Whispering Anarchist

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When I arrive back at the Headquarters, Sasori and Deidara are in the midst of arguing— Kisame was sitting on the couch and Itachi was nowhere near.

Before I can make my presence known, a chair comes flying in my direction, I duck, "what'd the chair do to you?" I ask with a snort as I walk all the way in.

Both of them pause and turn to me, "You're back! Can we fight? I'm bored and want to make art!"

I snort at Deidara's bluntness, "Well, I suppose so-- no killing each other, yeah?"

He nods and we make our way to the training grounds. Kisame calls out, "Don't go too crazy, we have another mission in three days— it's a more difficult mission."

I give him a thumbs up in reply, and heed his advice, trying my best to make sure no one gets injured— at least, not too injured.

Deidara had an interesting style of fighting, very volatile— but it was a nice change, it kept me on my toes.

The next day I spar with Kisame, he gave me many pointers when it came to real fights, and the day after we leave for our mission.

It was a fairly easy mission despite being harder than the last. It required more of my attention, and all of us were silent with focus the whole time.

When we got back from our mission I checked up on Nagato. As I checked up on him, Tobi stopped me and handed me a ring and a cloak-- telling me now that I was truly a member, I could have the goods.

Then I sparred some more with Kisame, him giving me pointers and me actually giving him some.

Hidan happened to be back at the time so I sparred with him as well- it was a difficult fight, he did this weird thing to where he couldn't take damage, but I had a fun time trying to work around it. The fight lasted two days before one of us even won— me, of course.

The next few months were basically just repeats- mission, rest, and spar. Mission, rest, and spar.

My muscles felt more trained than ever, my senses sharper, and in all honesty, I felt like I was truly strong.

Kisame and I always had fun during our spars-- the training room always ended up wrecked, but we always left laughing.

He helped me improve on my pure muscle strength— he told me, why enhance it with the little chakra you have when you can just be strong?

I found no fault in his logic and ended up adopting his workout routine.

Kisame, Itachi, and I worked well together, although Kisame and I would be loud- we were just as deadly, and before I knew it I had my own spot in the Bingo book.

Whispering Anarchist. Not the most clever, but it gets the point across.

Kisame was very happy when he spotted my face in the bingo book, pointing it out to everyone in the team, and buying me another strawberry cake to celebrate- it had the words, whispering anarchist written on the top in cursive handwriting making me laugh.

We started taking missions more often than not, and I was truly being worked to the bone. I saw a lot of personal growth though —I sometimes wondered if I would finally be able to beat Kakashi now— and could really see the muscles.

I thought I had good muscles before, but now- well, I can thank Kisame for that.

As brutal as he is, he's effective when it comes to training and working out.

Yet, the longer I stayed, the more fearful I was of getting caught, paranoia was beginning to ebb away at me, making me vigilant of all the little things- I was starting to get attached.

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