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The next day we're at the bridge, waiting to say goodbye to everyone. Naruto and Inari tear up with each other-- apparently having bonded over some random shit.

Naruto can really be friends with anyone, I admire that.

Maybe if I put in the effort I could too! But... that requires effort.

I hug Tazuna, Tsunami, and Inari goodbye- Zabuza nowhere in sight. I try stalling for a bit, hoping he'd come, but Kakashi starts pulling me away. I pout, as I walk away.

Then Zabuza appears and I smile-- gotcha!

I jump onto him, catching him off guard.

"I thought you left already!" He yelled, slightly scared(of me, probably).

I shook my head, "Nuh-uh, I was waiting to say bye! Since you came so late you have no choice but a hug!" I say, then hop off, waving and running back to my team.

They wave bye to Zabuza and we begin making our way back.

I wish we got to meet his friend.

Same, I think he hid them on purpose.

I shake my head in exasperation.

"That was a nice trip," I say aloud as I smile.

Everyone nods their heads, Naruto asking what I learned -we barely have had time to talk, one or the other training.

"So what did you learn? You got to learn ahead right!"

I tilt my head, thinking. "Well, I learned how to wield the added-chain, or at least the basics. I also learned how to use this," I pull out the Tanto, "which I can use pretty decently, I was able to use my staff some more-- oh and we did this thing where I wore a blindfold," Naruto makes a squawk, and I hurriedly finish the rest of my sentence, "where he would throw weapons at me while I had to try and dodge them!"

Naruto's mouth forms an 'o' and he nods, "You learned so much-- wow!"

I nod, noticing Sasuke being very quite-- then I think back to the bridge. When Zabuza was coming I stole a glance at him, and...

"Sasuke- you didn't happen to-" I pause unsure how to phrase it. He looks at me, activating his sharingan.

I shriek happily, clapping for him, "Wow!! I thought so, that's awesome!"

Kakashi gives him a pat on the back followed by a "congrats".

Naruto, seems slightly confused, but tells him good job nonetheless.

I smile at that.

I wonder what the sharingan is-- or at least how the chakra works in it. Is it similar to the byakugan, or more similar to normal sight amplified by chakra?

Hmm, well Uchiha and Hyuuga were clan rivals, so I'm going to assume that it has its similarities as well as differences-- too different and who cares about being rivals, too similar, might as well work together, ya know?

Yeah I hear you... The library said it improved your reflexes though, and made your vision better-- to the point where you could see chakra, but it also burns a lot of chakra when using it. So, maybe it's mapping out others' chakra by sending chakra waves through your eyes, also allowing you to get an instant reaction to things happening, because you also sense it?

Oh, that makes a lot of sense! But then, why can't anyone use it? Or why does it need to be activated, at the very least.

Maybe it has to do with children having small reserves... Or. Hmm. Well clearly, there's something about Uchiha, allowing them to do it.
Meaning it's genetic- which we already know- but then, even if it's genetic, most things don't lie dormant until 'activated'-- like large chakra doesn't, being naturally smart or good at things. So it's recessive, but can be forced through.

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