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His voice was loud —pronounced— and clearly annoyed as he scowled, "She's just a kid! How old is she again? Thirteen? I- she has no experience, how do you expect her to handle anything."

God is this how he's been talking about me the whole time?

Probably, but you're here now, and we can absolutely not let him go.

I clear my throat, cutting off one of the elders- who was on his side- and speaking, "If I may," I smile and pause, "I may be young, yes, but it's hard to say I have no experience. Did you forget all the missions I've taken? My second mission was literally an S-Ranked mission —I could've died, yet I managed to succeed- and I succeeded well too."

He looks at me taken back, he opens his mouth to speak and I continue before he can, "I've been working with S-Ranked ninja since I was a genin, fighting against them and surviving, learning. I spent over seven months undercover with the Akatsuki. I fought against them constantly, and I killed people. I learned information we would've never known —and I did so better than any other Ninja here probably could've. Not only that, but I managed to snuff out an underground organization here. I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with it, its name is ro-"

"What are you getting at?" Danzo asks, his voice seething, he spoke so fast, that most of the people look at him a little funny, "there are no underground organizations here."

All the other council men and women turn to me with concerned looks-- Jiraiya and Shizune looking at me with a look of anticipation.

I pull out a seal, open it and place documents on the table, "The organization is called root. It has been running for years, and it has taken several orphans, yet everything gets covered."

The council members grab the documents and start reading through them, grabbing a new one once finished, their faces turning sourer by the second.

Jiraiya sends me a look, his eyebrows scrunched, a look on his face saying 'what?'

I smile softly and stand up from my chair, "as you can see, root is a dangerous operation- if fact, the only mission they've been on that have been beneficial for the mission was ordered by Anbu."

One of the council members looks up, fear etched on their face, "who is running this?"

It's acting time my dear!

I shrink back at myself as my eyes flicker to Danzo before I shrug, "I- um... well, I don't know. I mean, they're dangerous, I could get killed."

They sit straighter, "You think they'd be able to kill you? You're... one of the strongest though, right?" their eyes flicker to Danzo who was staring at the papers on the table with a blank stare.

I shrug after a few moments, "I- well I'm not sure how big this operation truly is. This was stuff I managed to dig up before the village..."

The other council members look between me and the member I was conversing with, scrunching their eyebrows, "Sakura, if you know something you must tell us. We trust you, and if you think you'd get... murdered, well- you're strong and you're surrounded by strong members."

"But what if you don't believe me?! What if it's another person you trust? What do I do then?"

I bite my lip and take a step back, swallowing down the smile that longed to crawl to my face.

"Someone get Ibiki, ah, and who usually helps him?"

"I can do it," Shizune says. I give her a thankful nod, and she gives me a look.

The members nod and Danzo stands up.

They turn to him curiously and he mutters out, "I'll- I'm going to use the bathroom."

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