This or That

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We walked through a few more stores, not buying much, mostly just browsing. I did get some room decor, as well as some small essentials, but otherwise nothing else.

Then we went to one last store, a weapons store.

Inside were weapons I had never seen before, it was a beautiful and overwhelming place. The weapons were all shiny clean, and varying in size and shape.

I helplessly look up to Kakashi and he smiles at me.

"I think we need to get you a weapon as well, that way you can train with it and become proficient in using one," He explained to me.

I nodded, "I have no clue where to start though."

He laughed softly, "I figured, let's narrow this down to some weapons that aren't too complicated. We have a Katana, a dagger, a bolas, possibly a staff or an added chain, or anything you've wanted to learn," he spoke while pointing out the different types of weapons.

I thought about what would and wouldn't be helpful. If I want to use the Hirashin while fighting a katana would probably not work.

A dagger would be good to learn despite its close range.

A bolas is nice, but also might get complicated if jumping around. A staff is big, but lighter than a katana and could be used more diversely. I also wouldn't have to get as close. The added chain is good as well.

Why is this so difficult?

I sighed, Kakashi asked what I was thinking so far, and I told him, "Probably a no for the Bolas and Katana; I think it would be difficult to implement with the Hirashin. The dagger is good, but at the same time, I'm not entirely sure how much it would fit into my fighting style(despite not having one yet). So I guess it's mostly between the staff and the added chain..." I trailed off at the end.

He nodded, "We can get both, and you can try and learn about both and see which one you're more comfortable with!" Kakashi offered a quick solution. Eyeing the section with some of each and carefully selecting one for me.

I agreed with him, making sure to thank him ten times for everything.

He simply said it was no issue, but I was still very thankful; this was the first time I had gone out to get Ninja supplies without looking for something to make me look "pretty."

It's a little different, yet I like it.

He grabbed onto me and shunshined back to his house. He told me to get changed and then we would go to the usual meeting spot.

That was also the fastest shopping trip I've ever done!

For real though!

I get myself settled into my new clothes, stretching slightly and getting used to the new fit.

I'm so used to my old clothes gah, this is so odd-

It looks good though! The colors match more than that other pink— as cute as it was.

Mhm, I have to agree with you there!

I step out into the living room, ready to go.

Kakashi gives me a thumbs up, grabbing my arm and shunshining us away.

This time we did end up at the training grounds(I got to poof into existence which was a fun experience).

"LATE AGAIN KAKASHI AND S-Sakura?" He looked at me confused and Sasuke also looked quite inquisitive.

"Sorry guys," a sweat droplet dripped down my face, "we had some errands."

That's when they looked at me. Naruto and Sasuke took in my outfit change— then Naruto gave me a guffaw and two big thumbs up.

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