Thank God I'm a Civilian-born

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I mentally curse- what the fuck do I do? He's a Sannin you don't just simply fight him and come out alive-- especially not as a Genin which I AM.

I stay unmoving and unblinking-- observing him.

He's looking around, pulsing out his chakra-- probably to search. For me. Or rather, for the boys.

Suddenly his head snaps in my direction- a smile finding its way onto his face, sending shivers down my spine. I do not move as he stares in my direction.

I wait.

His smile grows wider —creepier— and he opens his mouth, "You're on his team, correct? Where iss he?"

He takes a step back, gesturing to the opening in front of me.

He wants you in his sight. Well- he can probably see you regardless.

I step out doing my best to play dumb.

I tilt my head, "Whose team?"

"Sasuke's." He speaks with a hiss.

Oh. So that's his target. At least I know?

"Uhm," I start, "his name sounds familiar, but I'm not to sure I've see-" I'm cut off by him appearing before me, punching my stomach so hard it sent me flying.

Vomit poured out of my mouth as I hit the tree, my ability to breath gone. I almost smiled as I remembered Kakashi and Tenzo doing the exact same thing in this forest.

I send the smallest sliver of chakra at him instinctually.

"Don't play games girl. I know you were with him." His voice was no longer soft, it was rough, jerky— as well as his movements.

I look up at him with tears in my eyes, gasping then muttering "Fuck."

He starts walking towards me, slowly —I suppose it was to be intimidating. It... was working.

He doesn't know who I am does he...

No, he doesn't seem to recognize you, other than the fact we were with Sasuke earlier, simply that we are on his team. What are you getting at?

I'm probably going to die, but I will die with a fight.

I hold a hand up, trying to stop my involuntary gasping, "Okay-" I slowly stand up, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

He stops my apologies, "Get on with it."

I take a step back, glancing to the side and grabbing one of my seals on my hip, "I- they left me."

He tilts his head, dissatisfied, and he takes another step toward me. "It seems you don't quite understand me. Last chance, tell me."

I send another sliver of chakra at his mind, throwing the seal and shunshining to the other side of the tower-- surely he'd catch up with me, but that didn't matter.

It was time I needed. Luck. Luck and time.

He doesn't notice the chakra slivers I've been sending yet, which is an amazing for me.

I throw my Hiraishin far away, and just after he appears, lunging at me.

I can barely keep up with his movements, so I don't attempt to dodge his hits-- instead coating chakra to help null the impact. Similar to what I had done with Kakashi. But now, it was for staying alive.

It still hurt, and it sent me flying into the tower which painfully cracked behind me.

I send another sliver.

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