Fight Ring

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I begin to work on a seal that could create some type of false dead person.

Although killing people comes with being a Shinobi, I think the Akatsuki harms innocent people, and if they make me-- I'd like to be prepared. I don't want to ruin everything just because I get scared. That is, if they actually come to seek me.

I wonder if they'll actually try and find me... oh well, we'll just have to find out I guess.

Yeah, but for now just practice that weird attitude, it's super funny!

I scoff, of course, you get a kick out of it, you get to sit back and watch me become this bottomless pit of a human.

She rolls her eyes and tells me to get back to seal making-- and so I spend the rest of my day, and the next few days doing absolutely nothing but making seals, ones that could be useful in other situations as well.

I almost jump out of my skin when exactly two weeks later I feel another chakra source appearing out of nowhere.

I whirl around the Hiraishin? But who?

A man appears in front of me with a mask, I jump a few feet back, heart thumping as I narrow my eyes, "And who the fuck are you?"

The person starts laughing as they hold their hands up-- they were wearing an orange mask with swirls, one hole for an eye.

"Ah, Hidan and you would get along," His voice is light and cheery, slightly loud too, "ah, but Tobi isn't here to talk about Hidan, Tobi is here to talk about you!"

I take another small step back, crouching slightly, "me?"

"You. Tobi is part of the Akatuski, It's come to Tobi's notice you've ditched your village! Kisama and Itachi say you're quite the character, so Tobi has come to see you himself!"

I stand up a little straighter, unable to stop the snort that leaves my throat, "So, Tobi came to see me, does Tobi want to sit down for a cup of tea?"

He claps his hands together, "Nope! But we can sit down and have a chat instead!"

I shrug and sit down on the floor, he follows suit and crosses his legs, leaning forward on his arms.

"Tobi wants to know why you left."

I hum and lean back on the coffee table behind me as I cross my arms, "and why do you care?"

He giggles, "Tobi wants to know if you have what it takes to join the Akasuki"

I sit up, "I left because my Hokage and teammates kept acting like I couldn't handle myself. I mean, they're all stupid bitches, but I wasn't expecting them to," I sigh, my eye twitching, "nevermind, tell me why would I want to join your stupid organization?"

He throws his arms into the air, "Because!" he pauses and claps, "Tobi and the others think you'd be a great asset! Tobi knows a few things about you, but Tobi wants to ask —can you use wood style? You're a specialist in seals, correct? Is your chakra control as good as they think it is?"

I hold my hand up to stop him from chanting on.

I smirk, "yes, yes, not sure who they is, but if they're saying it's great, then yes." I pause and tilt my head, "again, what do I get from joining your organization? I may be an asset to you, but I have no reason to join you."

He giggles some more as he puts his arms behind his head, moving in exaggerated movements, "well, for starters Tobi and the others can teach you! Expand your skills! Plus, you'd get a reputation," his voice lowers a few pitches making the hairs on my neck stand, "no one will doubt you again, Sakura."

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