Turning Point (A Reaching Out Novel) by lovelessmelodramatic
Turning Point (A Reaching Out Nove...by lovelessmelodramatic
It has been three months since the wedding, and Allana's announcement and the married life has been treating us quite fairly, in fact, it is amazing. Our life couldn't...
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Arttastic world 14 by Lartspoon
Arttastic world 14by heck
in an unforseen turn of events, i still havent left this site
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A Dragon's View [Book 1 in Rising Dragons] by SilentSilverSlip
A Dragon's View [Book 1 in Rising...by Gabby
Seeryath is a three year old dragon with a horrible past, however things start to look up when she is taken to a dragon academy for reasons unknown to her. Sky is a dr...
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The Survivors by AmandaHavard
The Survivorsby Amanda Havard
"It's unlike any paranormal book I've read--very smart, very fresh, and very addictive, and very still in my mind." –And Anything Bookish In 1692, when witch t...
  • blood
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🎆Individual RP 2.0!🎆 by FrostTheWolf1
🎆Individual RP 2.0!🎆by FrostTheWolf1
Yeah! 2.0!🎆🎇🎉🎊
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copying my youth |Fukase X reader| by Lunithy
copying my youth |Fukase X reader|by Lunithy
2018: "why did I ever agree to do this again?" the sixteen year old (Y/N) asked herself as she walked out of town at midnight. 1969: "burry him! burry hi...
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OK K.O: For My Mother...(Revenge AU) {COMING SOON} by MadameOfFanFiction
OK K.O: For My Mother...(Revenge A...by ♕Madame•Isabella♕
•Some People Say Revenge Is a Greater Feeling Then Just Forgive And Forgetting...Wonder If That's True?• From the Madame Who Wrote; "Secrets And Lies" And The...
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✰《Boiling Point》✰ <gaurence> by WolvesDaughter
✰《Boiling Point》✰ by ✰Emma Rose✰
In this world, everyone, on their tenth birthday, is gifted a power. Connected to some part of this natural realm. Earth; calming, kind, humble. Sky; free spirited, op...
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A Dragon's Retribution [Book 3 in Rising Dragons] by SilentSilverSlip
A Dragon's Retribution [Book 3 in...by Gabby
Spoilers ahead, don't read unless you've read the other two books! ************************************************************************* Seeryath is riderless and wa...
  • seeryath
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OK K.O: Poisonous. (Professor Venomous & Silver Spark AU) {REWRITING} by MadameOfFanFiction
OK K.O: Poisonous. (Professor Veno...by ♕Madame•Isabella♕
{CURRENTLY REWRITING! MAY ALSO CHANGE THE SUMMARY AND SUCH AS I WORK MORE ON THE STORY!} •Can't You See!? He's Just Poisoning Your Mind!• From The Madame Who Brought Yo...
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Living with CF (My Point Of View) by PinkFluffyFujoshi
Living with CF (My Point Of View)by ThatFujoshiWrote
If you don't know what cf is then look it up because I'm not here to explain what it is. I'm here to explain my experiences that are about this condition.
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N/A by ZeoIsLitty
N/Aby ZeoIsLitty
"An orphan who grew up on the streets. Seems like he won't be of use to us." Many taunts were thrown at me. Seems like I was useless. Until the two girls grabb...
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Deception point-Dan Brown by DiamondSparkle343
Deception point-Dan Brownby Diamond Sparkle343
National Reconnaissance Office, Washington: Intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton is summoned by the President of United States to verify a discovery which NASA claims will...
  • nasa
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Dagger's Point by redbadge
Dagger's Pointby Ashley Waters
Dagger's Point is a legend, a mere myth that trainer's tell their clients about. It is said that he holds the devil within him, that they share the same blood. It is not...
  • riding
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P!ATD lyrics (: by LOLOBanahoria_069
P!ATD lyrics (:by ToyStoryOfMyPozanaKick'er
This is for those Sinners (like me). Some lyrics of their songs. If someone find something wrong with the lyric, tell me. Hope you join. (: xx COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER **I...
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Don't cry (Greyman x foxtail) by Spooky_sue_14
Don't cry (Greyman x foxtail)by kayla jones
NOTICE: READ ILL FIX YOUR HEART BEFORE THIS!!!! after elbow and silverspark leave P.O.I.N.T, Greyman becomes depressed and stops talking to any and everybody, he doesn't...
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Rewrite the stars by MayaP0tt3r
Rewrite the starsby MayaP0tt3r
Idk who do think it's about >•<
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Rantbook point. (ça fait double point ducoup '-') by Neko3D
Rantbook point. (ça fait double po...by Neko3D no yume
Et bien, c'est un rantbook où je m'amuserais à écrire tout ce qui me passe par la tête ! En plus je pense que ça va m'aider à moins réfléchir quand je veux dormir ^^ Bre...
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Random Facts I Know by half-blood101
Random Facts I Knowby The Director
This is just a book of random facts I know and I really don't know how I know some of them.
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I really love these really weird guys or potatoes really, so I thought if write some imagines on them! If Danny and Paul see this...I don't know actually I had no idea w...
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