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Kakashi had come home for the night, and as well for the next day.

"I'll be training you tomorrow, then you'll go back to Ibiki." He says cheerfully, idly picking up some of the clutter around the house.

He continues, "I was supposed to train you today as well, but... you guys seem to be pretty close now, I want to ask how on earth you managed to do that."

I snort as he gives me an incredulous look.

He keeps staring at me until I speak, "Not sure to be honest, he could get along with anyone if he cared enough to-- but I almost feel like he was using me to test out ideas. He knows my chakra control is near perfect -he isn't sure exactly how good- but he's pretty smart... most of the stuff he said he couldn't do himself but would want at least one person to learn it-- and so he made me learn."

He nods, "so he's just teaching you things out of his capabilities. And you're just learning them?"

I blink slowly, bobbing my head ever so softly.

He throws his arm around my shoulder, laughing as heat rose to my cheeks, "Of course! I'm not that surprised honestly."

I sigh, not even bothering to ask.

He forcibly walks with me under his arm, "c'mere I found something new I think you'd like!" His voice was sing-songy, making me fight back a little less- curiously.

He lets go, opening the door to his room and strutting in, I follow him in slowly-- taking in the details of the room. It was my first time in there!

There wasn't much, if I'm going to be honest-- for some reasons I expected bookshelves lining the walls, or posters at least; it was a nice cream color, and had nice lighting-- but that was about it.

A hand snaps in front of my face, making me blink in shock.

"Earth to Sakura~"

I mutter an apology, following him over to his desk as he begin rummaging through some papers.

"I was looking through my old teachers notes again-- I found something interesting. It's a few seals that look interesting... it's not actually his though-- it was his previous teachers, so unfortunately there are no notes paired with it- I'm sure you'll be able to work it backwards though!"

I listen intently, tilting my head as I listened. He hands me a seal-- Hogo no Kyu written on it -sphere of protect- then hands me another seal, the top layer had Hankei O Kenshutsu written on it. Detect radius.

I stare at them curiously and Kakashi goes on to speak, "I vaguely know what they can do-- Hogo no Kyu is basically a barrier, a strong one at that. Hankei O Kenshutsu can detect movement, and chakra over a wide area." he smiles and pats my head as we walk out of his room -me walking straight to my Fuinjutsu supplies and notebooks- sending me a good luck.

I spend three hours deconstructing and remaking the first seal Hogo no Kyu, grinning in delight-- then going straight to bed.

I wake up the next morning feeling like death incarnate. Kakashi takes one look at me and sighs, "Maybe your fight with the Kage took more out of you than expected."

I shrug, "Better than with Orochimaru, I'll be okay."

He shakes his head, sitting me down at the table and setting a bowl in front of me, "I suppose it would be better to have a rest day," He gives me a look when I'm about to protest, "If you don't let your body heal you'll get nowhere. I'll come by again in a few days, instead. Since you're so eager to do something, make some seals and check up on Naruto-- I'd like to know how he's doing!"

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