T & I

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When I get to the hospital room with Nagato the room is empty save for Gaara-- who was literally entering just as I appeared.

I send him a small smile, "do you need help here, or with anything before I go?"

He shakes his head, "No... thank you, again though— for the seal."

I smile, "Of course!" and I teleport Nagato and as much of his equipment as possible back to Konoha.

Once I get to one of the rooms I had made -and placed a seal in- I start taking out more equipment and hooking him up once again, sending a few waves of healing chakra to make sure he was alright.

He doesn't move or wake up, but his heartbeat fluctuates for a few minutes- setting me on guard.

Once I was sure he was stable I wrote up a quick report for him and then informed one of the nurses to check up on him every so often, then, I finally left and began helping with rebuilding the village.

At the moment, most of the Ninjas were using earth Jutsu to build up layers of ground to make the ground level.

Well, I don't have enough chakra to help with that- but, I can do this!

I pull out a seal and slap it into one of the Ninja's back, activating it right away.

He turns to me— whipping around with a glare, I smile, "it's like a chakra booster. Just, keep going."

He turns around skeptically and continues making the ground rise, blinking softly.


I snort and move to another Ninja, placing it one her back before moving to the next. I avoided any who were low on chakra.

The seal didn't give you chakra, but it allowed for your body to use less chakra. If you already had low reserves it was quite useless though.

After I got to all the ninja I could, I ran over to some of the civilians who were carrying around building supplies and helping build houses.

They take one look at my uniform and grin, "well it's about time we get some Ninja to help us! What can you do, we can place 'ya somewhere where you can help!"

I pat his shoulder, "I can handle the heavy lifting."

He shrugs and points to a pile, "Alright, if you say so. That pile needs to be over there," he points south, "see those men mapping out a thing on the ground? Yes, that's where!"

I nod and grab some of the trunks of wood and begin carrying them over- Inner cackles at their faces, almost making me burst out laughing.

Why do you have the most funny, contagious laugh?

Duh, because it's your laugh too!

I spend a few hours carrying things around and holding things in places while people screwed things together before I made myself a little wood hut and slept.

I was woken up -according to Shizune- nine hours later, and ate before helping out again. My chakra was mostly replenished so I made some clones to help carry things, which the people seemed very grateful at-- if their sighs of relief were anything to show for it.

The entire process was difficult, and it was clear it would take quite some time, so I had one clone making those chakra saving seals as all the others assisted me- I made a good fifteen total.

Shizune called me over to help with the hospital, there were a lot of people who- while revived, still suffered large injuries.

So far no one had died yet!

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