Life of a Potato Cat by Nijineko139
Life of a Potato Catby Kayak
A collection of the weird shit that happens in my everyday life
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Quest For The SOULS 9 : Friends or Foes? by undertalelover18a
Quest For The SOULS 9 : Friends or...by Xx_Alex_xX
Here ya have it, friends! QFTS 9! Made by me, Undertalelover18a, and XxEliverxX! Hope ya'll enjoy!
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THE BOOK OF LIFE by Scorpio_Rocks
Hello! As you know. I'm getting tagged not as much as I use too! So I guess I'll just post random things and tags I get! P E A C E ! ! !
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Folly (Editing) ✔ by Cr4vinz
Folly (Editing) ✔by Cr4vinz™ || I Chose God 🌬
Talon Wright. 17. Son of Dante and Aspen Wright. He's funny, popular, handsome, rich and for the first time in history, he's not a player. Folly Green. 16 Daughter of La...
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{ Adopt These Potatoes Plz } By: Emilysugarcane  by Emilysugarcane
{ Adopt These Potatoes Plz } By: E...by xX__Emily_Gay__Xx
Adoption book All of them are free lmao
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Short Stories ( English Collection ) by Epicwriter15
Short Stories ( English Collection...by albeynjan
RANDOMNESS! Happy Reading! :)
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Ambrosian Queen by theeknees
Ambrosian Queenby Engr. Dennise
A STORM AND SILENCE FANFICTION. Queen Victoria, after being married to her husband, Prince Albert, will be facing another chapter of her life. Apparently, that chapter c...
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Stolen Pages by theloneranger_
Stolen Pagesby Lemons
~Her words were my poison. I used them to consume myself. Disturbingly honest. Painfully strained. Carefully penned down. Dangerously addictive.~ A journal that landed...
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H2OVanoss Book 7 (Memories) by SweetBlueRose1
H2OVanoss Book 7 (Memories)by BlueRose
This story is about Delirious...remembering the old days with Vanoss, but he can never go back in time to see Vanoss again.....but can he? Delirious has been depressed a...
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The Adventurous Potatoe !  by ThePotatoes6464
The Adventurous Potatoe ! by - ; potatoes
- ; to all the other potatoes !
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Twilight Lemons by bloons21
Twilight Lemonsby bloons21
This story will have the wolves the cullens. And the volturi i will take requests
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H2OVanoss (I Love You) by SweetBlueRose1
H2OVanoss (I Love You)by BlueRose
This is a love story between Delirious and Vanoss. Delirious has tried to express his love to Vanoss. Delirious suddenly has a crush on Vanoss. In the end they fall in l...
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👈This or That👉 by SunriseShine88
👈This or That👉by Why do I change pfps
Which will you choose? Enjoy!!!!!! Sunshine aka THE INSANE TOMATO GIRL
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H2OVanoss Book 6(Our Year Together) by SweetBlueRose1
H2OVanoss Book 6(Our Year Together)by BlueRose
Delirious has woken from his long sleep and him and Evan met up with each other. They spent an entire year together. By the entire year, I meant they stayed together at...
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H2OVanoss To Rescue a Princess by Moondoria
H2OVanoss To Rescue a Princessby Moondoria
The book cover I don't own. I got it from deviant art. https://ahtsu.deviantart.com/art/Youtubers-Vanoss-x-H2O-Delirious-2-580802143 This is shipping Vanoss and Delerio...
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Love you to the moon and back by midnightstarlet
Love you to the moon and backby midnightstarlet
This a collection of whimsical poetry woven from moments of inspiration. Things I find romantic: stone walls, bridges, rain, climbing ivy, fog, moss, architecture, handw...
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This Is A SkyLesa, JinMau, BarnIca, and RossBy FanFiction and well... It's In HighSchool... AND ROSS AND SHELBY AREN'T RELATED IN THIS SO PLEASE DON'T COMMENT 'But I tho...
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The Tomboy is in a Gang by animeloverdude
The Tomboy is in a Gangby Unknown
Nathan has a past, bad past, but she gets adopted by John who is in a gang same with everyone in the house she lives in after3 years of living there she moved to Califor...
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Bebe the Potato by KimTheMagicalPotato
Bebe the Potatoby 💜ᏦᎥᎷ 💜
I love my child- 12/23/18 May Bebe rest in peace.
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Mr.Frodo? by Mrs_Frodo_baggins
Mr.Frodo?by Mrs.Frodo Gamgee
When Sam realised that he had a crush in his master everything went south. When he was spying on his master he is now to go with Frodo to Bree will he be able to keep hi...
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