Land of the Sand

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There are implications of SA/R*APE. The chapter is going to be readable, and once the actual scene is over I'll leave a little note, thank you.

When I come back they were all sitting around in a circle, laughing together- I let out a soft sigh and get to work on the tents; we had a total of four tents, we'd be going in pairs of two and I'd be by myself.

I take a step back and stare at the four tents proudly when a hand taps my shoulder, I turn around raising my eyebrow, "somethin' the matter?"

One of the younger, more quiet civilians is standing there timidly, "Uhm, I- I was wondering if you had an extra tent."

My eyebrows furrow, "Unfortunately not, why?"

"Oh! It's nothing, sorry for bothering you shinobi-san." She starts to back away to the rest of the group again, flashing an obviously fake smile.

I roll my eyes and grab her wrist, pulling her a little further from the group and sitting her on a stump-- after I sit on the ground with my legs crossed.

"Speak," I order her.

She looks down, fiddling with her hands, "Oh, sorry... I just. I'm embarrassed, my boyfriend has been trying to take things to the next level, I- I'm not ready! I don't know how to tell him without making things strained."

I hum and grab her hand, "Sleep in my tent, it's good to communicate or whatever, but certainly, he can wait. We're in the middle of a forest for Christ's sake," I scowl.

She lets out a soft giggle, "are you sure? I can deal with it, I don't wan-"

"I'm sure, 's not a big deal. C'mon, let's go back," I stand up and grab her arm, dragging her back over.

I look back and see her looking at the floor with a flushed face and a small smile— I send her a small smile and turn back.

"Alright!" I clap once and everyone turns toward me, "Tents are up, we should get to sleep now so we can get moving again soon."

They all nod- and the man I recognize as her boyfriend comes over to his girlfriend, but I stop him, "hey, actually do you mind if we have a chat?"

She uses this moment to escape to her tent and he nods, following me curiously, "Is something the matter?"

I shake my head, "No, I just wanted to let you know that now's your bathroom break. Go potty or whatever and scream if ya need help."

He gives me an odd look and bobs his head up and down, clearly confused. I raise my eyebrows staring at him-- he turns away and begins walking over to a tree, I head back to camp.

He comes back a few minutes later and heads into the tent which I inform him is his, once he walks in his head pops back out, "Where is she?"

I send him a small smile, "Don't worry too much! She's just in my tent for the night, I have to treat her for some back and leg pain, I think the shoes she's wearing aren't good."

He sighs and heads back into his tent, muttering under his breath.

I glare at the closed tent door, what an ass.

I climb into the trees and take a seat, heading into a meditative state to feel for any changes in chakra.

For the first ten minutes, I simply sit in awe at the chakra, enjoying the feeling-- so natural, so untouched!

After a few hours, I come out of my meditative state.

I'll be needing to sleep, I'll call some summons and take a nap- that way by the time I wake up everyone else will be pretty much ready.

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