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He carefully explained his expectations, and started us off with our training-- we were still going to do some D-rank missions, so we wouldn't be training for long, or so he said.

Nonetheless, we begin our excruciating 40 minutes of training-- god I hate moving.

You can say that again. Inner said while laughing

By the end of the 40 minutes, I was ready to drop dead. For the millionth time this day, I plopped onto the grass, heaving.

I smacked my face with my hands as Kakashi laughed at me. Naruto and Sasuke were also on the floor panting, so I just took it as a win-- I wasn't the only one half dead.

As we were all over the floor, Kakashi began explaining our missions to us.

Babysitting! Woooooooooooo. Note the sarcasm.

Both Naruto and Sasuke looked childish at that-- hmph I guess they're above that child-watching stuff.

Inner snorted, and I laughed mentally- too afraid of moving. For a while, we all sat there, Kakashi reading his book, Naruto and Sasuke not really speaking, and me contemplating my life.

Then Kakashi-sensei snaps his book shut, almost making me jump. We all look at him inquisitively, and he just tells us "it's time". We all get up, slightly unwillingly as we followed him to the house of the first mission. He knocks on the door, and a middle-aged man opens the door, the infant, in his arms. When he sees us a smile envelopes his face.

He has a nice smile, short brown hair, and brown eyes. He wore some clothes that were in fashion(that's what Ino would say), and overall he had a welcoming warm face.

"Hi, I'm so glad you're here, come on in!" He spoke in a soft but enthusiastic tone. Smiling I entered the house after my teammates.

The inside was nice, it seemed to be one floor with a nice open layout, and from here I could see two toddlers.

Another head popped out and she introduced herself, "Oh, you're here, hi! My name's Namani, thanks so much for helping us out today!" She seemed tired-- both the parents had eyebags. A small sense of dread overcame me as I wondered if that is what my life would be like if I were to have kids.

They politely excuse themselves after making sure we had all the information we needed.

In the beginning the kids were nice and sweet, then it all went to chaos-- one of the kids needed a diaper change. We all looked at each other, nobody wanting to change the baby. But it had to be changed. I sighed.

"Let's do it this way, we each get one kid and then change their diaper when needed-- there no arguments?"

They both nodded-- and unfortunately left me with the soiled child. I scowled, but acted sweet towards the kid. I walked up to the kid, crouching down and waving with a smile, "Hi, I'm Sa-ku-ra," I enunciated my vowels carefully, trying to make it easier for the kid to understand.

He looked at me with a slightly shy look, giving a small wave -OH MY GOD I THINK I JUST GOT BABY FEVER- i waved back and explained to him what I was doing as I did it, "Okay Chibi-Chan, I'm going to change your diaper!" I held a diaper in front of him-along with wipes-, "here, lay down, and now I'm going to change your diaper." He pouted slightly and started moving around when I was trying to put the new diaper on, "hey, it's alright we're almost done, okay! I know it's difficult, but just a few... and done!"

I threw the diaper away as he happily went back to playing with his toys.

Some time later we fed the kids and then shortly after the parents arrived. The kids were happy to see their parents, and we were excused.

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