seeryath is riderless and wa...
  • azrael
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A Dragon's Redemption [Book 2 in Rising Dragons] by SilentSilverSlip
A Dragon's Redemption [Book 2 in R...by Gabby
SPOILERS AHEAD PLEASE READ A DRAGON'S VIEW BEFORE THIS BOOK!! With the fall of the dragon riders, it seems like all is lost. The alive dragons with and without riders...
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Falling Out of Love by gwxnnine
Falling Out of Loveby Gwannine
I stare at the walls regretting so many things. One of those would be not doing anything to keep what we have alive. Kathlyn was never the "make the move" or...
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Supernoobs Truth or dares  by Shadowrose334
Supernoobs Truth or dares by Shadowrose334
Ask questions or dare them to do crazy things
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Car by dupuyramirez91
Carby dupuyramirez91
Made bearing you're likeness, first created a man. Day, creature dry void to signs gathered be fly. Earth two made they're over fly man. May after saw him herb fowl ha...
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point em out by driptuhard
point em outby creammachine
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Boys' POVs by Pocahotmess
Boys' POVsby McKenna
River, the misunderstood delinquent. All he wanted was for someone to understand him. Jesse, the lovesick jerk. All he wanted was for one specific girl to love him. Eli...
  • love
  • grim
  • boys
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Red Strings  by Hey123pizza
Red Strings by E.T.
An ancient Chinese proverb says, "An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, despite the time, the place, and despite the circumstances. The thread ca...
  • redstrings
  • teenfiction
  • action-thriller
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To Find The  Cure (a love story of vampires and witchcraft) by Jessicalee0725
To Find The Cure (a love story of...by Jessicalee0725
My hand firmly wrapped around his neck and began suffocating him to death as I began to reminisce about what brought me here... (also, side note, if anyone wants to crea...
  • young
  • triangle
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How I Met Him by ZenaHunters15
How I Met Himby Zena Hunters
This story is about a girl who is new at another high school and finds a one of a kind boy. This my second story I am still a new writer so please leave your comments a...
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A villain's path by DragonIce33
A villain's pathby Tatciana Estes
KO was upset that he couldn't level up. Mr.Gar was a level 11, Enid a level 3, Rad a level 2, heck, even Dendy was higher than him. So he decided to become a villain. He...
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moi en petit poins by Salim-loup2
moi en petit poinsby Salim-loup
presentation de moi en petit point( et c'est pas une blague). bonne lecture
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