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I wake up in my bed the next day to Naruto rushing in.

I stare at him, waiting for him to speak seeing as he clearly had something important, "well?"

He seems to snap out of his stupor, a stupid grin overtaking his face, "Tsunade just told the other Shinobi of the village the news, they want to see you!"

I nod and hop out of bed, "give me three minutes, yeah?"

He runs out shutting the door behind him. I slap on some clothes, brush my hair, join him outside my room, and offer him my arm.

He takes it carefully and I shunshin us to Tsunade's location—which happened to be at our usual training ground with the small bridge.

All eyes turn to me instantly, and all I can do is stare back.

Wow, I- I'm really back! Look at them, they've all changed so much. Especially Ino, she looks so pretty- and really strong!

I jerk my hand up, giving a small wave. Ino comes running at me, crashing into me and sending me tumbling back a few steps. I hug her back grinning. I feel another set of arms wrap around me, and another, and another. Eventually, the group hug is too big to feel when others have joined.

Some of the shinobi who I never talked to before are standing off to the side, letting us have our moment.

"Wow, miss me that much?" I ask sarcastically.

Someone yelps, "ow!"

"Sorry! I was trying to kick Sakura!" Someone else gasps out.

I roll my eyes and with a small voice, "I missed you too."

I miss them too.

Ino pulls herself away from me, grabbing my shoulders and just staring into my eyes. Her eyes were watery and she had the biggest shit-eating grin on her face.

"I knew you wouldn't do that! You're too kind for that, in a good way, of course!" She says, a grin plastered on her face the whole time.

I roll my eyes, "Wow, everyone can really read me like a book."

Everyone starts to back away from the hug and now that the silence has been broken, questions begin to flood in at once.

"Why'd you go?"

"What'd you do the whole time?"

"Did you really kill-"

"Did you learn anything?"


I take a step back nervously, holding my hand up. "Alright, let's tone things down a notch. I went because I had an opportunity, and it was too rare to pass up. Uh, I mainly went on missions and sparred. No. Yes."

"Why did you have an opportunity?"

"Sparring with the Akatsuki?"

"What happened to the people then?"

"What did you learn?"

The questions flood in again making me sigh, "I'm not sure, they just had an interest in me for some reason. Yes, I sparred with almost- no, all the members. I can't tell you that. I learned... a lot."

"Alright!" Tsunade claps her hand, making half the people present jump as we turned to her, "Now that this is settled, Jiraiya and Kakashi are taking her to get evaluated. Sorry, I wish you guys had more time to chat, but it's important we put a pinpoint in exactly what her skill level is at currently."

Shikamaru hummed as Ino pouted, "I guess it makes sense. She's a prodigy," he said.

I blush and shake my head but Ino shoots me a glare, "He's right, as much as I hate to admit it. You improve like crazy," she paused and turned to Tsunade, "can we watch?" she asks with a sweet voice almost making me giggle.

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