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The next day we met up again and completed some D-rank missions. They didn't take long, so once we finished, I headed to the library yet again.

I grabbed some more books about chakra, Fuinjutsu, and the mystic healing palm.

I began my reading; occasionally skimming over the non-important things.

In the Fuinjutsu book, I learned the basics of what Fuinjutsu could do; and whether or not it was good for me.

It is difficult because it requires very good precision in handwriting and cursive. You have to learn a whole new form of writing, similar to cursive and have to have a good creative mind. 

As well as chakra control in the 90th percentile or above. Fuinjutsu masters are one of the rare types of shinobi, apparently.

It is a skill that takes a while to learn but is definitely something I want to learn. I could do almost anything with it! The theory of it is just incredible, I really hope this is something that works out for me.

A grin rose to my face as I read, making me wonder why I had never done this before; before moving on to the next book about chakra, it went over what I read yesterday if not going a little further- so I skimmed over it then moved over to the healing books I had got.

This, I found, Is easier on the mind than fuinjutsu; but requires good chakra control. You must have a good awareness of others' chakra. It demands you match whoever you are healing chakra, as well as knowing the human anatomy inside and out.

Also possible for me as long as I can confirm my chakra control is good enough.

I smiled; if I can learn to do these -and master them- then I won't feel as helpless.

I look up to the clock stationed on the librarian's desk-- 3 pm is what it read.

I have a few more hours before I need to be home, so I can still do more.

I grab some books on fuinjutsu basics, as well as healing basics. Then I head to the store to get some supplies to work with.

I spend like ⅓ of the money I have saved, but I don't think twice on it. 

Instead of going straight home, I go to a forest nearby my house, I want to try walking on trees with chakra. 

I put my stuff into a neat pile near a tree and stare at the tree in front of me.

Huffing, I push some chakra to the edges of my feet and make my way toward the tree. I put one foot on the tree and then pull a little- my foot stayed on the tree. I grinned and put my other foot on the tree, walking up, with my heart thumping loudly.

CHA! I DID IT- I can't believe I did it first try, not that I'm complaining-- but wow that is shocking!

I walk up and down a few times, trying to get used to the feeling of walking on things other than the floor.

It is a weird feeling, not necessarily bad, just new- I don't remember the last time I focused so hard on simply walking, but I suppose it's better to learn now.

Once I'm satisfied with that, I plop myself down and pull out some of my supplies. Some healing books- along with full-body anatomy books. Some small animals to practice healing on, as well as some Fuinjutsu books, some blank fuinjutsu scrolls- a new calligraphy set too, and a couple of seals that I can use as practice by replicating.

I also got some books about well-known people for their occupation, like some books about Senju Tsunade- she's a famous healer. I got some about a few other healers, but apparently, none compare to her; at least, none alive. I got some books on a few fuinjutsu masters, most were Uzumaki, but the fourth and second Hokage also knew some things too.

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