Off Guard

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The next day the Hokage sits at his desk, pondering over useless things as Kakashi and I appear in the middle of his room.

He looks at us with slight surprise, asking if everything was okay.

"No, everything is not okay. Did you know that Naruto lives in the red-light district?" I asked, trying my best not to get upset.

He immediately stands up, eyebrows scrunched, "He what?" His voice was flat but had anger bubbling up.

Kakashi and I look at each other, then back at the Hokage, who, at our gaze, motions for us to follow him.

He shunshine's away, making me grab Kakashi and shunshin after him-- I look up at an orphanage.

Pieces begin to click together and the three of us walk inside-- the worker at the desk slightly confused at our sudden appearance.

"Did you send Naruto-Kun off?" The Hokage's tone was far from happy-- but he kept calm, not wanting to scare them— he had to keep a close connection with the village as the Hokage.

"W- oh, yes we did. He was causing too much of a disturbance." The lady spoke in a soft voice, I heard the slightest quiver, but she pretended to stay strong.

My heart sank at her casual tone, I briefly wondered if all the workers here were like that.

"Did you think to ask permission for me?" The Hokage asked-- I knew the Hokage was a kind man, but he was willing to play the bad-guy towards people if necessary.

The woman looked taken aback, "I- I didn't think it mattered..." She trailed off, unsure of what else to say- she probably thought her actions were justified.

"Still, I should have been contacted to make a change in his address." He glanced around the old orphanage, "I'm going to have some... reviews happen here, I would pack your things. Just in case."

She nodded, seemingly unable to speak and the Hokage turned around and left, Kakashi and I in tow.

We make it back to the Hokage tower, the Hokage sighs and puts his hands on his forehead, pinching the skin.

"May I ask you two a favor?" The Hokage asked.

Kind of hard to deny, seeing as you are the Hokage.

Kakashi nods, and the Hokage carries on, "Please find an apartment or house outside the red light district for him to live in. Don't worry about cost- just, find something he'd like."

"Of course!" I spoke quickly, nodding at him and Kakashi.


He dismisses us after thanking us, and Kakashi and I leave to train-- we decide to look for the house in the evening, seeing as it's about 6:30 am and not many places would even be open for looking at yet.

Today I discuss with Kakashi my general idea for genjutsu, basically explaining how I could implement it into my style.

At first he was curious how I would, but the more I spoke the more he agreed it was basically a perfect fit for my style-- which we both agreed was basically a mix of fighting dirty but smart, tactical and smooth.

He explained that I fought smoothly, my movements were starting to look similar as in it was getting harder to differentiate what move I would make next. I supposedly had this grace when I got into the rhythm of fighting. I would frequently back up for a split second to assess the situation and make proper adjustments to how I was fighting, and I'm undeniably good at disorienting and making movements go unnoticed- such as when I was able to place a seal on both him and Tenzo without eithers notice.

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