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He then splits out into a grin, "of course! I've seen your growth, and I truly feel bad for doubting you in the first place, so, good luck, this is an amazing opportunity for you!"

I blink as a smile creeps onto my face, I wrap my arms around him and squeeze the life out of him, I feel him hug me back and I smile.

"Thank you, I've actually only got one more person to convince!"

I ruffle his hair and shunshin to Gai who jumps at my appearance.

I pause awkwardly blushing furiously, "sorry, didn't realize you'd be home," I bring my hand up to my hair, tugging.

"No worries! I'm assuming you're here to convince me?" He shouts out, giving me a thumbs up.

I smile nervously, "ah, yeah..."

He hums and looks at my face, taking a step closer, "thought so, I'll vote for you! It would be nice to have the power of the youth on our side but I have a request!"

I hum and usher for him to continue on.

He starts speaking again, "I was wondering if you'd create some weight seals for my team! My students need them very much, and I'd appreciate it!"

I nod with a grin, "of course! Thank you so much for everything, sorry again for intruding, I'll be on my way now."

I shunshin home, plopping onto the couch with a sigh and closing my eyes.

Sometime later I feel something poking my side and groggily open my eyes.

"Sakura, you aren't dead, great! C'mon let's get food, Kakashi and Sasuke are already at the ramen place!"

Naruto shouted excitedly, chuckling at his energy I get up using his arm as support and shunshin us to the usual ramen stand

I yawn as I enter the stand, offering our two other teammates a wave, "hey."

"Hello Sakura, did things go well?" Kakashi asks as he hands me a menu.

I nod as I read it over, "Yeah, as long as no one changes their mind, I'll be able to do this!"

"Do what?" Sasuke asks bluntly.

I turn to him, my eyes scanning his face, I send him a grin, "become Jounin!"

His eyes widen in shock before he hums quietly, muttering, "good luck, then."

"Thanks!" I turn forward again, ordering my food trying to shake my nervousness.


The week ends faster and slower than I would've liked, Monday comes sailing along, and before I know it I'm in a room with Tsunade, Kakashi, Iruka, Gai, Kurenai, Asuma, Fumi, and the Anbu member with my heart beating out of my chest.

"So, as we discussed last week- we'll be taking a vote. I don't really feel like giving a long, boring speech, so get to it. Everyone express why or why not —explain why if you really feel up to it." Tsunade says while grinning and gesturing for Fumi to go first.

I look at him with a glare, my heart thumping nervously.

What if he goes back on his word?

The worst thing that'll happen is you have to wait a few months and then take the Jounin exam, relax.

"I vote yeah," He looks at his nails with a bored face- but I pause as I realize he's almost shaking. He avoids eye contact with me, I don't get to point it out as Gai starts speaking.

"I vote yes! The youth is strong with her, and I have faith in her!" He exclaims happily. I smile my heart fluttering- some of the nerves clear up.

The Anbu stands up clearing their throat, "I think she'll do fine as a Jounin, yes."

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