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And very quickly I was awoken, "Wakie wakie Sakura-Chan!"

He waltzes into my room like he owns the place -which he technically did- so I throw my pillow at him in an attempt to silence him. It does not work.

"We have a day full of training, don't make things difficult," he said in a warning tone. I pop up instantly, taking the hint.

"I'm up I'm up, relax!" I hop out of my bed, shoving him out of my room as he holds his hands up in surrender.

Ten minutes later I'm out of my room and in the kitchen, where breakfast was on the table. Bread and avocado-- a yummy way to start my day.

I ate viciously- needing a lot to keep up with the intense training I have been doing.

The moment I finished my glass of water and food Kakashi spoke, "I'm shunshining away, use chakra to find me then shunshin to me... go!" As he said the last word he seemingly teleported, I cursed aloud to myself.

I haven't done chakra sensing before...

But you can do it. Remember how when we meditate we can differentiate Naruto and Sasuke's chakra when they arrive at the training grounds?

I mean, true, but this is a lot more difficult.

Inner ushered me to at least try, so I took a deep breath in, trying my first method.

I closed my eyes and focused solely on the chakra of the people in the village, there were a good few with a ton of chakra that I could easily tell were shinobi -Naruto and the Hokage included- but I couldn't find Kakashi's chakra. He has a lot so I should be able too, unless he's masking it. I slump a little, focusing harder. I was able to find a lot more chakra signatures, my head slightly hurting from the over sensation, but I stayed focused, sorting through them as if some sort of filing cabinet. I come across a few that I stop on for a few moments-- they were clearly masking chakra, but weren't Kakashi.

How do you even know they're masking?

I... well. It's difficult to explain, but there's a pressure there, similar to Naruto's chakra-- or at least the sealed one, but it's much more obvious. I guess since I was able to find it in Naruto's chakra it made it easier finding it in other people.

Inner smiled I knew you could do it.

I gaped internally, you set me up!?

No, I mean you would have done it either way, I'm just trying to get you to trust yourself.

I pondered what she meant by that, I do trust myself.

Shaking my head I focus again on the chakra signatures. Eventually I come across Kakashi --next to him was another chakra signature, curiously I hurried and Shunshined to him-- and the stranger.

Kakashi looked at me proudly, "Only 5 minutes, congrats," he turned to the stranger who was looking at me curiously, "this is Tenzo, Tenzo, this is Sakura-- one of my students."

I look at the man, he was wearing an Anbu mask, there was green and red-- but it was mostly white. It resembled a cat. He was fairly well built and tall, but had an awkward air around him.

I wave at him nervously, "Uh, hi!"

He nodded to me and then turned back to Kakashi, "She the one you were talking about?"

Kakashi nods and Tenzo turns back to me, I couldn't tell what he was doing exactly, but he was probably trying to assess me or something of the sort.

I feel an influx of chakra next to me! I jump next to Kakashi, as Tenzo appeared where I was, kunai in hand. He stops for a moment, and speaks, "Okay I'll do it Kakashi-senpai"

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