Why does this have to happen to me?! Chapter 22

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Hi! I finally got to watch I am Number Four... I found the middle a little boring. Toward the end, it was really awesome. I love the fight scenes. :D Now I'm excited for Beastly even though it's really different from the book. In the movie, he just has ugly tattoos around his body but in the book, he's really a beast. :) Anyway, I hope you like this! It will be the last (so far) POV of Brian. The next will be Cain's :D Please comment, vote, fan!


"She had quite a hit on the head. She has a minor concussion but we need her awake to see the effect of that. We stitched her up and checked for anymore damages. So far, there are none. The only thing we can do now, is wait." The doctor says soothingly. We all look at him in alarm. He adds hastily, "She's not in a coma. We put her to sleep so we could inspect her without her feeling conscious about it." We stare at him blankly. "Get it? Conscious as in being awake?"

"I think that was a joke." Louisa says innocently. "Should we laugh?" She looks at us with wide eyes.

"Be quiet, Louisa." Ryan murmurs.

"But--" He covers her mout. Everyone looks away and clears their throat.

I feel sorry for the doctor. He's just trying to lighten the mood. True, he used a really bad joke but it's the thought that counts, right?

Everyone is thankful (I never thought this would ever happen but I am too) when Keith skids to us. I guess he ran like I did.

"That was fun. It's like I'm in roller blades without, you know, the roller blades." He laughs. I guess not.

Louisa takes Ryan's hand off of her mouth. "Are we supposed to laugh now?" Ryan puts his hand back.

"Why did you take me here? I wanna go to the mall!" Rosalind whines.

We all glare at her. Even Louisa. "Why are you even here?" Andrew asks. He turns to Keith. "Uou couldn't have dropped her off somewhere like--oh, I don't know-- a cliff?"

"I'm still here you know. I don't want to but I am." We ignore her.

"Why did you bring a scary monster here, Keith?" We make no move to cover her mouth.

"Will anyone shut her up?" Rosalind says, pointing at Louisa who is giving Keith the puppy dog face.

"Will anyone shut you up?" I ask, smiling at her. She gasps and looks at Keith for support.

He ignores her. "I brought her because we were headed to the mall when I got the call. I came here as soon as I could."

"Was she going to buy another broom?" I love Celene's sister. She can say all these insults while sounding cute.

"I'm leaving." She announces. Silence. "Keith, drive me home!"

"You can walk." Ryan says, snickering. "You certainly look like you need the excercise." It amazes me how much insults they can make in such short a time. She stomps away.

"Why are you with her if she's so mean and no one likes her? " The doctor asks the very question that's been in our minds for a long time. We turn to Keith.

"She's-- I--Aren't we here for Celene? What happened? Is she okay?" We tell him. "Where is he?! When I get my hands on him, I swear I will--"

"It was an accident. He didn't mean it." I say, suddenly exhausted.

Speak of the devil. Cain walks to us, still looking so--to put it bluntly--awful. I can't help but feel sorry for him. This whole thing is on his head. It must be eating him up.

"How is she? Is she doing okay?" He asks worriedly.

"No thanks to you." Keith says coldly.

He flinches. "This isn't all my fault. If you really think, it is your fault too, Keith. If you weren't dating that bi--" He remembers Louisa. "--Rosalind, she would have ridden with you. I was only being helpful." That does make sense in a way. Okay, now I feel guilty. I should've stayed with her. I should've offered to drive her.

"Don't turn this around on me! You--"

"Shut up." We look at the doctor in surprise. He shrugs. "What? The way I see it, an accident is no one's fault. Anyway, you can go in now. She's still asleep so please be careful to not make much noise." With that, he walks away.

No one moves. I take a deep breath and get in, leaving the door open. I hear a quick intake of breath from Louisa.

This is the first time I have ever seen Celene in a hospital bed as a patient. She's always been the one who asks the patient to move over so she can lay down on the bed. I flinch at the dextrose. We both hate needles with a passion so the fact that it's actually staying inside is-- I shudder.

I look around. This room looks more like it should be in a hotel than in a hospital. I peek in the refrigerator and find it fully stocked. I peer inside. They even have coke. I grab a can and open it.

"Guys, she's waking up!" I immediately go to Celene and look expectantly at her. Nothing.

"Keith, she just moved. That's what you do sometimes when you sleep." Andrew says in a patronizing tone.

"I know. I'm not stupid. I guess that was just wishful thinking." He snaps.

I snicker. "Could've fooled me." He glares at me and starts to say something but Ryan cuts him off.

"Fighting won't help. If Celene is awake, she would've knocked you out already."

"Sorry." We both mutter. Someone plucks the coke from my hands. I glance down and see Louisa running away with it. I sigh and get another one. When I open it, fizz comes out. Great. I hurry to the balcony and hold my hand out. Ooo, look at it fall! I shake the hand that isn't holding the coke to get rid of the fizz there. I wonder what will happen if it hits someone... I pull my hand back and look down. Uh oh. It did hit someone. He glances up angrily and I turn around and walk in the room.

"She's waking up!" Keith says again from the chair beside the bed.

"That's what you said a while ago. She's probably just moving again." Ryan says while looking in the refrigerator.

"No, she's not! Her eyelids are fluttering. Look!" I pick my way through Andrew and Louisawho are laying down on the floor, avoid Cain who is pacing back and forth and glance at Celene. She really does look like she's waking up. I tell the others and they crowd aound her.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, her eyes open. Then, just as I'm about to scold her for scaring us like that, she says, "Who are you?"


:D I hate cliffhangers when I read but I love writing them. :) I hope you like this! Please comment, vote, fan! Oh, and here's the question. What movie are you looking forward to watching now?

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