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I woke up early the next morning again, this time frustrated. It's been days, days and I haven't found my spiritual chakra.

I groaned and smacked my face with my hand.

Perhaps you're thinking too deeply about it.

I can't expect everything to be simple, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.

I mentally shrug and begin walking to our usual spot and sit in the same spot I had yesterday.

I didn't meditate, instead reading and practicing fuinjutsu, needing a moment to calm my brain.

This time I did notice when Sasuke and Naruto walked up. Is it sad that I just noticed that looks are the only thing Sasuke had going for him? How is he supposed to 'restore his clan' like that? Oh, but he probably has some issues because of a few years ago... I shouldn't be that mean, I'm sure he's working on it. 

I don't stop the grin that overtakes my face. Sasuke just raised an eyebrow at me while Naruto thought I was that pleased to see him.

I decided to play along with Naruto. Sasuke genuinely looked disturbed and if not a little relieved.

Oh god am I that annoying? Yeah probably.

They both stand a few feet away from me, I'm sitting on the floor with papers and books surrounding me.

So I attempted a totally normal conversation, I mean, we are a team so we should at least try to get along. Right?

"So uh.. how was your guys' morning?" I asked, not awkwardly. Nope.

"It was great Sakura-Chan!! I slept great, and my ramen tasted so good this morning!! How was yours?!" The oh-so-kind Naruto responded.

"It was, it was nice. I woke up early and had a tasty breakfast." I thought for a few seconds before smiling and continuing, "I suppose practicing my things is what made my morning even better though. Sasuke?"

Naruto and I both looked at him expectedly, my head tilted, urging him to speak in a realistic sense for once.

"Hn" Was the answer he gave. Normally that would be okay. I was not satisfied though, my face scrunched up unhappily.

"No. Give us a reaaaal answer!" I dramatically fell back into the grass as I spoke, closing both my eyes.

It was still silent so I opened one eye and stared. He stared back. I stared harder. He sighed, "It was fine."

I sat back up at record speed and bounced to my feet. I raised my hand to Naruto's and we high-fived and started dancing. Sasuke just sighed again.

What a loser.

I continued messing around with Naruto and Sasuke for another hour or two until Kakashi showed up. It was mostly Naruto and I making jokes together, but sometimes Sasuke made the most offhand comments that made us die of laughter.

"Well, you kids seem lively today! Since you're so lively, why don't we get started with our mission for today? Pulling weeds at Tankushi's again!"

We all made sure our annoyance was heard. Sasuke and Naruto started walking towards the house, they already knew the way from how many times we had been there.

I stayed behind to pack up my notebooks and fuinjutsu supplies.

"Oh? I didn't know you knew anything about fuinjutsu," Kakashi pointed out, seemingly curious- making me jump out of my skin as I was not expecting him to point it out.

"Ah well, I- yeah. I just started learning though, so I'm not the best." I muttered out. Naruto and Sasuke didn't know what fuinjutsu was so I wasn't nervous about this around them.

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