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I worked on it for what felt like an eternity.

An eternity being 1 ½ hour.

Slightly shocked at my speed, Inner shook me out of it, reminding me to look for the boys. I nodded to myself, standing up and getting ready to find them while stretching.

Not even using the seal, I located them by Naruto's chakra. He has so much chakra-- I'm quite jealous.
I followed the source, hopping from the rooftops.

"Hi!"  I pop up in front of them-- Naruto jumps back, shrieking; Sasuke doesn't react, but I see his eyelid twitch. Aha!


Oho, when did you start being mean to him?

When was I ever nice to him?

I thought for a second oh my god, when were you nice to him?!

"Did you finish already?" Sasuke asked candidly.

"Mhm, I can activate it now, and we can go find him!"

"Well, what are you waiting for?!" Naruto cuts in, jumping around in excitement.

I carefully take out the seal, activating it and using it to locate our teacher.

I follow the directions of the seal, and we travel throughout the town, Kakashi moving occasionally. Eventually, he stopped, and we ended up locating him by a bar.

I nod to Sasuke and Naruto, and we unanimously walk in.

I scan the room for any sign of him; of course, I don't see him; he's hidden. A worker or some person tries to tell us we can't be here, but we ignore him.

I close my eyes and focus on the chakra signatures in the room. I sense nothing out of the ordinary, but Kakashi should be here.

Before I could say anything, Naruto grabbed our arms and pulled us further into the building, heading down a flight of stairs-- and in there, a room full of equipment for a bar, such as mixers glasses, and other things of the essence, our teacher in the mix.

"Found you!" Naruto screeched in an eerie tone.

Kakashi looked up, clapping, his eyes bouncing between the three of us, and he speaks, "Congrats, but remember, only one of you gets a Jutsu!"

We all nodded and Naruto spoke on our behalf, "We all decided that Sasuke will get it."

He raised an eyebrow, seemingly doubtful of our decision.

Yeah I mean how could you guys make a unanimous decision? It does seem impossible.

Okay Inner, shut up!! I get it, our teamwork and willingness to be friends is lacking, but we're all trying!

"It's true, I don't have enough chakra to learn a bunch of Jutsu anyway, the ones I have are more than enough, Naruto doesn't rely too heavily on Jutsu, so that left Sasuke!"

Quickly he got up, dissipating into the wind -we're in a basement in a bar, pretend it's windy-.

Confused we all look at each other, our eyebrows scrunched.

Does he want us to find him again-- or is he trying to... OH duh!

"I think he wants us to be at the training grounds, not sure though-- I mean seeing as he just ditched us, it's slightly plausible," I spoke uncertainly, but Naruto and Sasuke both nodded.

So we quickly make our way up to get out, the worker was still yelling at us about having to leave-- I just replied for him to mind his business.

In the background, I hear a snort, and we leave.

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