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Well this is a long chapter-- anyway enjoy~

Kakashi grabs my arm, shunshining us in front of a restaurant-- Tenzo following.

I look up at the sign, it was a barbecue place, cool.

He walks inside, and the waiter is about to seat us when someone calls us over from another table-- Inono and Shika as well as one more, who looked like Choji.

They all raise their eyebrows at me -my skin is dirty, bruised, and certain parts are wrapped in gauze, I don't blame them- and Inono goes as far as asking if they were trying to kill me.

I snort at that and Tenzo speaks.

"Not really, but you should've seen the move she pulled at the end." He snickers as he speaks, hitting the back of my head, "who knew she had it in her to do something like that, eh?"

I scowl, crossing my arms. They smile and invite us to sit with them-- which is the last thing I want to do. I want to lay down and sleep, eternally.

Kakashi agrees, lightly pushing me into the booth.

"So what was that move she pulled that you guys were talking about?"

Kakashi glances at me, "That's what I wanted to know, want to explain?"

"Not really," I begin, a smile tugging at my lips. "But I suppose I have to." Kakashi rolls his eye, waiting for me to continue. "It was a seal, I placed it on you both when you stepped into the blinding seal."

A look of realization comes over Kakashi and Tenzo's faces, "So that's why you tried pulling me?"

I nod and carry on my explanation, "It's the first seal I made myself... basically, when I activate it it takes chakra from your spiritual core-- only enough to knock you out. Then, once you wake up, which takes about 15-20 minutes, it places you under a genjutsu using your own chakra."

Shika tilts his head, muttering under his breath.

I continue, "It's not a crazy one, it just distorts your senses, and makes it harder to think straight, similar to getting drunk I suppose. If you even realize if you're in a Genjutsu, it's still difficult to release yourself, because it's your own chakra."

"That's pretty smart, how'd you come up with that idea?" Shika asked.

"Well- I." I clear my throat, heat coming up to my face, "my dad used to drink, and I always thought it was stupid to be drunk because if you had to fight, well... I guess that's just where the idea built off of-- I'm not really sure when it solidified." I pull at my fingers as I speak, thinking.

Look at you being so open!

Oh shush Inner, I just answered a question.

Kakashi pats my head, "Maa, that doesn't really matter... It was a smart idea, keep making things like that maybe you'll actually beat us."

I snort, rolling my eyes-- yeah... cause that's realistic.

The waiter comes over and we all order -I get some water and the whole table gets a few shared platters of meat- as we wait I begin thinking.

"So, I never learned any of your guys' names..." I say after a few moments of silence.

"Oh yeah! I'm Inoichi, he's Shikaku," he said as he gestured to the one on his left, "and he's Choza!" he gestured to the one on his right.

"Ah," I say softly, "It's nice to meet you-- I'm sure you already know, my name is Sakura." They nod with a smile.

We all joke around while eating —I was mostly eating and observing— and eventually we go home.

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