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So glad he's going easy on us. Inner sighs.

Oh yeah, same here.

I brought my staff forward again trying to attack, even more, doing hit after hit, as he blocked relentlessly.

He called for a time out, and I sat down panting.

"You're doing good, have a 5-minute break and we'll start again, I'm not going to go as easy, but you can also use the shunshin this time," He explained to me, sitting down and reading his book as I recuperate. I nod in response.

"How long have we been doing this for?" I asked curiously, too lazy to figure it out myself.

He looked up from his book, "About an hour and a half."

I nodded-- though he was already looking back at his book. I panted as I thought about potential strategies.
Should I try thinking of one? I think it's good to build strategies, but also good to have natural experience and instincts...

Hmm, today no strategy, but next time we can make one?

Sounds good to me, thanks inner!

I stared at the sky, waiting for the rest of the time to pass. After too short of a time, Kakashi ushered me to get up, letting me know that it was time to begin yet again. Miserably I get up, death lurking somewhere inside me.

He gets into his stance and I into mine, I begin by shunshining next to him and attempting to strike him with the staff-- he blocked but I was happy anyway.

He throws a punch, effectively hitting my stomach and throwing me back, I cringed and quickly shunshined into the forest for a second of recuperation. After a few moments, I heard rustling behind me and I turn around already striking with my staff, "Oh come on!" I exasperated.

I heard a thud only to see he swapped with a tree, cautiously I stayed on alert, paying attention for any giveaways that he was near. I hear a tiny scrape against a tree and shunshin into a small clearing in the forest. From there I see Kakashi jumping at me, using the staff I try and knock him off course-- or just hit him, but he somehow maneuvers out of the way.

Again he goes after me, throwing punch after punch and kick after kick, all I can do is occasionally shunshin or use the staff to try blocking. Now and then I could almost hit him--but he was able to dodge every time, unsurprisingly.

I feel bruises sprouting like flowers, and I wince at any movement-- from either of us. This was an unpleasantly pleasant experience. The pain being a no, the learning a definite yes.

I continue fighting in my best efforts, unfortunately not getting much further. Eventually he called it quits and I cheer in delight.

He raises an eyebrow at me as I cheer with almost no energy.

This is probably an interesting sight to see.

Oh definitely, I'm just glad the torture is over though!

Mhm, true.

Oh hush up, you don't even feel it!

Inner rolls her eyes at me and I promptly ignore her, I sit down, exhaustion catching up to me.

"You fought well, anyway reflection time."

I look up at him, horror-stricken, "I just fought like my life depended on it-- give me a break!"

He snorts and shakes his head no, "Sorry Sakura, that won't do. Reflections are important."

I sigh and begin my "reflection" process.

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