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A/N: This is in the future, by the way, Sakura is about 23!

I sigh, bringing my hand up to my head and grumbling a little. A hand softly places itself on my shoulder, "is everything alright?"

I turn to him with a smile, "yes, Naruto just wants me in charge of Anbu and the Hospital. This means I have to look through everyone's files and, ugh. I've already been here for hours. It's just going to take some time, is all."

Itachi sits next to me giving a small hum, "I see. He's very happy as Hokage though, and he's not terrible either."

I rest my head on his shoulder, "he's not, I agree, but he thinks too highly of me," I huff out, grabbing another folder and resting my head on his shoulder again.

"If anything, you think too low of yourself... I have faith in your abilities, and you should too," he says, grabbing the folder out of my hand and putting it down, "you've been doing great as village ambassador, and I'm certain you'll be able to handle this with ease too."

He gives me a kiss on my forehead making me smile nervously.

"Thank you, I... guess I'll do alright, I'm just stressed," I pause smiling up at him as he takes my hand in his, "plus, I have you by my side!"

He blinks slowly, the edges of his lips rising amused, "oh but Sakura dear, I'm just a bakery store owner, what would I know about ninja?"

I elbow his side while rolling my eyes, "jerk."

A few moments of silence pass and I continue, "I was only kidding anyway, I'm actually pretty close to being done."

He sighs, "of course, is there anything you can't do?"

I shake my head, "nothing is impossible to me. Doubt me and I'll prove you wrong just to be petty."

He chuckles softly before laying back, pulling me with him, "sleep, you look tired."

"Hard to say no to you, fine," I yawn, "wake me up soon so we can eat, yeah?"

I only hear a soft hum in response and close my eyes, listening to the thumping of his heart.

"Aw, so cute! Look at her Kakashi, look at her!" An energetic voice woke me up, and I open my eyes groggily, Obito and Kakashi were standing in the middle of our living room-- Obito held a camera and Kakashi was eyeing him bemused.

I slowly sit up, ignoring Obito's taunts, and stretch my arms.

He must've left sometime after I fell asleep. Of course Kakashi wouldn't say anything to Obito, that boy is whipped.

"Ah, sorry, I fell asleep- was I supposed to do something?" I tilt my head in slight confusion.

Kakashi snorted and sat himself on one of the side chairs, "everything about you is so serious- it's always about work," Obito starts agreeing with him, but Kakashi keeps talking, "loosen up a bit, it can't be healthy to work as much as you do."

I shrug, "it's the only thing that cures my boredom!"

Obito laughs, "of course, everything comes to you so easily that when you've learned everything you get bored! Maybe you should become an evil scientist, would definitely make things interesting."

Kakashi smacked his head and rolled his eyes.

I had managed to return Obito his other eye and found Kakashi a replacement off of some civilian who had recently passed, his family was okay with it and Kakashi was ever so thankful.

"Or..." Kakashi started and looked at Obito.

Obito looked at Kakashi and nodded surely. Kakashi sighed softly and turned to us.

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