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Light floods my eyes as I wake up with a start. I squint my eyes looking around my room trying to determine my surroundings, not that I would be anywhere but in my room.

I slowly make my way out of bed, flinching when my feet hit the cold floor; I waste no time and do my daily stretches.

About 30 minutes later, once I finished, I make my way down the stairs to make my breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast would just be a bowl of assorted fruits accompanied by some sourdough bread and jam.

Once I finished my breakfast I made lunch, filling up three lunchboxes.

I put the rest of the fruits from my meal into three small jars as a side. I then grabbed some leftover rice from last night and put them into containers.

I made some beef curry and added some spices to make it nice and spicy; I poured equal amounts into the three containers of rice.

I closed up the containers and put everything into the lunch boxes along with some seaweed-wrapped tuna and a yogurt drink. I assume my teammates are brainy enough to bring themselves water, so this is just a snack drink.

I leave by 6:30 am, exactly when I need to leave, according to my parents, to get there on time.

I pick up my pace once outside to a half jog half run and keep it that way all the way until I arrive at the usual meeting spot.

Sasuke was here already, but it appeared Naruto was not.

I gave my greetings to Sasuke, before finding a nice tree to sit on. I opened the Hiraishin notes, following through them and copying them onto a notebook of mine so that I could make annotations without the worry of ruining the notes.

The annotations included how I could use them with my skills- or at least things that come naturally to me. They also included how I could add or remove layers to make it more simplified, and also what all the different layers do- so if I wanted to use them for other seals that I could, and lastly, just trying to write it all in ways I understand best.

About 35 minutes passed before Naruto arrived- and with a presence too.

"Sakura! Sasuke! Goooood morninggggg!!"

He was loud, full of energy.

I looked at him slightly disturbed, did someone give this dude an energy drink, "Goodmorning Naruto, I see you are quite energetic today," I gave a half-smile.

He bobbed his head back and forward with a huge smile, "Mhm! I feel so energized I bet I could run to Suna and back and not even be winded"

Sasuke made a face similar to my disturbed one from earlier, while a smile took over my face.

"Why not go for a run? I mean, we have like three hours till our teacher will even be here," I queried.

He gave me a thoughtful look, bringing his hand up to his chin, slightly nodding his head. As if he were figuring out a solution to a complicated problem.

"This is why I love having you around Sakura, always full of amazing Ideas, so wise!" I opened my mouth to give a reply but he was already running off into the distance.

I snapped my mouth back shut and gave a little snort through my nose.

"Thanks," I gave a small surprised yelp, Sasuke was so quiet I forgot he was there.

I opened my mouth to give an automatic reply of 'you're welcome' but my face just scrunched up instead, confused.


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