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Setting my stuff down in my usual corner, I looked around the training grounds. Same dead grass, still many trees, and bushes, and of course the old small bridge that has little use. No one else yet is around, of course.

There's time until anyone gets here, so I stretch.

I'm not very flexible, or at least, not as much as I was as a kid. I began to care about other things and ended up being too negligent with my training and personal well-being.

I open my legs as far as I can, trying to get as close to the splits as possible; there is a good deal of space to get there, but it's closer than yesterday. I keep my legs as still as possible and stretch my upper half, giving my legs time to stretch and get used to any movement.

If I lean my upper body down, my head touches the floor- not all hope is lost!

I stand all the way up, with my legs together, and again reach down. I can touch the floor but only with my fingers.

Nothing that a little stretching for a few days can't fix.

I spend upwards of an hour stretching and practicing new katas from a martial arts book I borrowed from the library. It is a form of self-defense, rather than offense; I do not have much time to catch up, and I should focus on protecting myself and others; rather than attacking all willy-nilly.

Once I stretch and practice katas, I begin to meditate until everyone arrives; finding that people's chakra is very easy to differentiate if you are meditating or focusing on them in general.

Even though I've meditated for a whole week now, I haven't found my spiritual chakra. Yes, it should be difficult. Yet it feels impossible. The meditation is great, but I feel like I'm going to die if I don't find it soon.

It will be okay, I can do this even if it takes time.

I breathe in, hold for a few seconds and breathe it all out at once, opening my eyes and waving as I make my way over to everyone.

Naruto happily waved back, and Kakashi lazily lifted his hand as his eye snapped shut in a smile.

"Alright, today we are going to be locating a couple of things for a client. 3 red roses and a butterfly weed." Our sensei told us.

"Why is that even a mission? We can find it from any flower store." I stated, genuinely confused.

"It's ah" he paused, "secret!" Then smiled-- he smiled in our faces. How annoying. He's clueless isn't he.

"You don't know either, do you?" I asked patronizingly.

He simply laughed as he walked away.

Sasuke, Naruto, and I all sigh while following after him.

I followed him down the roads of Konoha to a familiar shop, a flower shop; Ino's mother's to be exact.

I was surprised that out of all the flower shops in Konoha, this is the one we go to.

I shrugged and continued on, despite the oddity.

Neither Ino, nor her mother were here today, it was just a worker; that I was okay with, no questions asked about Ino's and I's relationship, or taunting by Ino.

Kakashi stood by the door, and the three of us walked up to the worker. We asked for the flowers we needed; waiting patiently while fidgeting- all slightly curious about why we needed to do such a simple mission-, and once received, we left. It was that simple.

Just that easy.

I think this is the easiest mission we've been on.

I was right, for we got to the Hokage tower with no complications, then turned in the FOUR flowers, received our money; then left.

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